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Edition 18

Dear Readers

Ont. Prov. Police (0PP)refuse to investigate  tips from WHDT news Broadcast via You Tube. WHDT addresses  a Canadian citizen’s concerns about a network of corruption, in the Fisherman’s Cove / Casino Rama/ Tim Horton’s scandal.

OPP Inspector Dumond, replies July 31 20014 on behalf of the  Minister Responsible for the OPP, Yasir Naqvi, and says after listening  to the You Tube broadcast quote “ For your awareness the OPP does not comment on matters posted on the You Tube.”

One wonders what it takes to have the police respond to a net work of corruption, which compromises our society’s ability to protect the “Health” & “Safety” of our Community’s especially our children, and seniors.

“ Health”  Protect our planets remaining  clean ground water.

“Safety”  Remove the hideous cloud of corruption which now compromises the ability of our police to protect our children from the Pedophilia Community, dog attacks at Tim Horton’s, and many other abuses.

Inspector Dumond, after gaining knowledge of the threats placed upon Words Apart, by the OPP, suggests we go back and ask the same Police Force for help, knowing the Office of the Independent Police Review Director says it is best the public not hear about these threats.

According to Inspector Dumond,  Media, and Govt agencies wrote to Minister Naqvi, about the You Tube broadcasts.

You will find below, email letters titled OPP obstruct OPP and SEC investigation.

The letters are addressed to Congressman Upton, asking Congressman Upton to ascertain the status of the investigation the SEC was undertaking, into Penn National obstructing Worlds Apart, and in the process violating NAFTA, and the US 1st Amendment.

The other letter is to Minister Responsible for the Ont. Prov. Police Yasir Naqvi, responding to Inspector Dumond’s letter.

Call Your Banker and ask her/him to explain why the banks didn’t step up and help. Our story has to do with water preservation technology to preserve clean ground water. According to Moody’s Credit Rating agency, the amount of a  Country’s Clan Water, will be a factor in grading a Country’s credit rating.

One would also wonder why your Banker hasn’t done more to protect all in our community, who have been victimized by the Addiction of gambling.

The victim’s money is now in the bank accounts of the Ont. Govt., Penn National, the Media, and the 1st Nations people.

The collection of money from impaired gamblers, (impaired on the opiate of gambling) which involves human rights violations against Casino Rama employees, is epidemic.

Details of which can be found in our web site with several podcasts with Mark Anderson.  (Note the Tim Horton’s/ Casino Rama Employee scandal can be found at Beyond Exposure dated Aug. 12 2013)

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.705-238-2636


From: John Devine

Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 11:17 AM


Cc: ; ; John Weare ; Mark Anderson ; Mark Devine ; dave Middleton ; midge NNN

Subject: Fw: OPP obstruct an OPP, SEC investigation, into the Casino Rama / Fisherman’s Cove scandal.


To Congressman Upton:

Please find attached, my letter, responding to a letter from Ont. Prov. Police (OPP) Inspector Dumond. (click onto OPP July 31 2014) A letter in which the Minister Responsible for the OPP, the Honourable Yasir Naqvi, requested Inspector Dumond to write.

You will note the response from Inspector Dumond, confirms what I stated in “Worlds Apart Edition 4”. “No protection of the law for Casino Rama Employees”, confirmed by  the threats placed upon our News Letter (Worlds Apart) from Penn National, (details of which you have already received) and subsequently threats from the OPP. Click onto Wallin, Mackay and see picture Canada’s Defence Minister Mackay, standing along side Pamela Wallin in Afghanistan. I mentioned Defense Minister Mackay in Edition 4, refusing to  protect citizens of Canada.

Pamela Wallin Chancellor of the University of Guelph, (UOG)as well as a Canadian Senator, condones the destruction of Intellectual property, of a UOG’s graduate student. (note Wallin, former anchor  is now under investigation for misappropriation of funds)

You will note the threats from the OPP, came after an investigation was announced by Ont. Prov. Police, Orillia Detachment Commander Goard. Click onto the letter dated Nov. 18 2010, OPP Don Goard.

