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What can Masons, and Banks do, about their Customers/Lodge Members being bullied, inside & outside Casino Rama.

My answer to the Mason’s position, of none intervention, and using the power of prayer, seems to be correct, being Grand Master Donald A Campbell, hasn’t replied. Like many Great Religions of the world, who try to practice none intervention, relying on the power of prayer.

Please read, below my letter to Grand Master Campbell.

I ask all who are a believer in a higher power, to join in and net work the prayers said in the Grandmaster’s letter.

Now many have followed my communications with the Banks, in regards to the corruption inside Casino Rama degrading customer credit ratings, and foreclosing on customers, who lost their income, because they became dissidents, in the eyes of Penn National. Simply asking for the Health and Safety Laws, it will cost you your job.

All stay silent, fearing a visit from the Police in the offing.

My banks know about the police coming to our house, and threatening us with charges if I kept trying to get my job back, and write about the Casino Rama/ Fisherman’s Cove scandal.

Our story starts with the Bank of Nova Scotia in the sixties, allowing an employee out the back door, due to inappropriate behaviour.

Please Note: I have asked the bank in question to clarify my evidence. Evidence collected while helping, the Police apprehend the bully, who used to work at the Bank of Nova Scotia,

The former Bank employee, upon leaving the Scotia Bank, then went to a money managing firm, where he went out the back door with seniors money, including members of our family.

In the investigation of the former bank employee, I was asked by the Police, to go to two banks,(Royal & TD) using my Power as one of 2 executors of Eleanor Sheppard’s estate, and obtain copies Eleanor Sheppard’s Bank accounts.

Both Banks refused to pass records on to the police saying they would be violating the former Bank employees’ rights to freedom and information.

The Police then went to the Att. General’s Office, and ask for warrants to obtain the bank documents.

The Att. General refused to issue a warrant, saying they did not have enough reasonable and probable grounds.

The documents in the banks, covered the reasonable and probable grounds.

9 months later, and a 2,500 page document, submitted by the Police, the Att. General issued a warrant to obtain the documents in the banks.

Shorty there after, it was discovered the banks were handling fraudulent documents.

Subsequently the former Bank employee was convicted, and sentenced to 4 years in jail, serving 6 months at Beaver Creek.

No money was found and returned to the estate of Eleanor Sheppard.

A shortage of funds, caused by the criminal wrong doings of a former Scotia Bank employee, caused Eleanor Sheppard’s estate to be re written. All 39 beneficiaries agreed to take less.

Included in Eleanor Sheppard’s Estate, was Her Majesty the Queen of England’s church, and John & Raymonde Devine.

Her Majesty’s Church received approx. half of what Eleanor willed to Her Majesty’s church.

This second writing of the will has yet to be completed because, we signed a waiver, not to receive the full amount, willed to us, waiving our rights to %30 of Cold Water Fisheries, based upon receiving Fisherman’s Cove, an operating business, which was also willed to us.

I wrote to Her Majesty, asking for her assistance in reopening Eleanor Sheppard’s will. There is more money owing to Her Majesty’s Church, in the form of punitive damages, from the Ont., & Federal Govts.

Her Majesty’s Office replied, to us directing us back to her representative, in Ottawa to handle my request.

With the refusal of the Canadian Govt. to follow Her Majesty’s request, I will be writing once more to her Majesty, only this time I will expect her personal attention.

Ben Deschambault, proud Grand Father, of our 3 sons fought under the command of her Majesty’s Father, King George.

Her Majesty, expects some one in Canada to answer Ben’s question. “Why would the Ont. Govt., prior to entering the courts, not have offered a negotiated settlement, to Demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove.

It would be safe to say, all 39 beneficiaries, listed in the Estate of Eleanor Sheppard, were customers of the Banks. Yes, the Banks know there is money owing to their customers, but have a legal right to do nothing.

The Banks also know, using our story as proof,(Tim Horton’s Casino Rama employee scandal) hundreds of employees who have worked or are working inside Casino Rama, do not have protection of the law, or can help in prosecuting the law.

The Banks also knows Tim Horton’s is immune from being prosecuted under the Ontario Labor laws, due to corruption which spewed into our community from under the roof of Casino Rama.

Go to and click on to Beyond Exposure. Details of the Casino Rama employee/ Tim Horton’s scandal.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter

To Grand Master M.W. BRO Donald A Campbell

From John Devine Editor of Worlds apart news letter.

Dear Mr. Cambell: Assuming you now understand the Fisherman’s Cove/Casino Rama Affair, many are asking about the Mason’s legitimacy.
I for one refuse to accept the current criticism upon the Masons in our local community, being my father was a Mason, and many dear friends are Masons.
In fairness to all, especially the Masonic lodge of the World, all deserve to hear about false accusations put upon the Mason’s interfering in the democratic process. (our documented story proves this not to be true)
I will be doing an article in the near future, and would like your input. The millions upon millions dollars the Mason’s over the centuries, have donated to charity, should not be tarnished by the critics. It was all accomplished by the power of Prayer, not intervention.
Yes I must accept my dad’s wishes, ( a former Shiner) and agree the resolution to our troubles, is praying. Unfortunately due to the secrecy of the Masons, it has only been recently, that this revelation came upon me.
I for one will be praying for the Health and Safety of Mason’s families who have been victimized by crime, and justice still not been served. (Crime which the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, says it is the best the citizens are not told.)
I also pray for the resurrection of Canada’s Constitution. It was recently abandoned, when the Police refused to place Mayor Ford under arrest for possessing Cocaine. (That is if the bag seized from Mayor Ford contained the opiate known as Cocaine.)
Had the law been applied equally and fairly to all, there may be a chance the Worlds opinion of Canada, would not be in a state of free fall.
I also pray for the police, in their pursuit of someone bigger in the drug trade. Someone bigger then the Mayor of Tor. It is our understanding this is why the police didn’t swoop in and arrest Mayor Ford when they witnessed Mayor Ford receive a package from a known drug dealer.
I also pray for the victims of school yard bullying, as detailed by the media, showing Mayor Ford as an example of school yard bullying, identical to the hundreds of employees inside Casino Rama, who have been bullied by addicts, addicted to the opiate of gambling. Yes included are family members of Masons.
And yes, I pray for the addicts, hoping they can find their way, before destroying their lives and their family’s lives.
Mason’s ideology lies in the power of prayer, not intervention.
Please reply ASAP, I will be doing an article to try and remove the cloud over our Masons. Many of my readers are saying the Mason’s have become collaborators. We need all the help we can muster. Again if you choose not to reply, there is one thing for sure, I know you guys will be praying for us.
I ask you to pray, so some day my family will regain the Right to Free Speech, and Free Press and the Right to help up hold the law when the need arises.
Oh yes and pray some day we will be able to regain our liberties, so we can continue on trying to prevent wars over water, by telling everyone about water preservation technology which can save trillions of gallons of clean ground water.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart

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