Letters to the Premier

Dear Premier Wynne: July 3 2013.

The Office of the Ontario  Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD)says the public need not know, about the OPP threatening our News Letter, if we keep trying to expose the story about  Casino Rama employees, not being able to participate in upholding the law, (eg.giving evidence to convict criminals) or not being protected by the law, due to the human rights violations put upon  Casino Rama employees. Yes human rights violations, which continue to happen. Human rights violations are  still a daily occurrence inside Casino Rama, head trauma occurs to Casino Rama employees, as well as a long list of other human rights violations, put upon Casino Staff, causing many to fear for their lives, (being shot by a crazed gambling addict or loan shark) and fear of loosing their jobs, if they complain.

Word on the street has it Penn National has been recently  rewarded a two year extension to their operating licence, for running such a good sweat shop.

As you know Penn National stole Edition 4 from the hands of our readers, threw the rest in the garbage, and suspended my son Mark and myself for a week. Editions 1, 2 and 3 were allowed to be distributed inside Casino Rama. Penn National received letters from 2005 to 2008 detailing my concerns about lawlessness, which if  left unchecked, could violate NAFTA which  they are currently operating under.

Worlds Apart’, Edition 4 was addressing lawlessness, created by  the movie pirating scam going on inside Casino Rama. OPP Officers, Rama Police Service Officers, &  Casino Rama Staff, were all buying pirated movies. Penn National’s Upper management fired the Casino Rama employee (security officer)who was selling the stolen movies, Joe Crozier Head of Casino Rama security, (former OPP Staff Sergeant) retires, and one OPP officer is transferred. My sources tell me Joe Crozier, was buying pirated movies.

It appears Penn National kept their powder dry, by not advising the Rama Band Council, about corruption inside the First Nation’s Police Force.

In the Corporate World, it is called “leverage”,  (with holding information to use for influence) on the street it is called “black mail”.

Yes I am Tim Horton’s customer, and have no protection of the law. Yes Tim Horton’s knows the second victim, (another Tim Horton’s customer) in the dog attack, also has not protection of the law, being the person works at Casino Rama.

It is safe to say the last people the Ministry of Labour, and the OPP  want in front of a judge is Victims 1, and 2. A good defence lawyer representing  the accused, (eg. Tim Horton’s charged with not removing the people from the hazard) would summon us (Casino Rama Employees, the victims of the dog attack) and ask if we have witnessed hazards not being removed from our job site.

Our evidence would allow Tim Horton’s lawyer to mount a Constitutional Challenge. The OPP and the MOL “not applying the law equally and fairly to all”. It would be hard to believe the courts would rule it is fair to convict one for not removing people from a hazard which resulted in further dog attacks, yet Penn National can  force  an employee to remain at a job site inside Casino Rama, where an enraged customer, threatened the  Casino Rama employee’s life. Quote from the enraged gambler“touch those chips, and I will blow your fuckin head off’.

Now if this was all deemed constitutional, then I suggest the law makers should make it unconstitutional. This can only be accomplished by media such as Paul Godfrey’s Postmedia, doing their job. Prior to you firing Paul Godfrey from the chair of the OLG, I made Mr. Godfrey aware of Penn National, violating our News Letter’s  Right to Free Press and Free Speech. Mr. Godfrey condones Penn National’s actions.

I ask how long is it, before you the Premier of Ont., become liable.

To show you do not agree with hazards being left in the employee’s work site, I ask you to have the signs at Casino Rama (table games) move to a level, so employees no longer will be hitting their heads on the signs.

Would you ask anyone to work in your kitchen, and demand all cupboard doors be left open??? Yes the signs are just one of numerous hazards, which require immediate attention.

Yours Truly John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter.

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