It was after the threats and suspension by Penn National, put upon my son Mark and myself, that human rights violations started to increase to  epidemic proportions.

The conflict created between the OPP, and ourselves, have left us with out protection of the law, which now includes our 96 year old Aunt, whom we have become Powers of Att. for.

Rosemary Sheppard portfolio indicates she has shares in publicly traded companies, who in one way or another, know about the Casino Rama/Fisherman’s Cove Affair.

As share holders of Bell Canada Enterprises, (BCE) we are becoming increasingly concerned about BCE shares being affect due to the liabilities BCE’s Chairman  of the Board, Thomas C  O’Neill has exposed BCE to.

Surely all will  be asking, why BCE’s CTV, and Globe & Mail would not inform the public about water preservation  technology, which now according to Moody’s Credit Rating agency, deemed the state of a countries water will be critical to establishing credit rating with countries, and businesses inside countries. Surely all share holders of BCE will want to know why BCE didn’t tell the public about the corruption inside the Ont. Govt.. Corruption which now impedes hundreds of citizens, (probably by now, thousands) from helping in maintaining law and order, be it being a witness to a crime or jury duty.

This of course takes us back to the SEC investigation into Penn National stealing Edition 4 from the hands of our readers, violating NAFTA, as well as the US 1st Amendment, in the process. Edition 4  tells all readers about  Casino Rama Employees having no protection of the law.

Please note Minister Yasir Naqvi, while occupying the position of Minister of Labour, (MOL)gained knowledge of another publicly traded Company, Tim Horton’s being contaminated due to  MOL, and OPP corruption. Details of which you have listened to in our podcast titled Beyond Exposure dated AUG. 12 2013, found in our web site

Click onto Letter from Min. of Labour,” The  Honourable Yasir Naqui.

Due to the corruption inside the OPP, and the MOL, Tim Horton’s has yet to be investigated for negligence causing bodily harm, and refusing to remove the people from the hazard. (we are share holders of Tim Horton’s)

Surely, all  share holders of Tim Horton’s would want their CEO to help clean up corruption inside the Ont. Govt., which has now contaminated our Community to the point, all who have gained knowledge of the Casino Rama / Fisherman’s Cove affair are prevented from being able to participate in jury duty, or give testimony. Examples of this can be found in the attached letter to the Honourable Yasir Naqvi.

Surely Tim Horton’s share holders, would want to know what the SEC did in their investigation into Penn National.

Had the SEC been doing their job, Tim Horton’s  would not have been contaminated.

Yes, and share holders of Penn National, should be informed about the liabilities facing Penn National, due to the negligence of the SEC, who appears to have not addressed corruption inside Penn National.

Share holders of BCE should also be informed about some of their profits coming from the opiate of gambling, receiving millions of dollars for advertising  a monopoly, the Monopoly being  Ontario Lottery and Gaming. A Monopoly which from time to time extracts millions upon millions of dollars, from impaired gamblers, under the roof of Casino Rama, violating employees human rights in the process. This of course is known as money laundering.

Please give  us an update, as to what you have found out about the status of the  SEC investigation into Penn National.

Yours Truly: John Devine 20 Lewis Dr. Orillia Ont. L3V 7S3 705 238 2636

CC Hon. Yasir Naqvi: Minister Responsible for the Ont. Prov. Police.




From: John Devine

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 12:13 PM

To: ;

Cc: Mark Anderson ; John Weare ; dave Middleton ; Mark Devine

Subject: OPP obstruct an OPP investigation, into the Casino Rama / Fisherman’s Cove scandal.


To Hon. Yasir Naqvi.  Minister Responsible for Ontario’s Community Safety, & Correctional Services.


Dear Hon. Naqvi,  Please find attached, a letter from Orillia Detachment Commander Goard, updating me on his investigation into the Fisherman’s Cove /Casino Rama Affair. I followed Commander Goard’s instructions and wrote to the (MOL), in regards to hundreds of human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama.  You will also find attached, a copy of a letter sent to us from Inspector Dumond, responding to your request.

