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Jeannine Hutty Recognized for Her Local Bee City Efforts at Orillia’s Sunshine Awards Event

By John Devine and M. Samuel Anderson

ORILLIA, ONTARIO-–Awakening News attended the Orillia Sunshine Initiative Awards event on the evening of May 9th. Local resident Jeannine Hutty received a much-deserved award for spearheading the growing Bee Cities effort in Orillia. Her Bee City efforts won first prize in the People’s Choice category for 2019.

The Bee Cities movement is thriving in the U.S. as well as in Canada and elsewhere, as Awakening News has been steadily documenting over the last several months.

Bee Cities Canada leader Shelly Candel has given local speeches on the movement to save our pollinators. The same goes for John Devine, Awakening News associate editor, who recently addressed this crucial issue to the local Horticultural Society.

A core action of the Bee Cities movement is to maintain and create vegetation friendly to bees because, as pollinators, they are foundational to the food supply. Bee Cities also calls attention to the overuse and abuse of chemical insecticides, among other factors that have been causing alarming declines in bee populations

Notably, Hutty even won a cash award for her efforts to make Orillia a Bee City.

City Alderman Jay Fallis, a Bee Cities advocate with whom Hutty has networked, also attended the Sunshine Initiative Awards event. He sees no obstacles in making Orillia a Bee City soon. Severn is strongly considering becoming a Bee City, and Barrie reportedly is on the verge of officially becoming a Bee City.

Thus, more and more Ontario cities are “cross-pollinating” to protect pollinators.

Awakening News continues to steadily cover this issue, having started its coverage about Beaumont, Texas becoming a Bee City.

Meanwhile, Awakening News has been stressing to need to take a deep look at the status of our groundwater, in terms of preventing the depletive effects of “over-mining” groundwater from highly wasteful “flow-thru” non-recycling fish hatcheries—as well as the enormously hard-hitting effects of large water bottlers such as Nestle.

The Awakening News extends its warmest CONGRATULATIONS to Jeanine for spearheading the local Bee City movement.

Let’s keep building on what we, as a community, are doing to expand our Bee Cities network while also keeping groundwater concerns in mind, so as to protect both land-based and water-based food supplies and practice sound environmental stewardship in general.

Notably, the Awakening News welcomes guest editorials and letters to the editor. Another Awakening News printed bulletin is in the works, which will be circulated just before National Pollinators Week the third week of June.

Letters can be addressed to or mailed to 20 Lewis Drive, Orillia, ON L3V 7S3.





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