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MEDIA MANIPULATION: Did CBC’s Attack on Epoch Times Signify Mainstream Media’s Decline?

Also an overview of Canadian media’s continued

neglect of key issues raised by Awakening News 

Editorial / By AWN Staff

One of the main issues to emerge amid the covid pandemic and alleged U.S.-election irregularities—among several other major issues—is the scrutiny of the conventional news media itself.  Indeed, 2020 has become the pivotal year of the words “fake news” going super-viral—and those words are mostly directed toward the news outlets that comprise the “mainstream” media.

Those outlets have been the dominant voice for an exceedingly long period of time, yet this longevity is no guarantee of maintaining the public trust; indeed, the distrust of these outlets is increasing at an ever-faster pace.

From the broad and impartial perspective of Awakening News (AWN), this distrust can stem from, for example, the perception among some Canadians, as well as among some Americans and Europeans, etc., that the media’s reporting on covid-19 is of questionable accuracy, as businesses, especially independent ones, flounder, struggle and sometimes perish and sporting events, concerts and a host of other aspects of “normal life” fall by the wayside.

On the other hand, while many people trust the media on covid-19 matters, many people still don’t fully trust the media for many other reasons, one of which is simply the fact that many, if not most, mainstream outlets appear to protect those in power much more than they hold those in power to account.

AWN’s founders have discovered this the hard way, having seen numerous instances of the media making the world safe for corruption while claiming to fight it. Furthermore, over the years, the CBC, Bell Media, Torstar and several other Canadian mainline media outlets have ignored several pertinent issues that AWN’s founders, before and after the creation of Awakening News, have labored to share with them in a “whistle-blowing” effort to expose wrongdoing and preserve and strengthen the democratic process.


This brings to mind the spring-summer 2020 controversy that emerged when the taxpayer-funded, government-based news organization, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, or CBC,  sternly scolded The Epoch Times for daring to circulate an introductory special edition of its international newspaper, simply for marketing purposes, which is well within the rights of The Epoch Times.

Here is the front page of The Epoch Times that the CBC claimed was so disturbing to Canadians. Was the CBC correct, or was that government-funded crown corporation, which gets over $1 billion a year from taxpayers, simply attacking a would-be competitor that may pose a threat to the established media’s cozy status quo?

The CBC’s approach to attacking The Epoch Times, a news organization originated by Chinese “Falun Gong” religious dissidents seeking freedom from the often brutal rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is best described by The Epoch Times itself.

On May 4, 2020 (in an article updated Aug. 25) The Epoch Times explained the matter as follows:

“The CBC’s promotion of the characterization of the special edition as being racist and xenophobic, its one-sided coverage, and its claims that the special edition advances a conspiracy theory, were heavily criticized by Epoch Times / Canada publisher Cindy Gu. She published an April 29, 2020 statement pointing out that the Chinese communist regime is not the same as Chinese people, and that the special edition puts the focus on the regime’s conduct in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, not on the people of China.”

In that statement (which actually was one of two statements The Epoch Times released about this matter) Gu explained the situation as follows:

The Epoch Times recently published a special edition on how Beijing’s coverup of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan led to the global pandemic with the front-page headline “How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World.” It’s an eight-page collection of Epoch Times articles [that were] distributed to select areas in Canada, as we believe it contains important information for Canadians to have.”

Gu continued:“On April 29, CBC published an article devoted to this special edition that is deliberately misleading and intentionally excludes crucial information we provided to CBC prior to the publication of its article. The sole purpose seems to be to discredit The Epoch Times and our reporting on the coronavirus.”

Notably, AWN has often provided information to the CBC, but to no avail, even though the information covered a host of key topics concerning, generally speaking, how provincial and federal politicians and police agencies protect each other and the bureaucracy in general, while letting whistleblowers concerned about Canadian democracy twist in the wind.

Gu added that she was “heartened to see that most of the comments [by Canadian readers] on the CBC article are critical of it. The headline CBC gave the article seems to speak for all Canadians.”

The CBC’s headline read: “Racist and inflammatory: Canadians upset by Epoch Times claim China behind virus, made it as a bioweapon.”

Gu then asked: “How does CBC know how the majority of Canadians feel about our coverage?”

Gu also clarified in the May 4 article that the CBC’s “conspiracy theory” claim against Epoch Times is based on unsubstantiated comments from merely one recipient of a mailed copy of The Epoch Times’ special edition, and on one unnamed mail carrier—while falsely claiming that the special edition said the virus was “manufactured” and that it’s “part of a bio-warfare agenda by the Chinese people.”

The Epoch Times stands firm that it made no such allegations.


AWN’s own long-term effort to share important news topics with Canadian mainstream media, especially the experiences of AWN’s founders regarding the fate of whistleblowers in Canada and the steady erosion of the democratic process, has fallen on deaf ears—especially at the CBC.

Thus, the CBC has positioned itself to be the “great moral authority from above” that scolds alternative outlets such as The Epoch Times, while at the same time becoming enablers to festering corruption inside the RCMP and the Ontario government.

So, while the CBC has chosen to criticise The Epoch Time’s journalistic standards, let’s not forget that the CBC ran a mid-2018 article supporting Ontario’s dubious claim that it has such ideal “safeguards” against money laundering that those safeguards could serve as a model for all of Canada. This came up just after massive money laundering was exposed in British Columbia’s casinos.

AWN co-founder John Devine, a former casino worker, has provided the CBC with considerable evidence that Casino Rama near Orillia, ON, for instance, has in years past connived with provincial police and the national RCMP to deny whistleblowers, including casino floor workers, the protection of the law (including labour laws with respective to hazardous workplace conditions) whenever whistleblowers had tried to expose various unlawful activities in that casino—including physical and sometimes sexual assaults against staff by unruly customers, an intellectual property-theft ring involving bootlegged movie DVDs, and, among other things, suspected money laundering activities that could have been ascertained one way or the other had the RCMP taken a serious interest in matters that Mr. Devine, as a whistleblower, steadfastly has laboured to bring forward..

[Editor’s note: See the “20 years of Obstruction . . . ” link in the top task bar of AWN’s home page, for more on the record of dereliction of duty by Canadian police and media]

In the final analysis, as many Canadians know or suspect deep down, police agencies like the RCMP know that the nation’s media outlets, especially the government-run CBC, have  their back, thereby enabling the police to engage in discriminatory application of the law and rarely achieve justice. In Canada, the delicate “status quo” mustn’t be disturbed. And whenever a paper like The Epoch Times happens to disturb that status quo, the mainline media’s instinctive reaction is to lash out, not to reach out and admit that all is not well in Canada.

That’s prima facie evidence that AWN’s overall assessment of the state of affairs in Canadian media, government, political and law enforcement circles is essentially correct.



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