(As you know, details of what placed me in a conflict with the Min. of Labour, can be heard in our podcast Aug. 12 2013 titled beyond exposure, detailing the Tim Horton’s / Casino Rama Employee scandal. )

Subsequently OPP  Officer Basset, along with a fellow officer, came to our house with threats of reprisal, if we keep writing Govt. officials, about our concerns of the ramifications of a law, enacted by the Ont. Govt., (Fisherman’s Cove expropriation)as well as laws not being upheld by the Police.

Subsequently the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, replies to our complaints of police threats, saying it is best the public not hear about the threats put upon Worlds Apart. (click onto the attached OIPRD letter)

As you now understand, our story is all about the Health & Safety of our society, especially our children. “Health” preservation of our remaining  clean water, “Safety” As mentioned in our podcast, the concerns I have about gambling addict’s children, being vulnerable to the pedophilia community, via the loan sharks.

Inspector Dumond, upon gaining knowledge of our police investigation being obstructed by OPP Officer Basset, says we should go to our local police jurisdiction, to have our concerns of criminal wrong doings investigated.

I ask, how would it be possible to investigate, and successfully convict cases in which I would have to give testimony, to obtain  convictions.  eg. the sexual assault on a Casino Rama employee, Tim Horton’s for negligence causing bodily harm, or the verbal assault, and physical threats upon an 82 year old senior citizen.

Now, any competent defence lawyer, defending the sexual deviant, Tim Horton’s, or the Thugs whom I witnessed  assault a senior citizen, would soon ferret out the threats placed upon me, by the Police, and ask for a Constitutional rulings.

Due to the conflict we are in, with the Police, a conflict which you and the Scotia Private Client Group (current managers of Rosemary Sheppard’s portfolio) know about, you understand we have no protection of the law, as is guaranteed in the Constitution. We have recently taken the position of Power of Att. for my Aunt’s (Rosemary Sheppard) Portfolio. (Aunt Rosemary 96 years old,has succumbed to dementia)

Rosemary Sheppard, along with 39 other beneficiaries (including my wife and yours truly)were victimized by a former Scotia Bank employee.(Donald Haldenby, Eleanor Sheppard’s Money Manager)  The question is, is there another scoundrel inside the ScotiaBank, who has gained knowledge of Aunt Rosemary’s vulnerability, and again take advantage of Rosemary Sheppard, knowing she has no protection of the law. The same concerns of deviants in our society, some of whom are copy cat criminals, who gain knowledge of our vulnerability.

I find it troubling a politician, who is trying to make the world a better place, has their health and safety being compromised, by this hideous cloud in our community. A cloud which prevents us, along with hundreds of Casino Rama employee from participating in jury duty.

In Inspector Dumond’s letter, he indicates Gov. Agencies, and media outlets have asked you, the Minister Responsible for Public Safety, and Correctional Services, to address my concerns of lawlessness, and corruption inside the Ont. Govt.

Please forward the contacts names and addresses of those from the Gov.t and the Media, who asked you to investigate Worlds Apart’s stories.

Please accept this as an official notice, that you instruct your officers not to approach my family, due to this hideous conflict. Any confrontation will be considered harassment, and bullying.

A victim in the Fisherman’s Cove story was forced to move into low income housing, due to the betrayal   of the OPP. The victim was trying to prevent a shooting. A betrayal  which involves  both the OPP and the RCMP. Names will not be released. the police have all the details as to whom is involved.

Shortly after we sent Mayor Rob Ford the OIPRD letter,  the OPP dropped the investigation into Mayor Rob Ford.

If Mayor Ford did do something wrong, his prosecution could not happen, being  Mayor Ford  knows the OPP covered up crimes as hideous as sexual assault, and assaults on seniors.

Yours truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter 20 Lewis Dr., Orillia Ont. L3V 7S3 705 238 2636

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