Canadian Whistleblower Continues to be Ignored for the Last Three Decades

Whistleblower ignored, the same as residential school whistleblowers were ignored.

By John Devine, AWN associate editor

(Full disclosure: Mr. Devine is the Canadian whistleblower, former Casino floor dealer and former Fisherman’s Cove/Coldwater Fisheries operator who continues to be ignored after three decades regarding his justice-seeking efforts that have a bearing on all Canadians and how their government and the democratic process is supposed to function)

The same silence experienced by all Canadians who attempted to blow the whistle on the infamous residential school assaults continues to this day, involving scores of important issues. Whenever everyday Canadians seek truth, justice, closure or even clarity, the “system” goes into overdrive to stifle the democratic process.

Consequently, issues screaming out for solutions are shuffled into what we at Awakening News (AWN) call “The Great Canadian Time Machine.” That describes a well-oiled system, masqerading as functional, that goes silent and tries to wait it out until memories fade, and people move on or pass away, so that the process can start all over again and generations of people can be denied a clear view of history and denied justice.

Whether it’s B.C. money laundering at casinos via Asian criminal elements, or the Nova Scotia shooting, the announced “investigations” seem to linger on virtually forever. Rarely is a definitive resolution reached.

Due to this deafening silence, could the Koebel brothers’ conviction stemming from the May 2000 Walkerton environmental contamination tragedy, often called the “worst public health disaster involving municipal water in Canadian history,” be overturned? Stay tuned on that one.

At any rate, we at AWN, formerly the Worlds Apart newsletter, are now into our third decade and there’ still no reply to explain what happened to the promised Flaherty investigation—involving (the late) Jim Flaherty, Canada’s former Minister of Finance (1949 to 2014). That probe involved the 1994 land grab and bulldozing under government decree of Fisherman’s Cove (to widen the road for the new Casino Rama), an Orillia, Ontario retail establishment also involved in raising fish with a highly progressive water recyclying system that had and still has the potential to cut groundwater usage for fish hatcheries up to 90%, compared to the common flow-thru (water in, water out) systems that are hammering our already stressed aquifers too hard.

[Note: Related correspondence to and from government officials mentioned in this article can be found on this website.]

Once Flaherty was out of the picture, Att. General Young finally “replied” to the inquiries of this AWN writer (John Devine, who operated Fisherman’sCove) regarding the status of the promised but unfulfilled Flaherty investigation. However, Young’s Office indicated his office has nothing on record about the promised investigation, contradicting MPP Dunlop, who was informed by Flaherty there would be an investigation.

The Flaherty investigation should have led the Attorney General’s office to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, which fabricated evidence to cover up the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove investor Eleanor Sheppard’s assets—assets from a family of Canadian war veterans which vanished into the above-noted “Great Canadian Time Machine.”

And due to the current-day refusal of AG Downey to respond to
another AWN whistleblowing effort, it causes one to believe Awakening News’ most recent request has also been tossed into the “Great Canadian Time Machine.” The question is: Did AG Downey receive an explanation as to what became of the promised Flaherty investigation, before evidently throwing AWN’s additional request to investigate Toronto Star publisher Tor Star’s entry into the world of gambling into that time machine?

Furthermore, around the time of the Walkerton tragedy, Ontario Premier Harris said the conduct of the Civil Service “is not his jurisdiction” regarding the request of the newsletter World’s Apart, the predecessor to AWN, to check into Flaherty’s aborted Fisherman’s Cove probe.

The Flaherty investigation, had it happened, would have taken the AG’s office to the civil servants who falsified documents in the same fashion as did the two civil servants involved in the Walkerton tragedy.

Walkerton’s Keobel brothers were convicted (one jailed for a year, the other placed under house arrest) in the Walkerton tragedy, involving discharge from the farming community entering into the city’s drinking water, making 2,300 people ill, while seven died.

Notably, AWN asked AG Downey to investigate Tor Star’s application to obtain an online gaming license. Tor Star must answer questions in the gaming application regarding knowledge of crimes and criminal matters as a journalistic entity.

Over the years AWN has informed all of Canada’s major media outlets (including Tor Star) about the journey AWN (and its predecessor Worlds Apart) have been on, concerning about the consequences if the courts rule the judicial process was obstructed decades ago.

AWN is wondering who is responsible for the conduct of the civil servants who abdicate their democratic/parliamentary responsibilities—responsibilities which are supposed to make the parliamentary system work, the results of which would assure all Canadians protection of the law.

Canada’s Prime Minister, the Gov. General, members of the Privy Council, Senators (including Senator Bernard) elected Federal members, elected Provincial members, all refuse to assist in obtaining the status of Flaherty’s promised investigation.

If the Flaherty investigation (if it were to be revived) as well as Downey’s Tor Star investigation conclude that some or all of the incidents investigated should be brought before the courts, the next question will be: What are the consequences if the courts rule there was obstruction of justice?

[Editor’s note: if American-based Penn National (former manager of Casino Rama) were to be found guilty of obstructing the judicial process, does that mean all employees who were fired or laid off after the date Penn National obstructed the judicial process will be compensated for lost wages?]

A gaming license issued in Canada can be revoked if the license holder is formally convicted of a criminal code breach, yet the employees at gambling esablishments such as Casino Rama, ironically, can be suspended or fired on the spot for whistleblowing about alleged wrongdoing, crimes or labor law violations under the roof or on the property of the casino in question. (Tor Star fits into the picture regarding whether its media organ, the Toronto Star, did not report alleged or actual crimes in Canadian casinos and now wants to enter the world of online gaming without even asking whether the mere involvement of a media outlet in gambling is at the very least a grave conflict of interest).

In other words, Casino Rama employees accused of breaking the “rules” can be immediately, but management can only be suspended and/or dismissed upon conviction. And that essentially never happens.

All of these items are part of a very long and still-growing list of the systematic discriminatory applications of the law in lockstep with the media’s systematic discriminatory reporting of the law.


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