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Our Letter to Party Leaders: We Need a Migratory Pollinators Act


From: Awakening News (AWN), 28 August 2019 
All Canadian Federal Party Leaders
Re: Seeking comment on whether party leaders concur with the idea of creating and passing a Canadian Migratory Pollinators Act.

Dear MP Party Leader: With the fall elections coming up soon, it’s time to inform voters about a key environmental issue.

As you can read on our website we have posted a lengthy series of articles regarding pollinators—bees, butterflies etc.—and on the basis of those articles, we are asking all political parties to come together in the spirit of non-partisanship and begin a sincere, united effort to save our pollinators from rapid decline. The human food supply may very well hang in the balance.

The best way to approach such an effort is to pass a Canadian Migratory Pollinators Act, much in the way Canada’s government passed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act about a century ago. We’re long overdue to help our pollinators in the way we’ve helped our birds.

Consider this quote from an article published by National Geographic (March 2019) written by U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (former) President Rhea Suh: “No matter how you voted in the last two elections, you didn’t vote for polluted drinking water.”

Canadians didn’t vote for pollinator decline, either. Moreover, via the efforts of Bee City Canada in conjunction with AWN, the Ontarian cities of Barrie, Severn and Orillia have become the most recent official Bee Cities. It’s time to “go national” in this effort.

Please reply promptly with your views on passing a Migratory Pollinators Act.

Sincerely, AWN Associate Editor JOHN DEVINE ,
20 Lewis Dr., Orillia, ON L3V 7S3   705-350-1581


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