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Our Letter to MPP Dunlop Signifies Movement to Preserve, Clean up Groundwater . . . Join us!

[Editor’s Note: This letter was sent via email to Jill Dunlop, MPP Simcoe North,

in late October of 2018. Scroll down to bottom to see how you can help.]

Re: Join the movement to clean up our discharge and preserve our remaining clean groundwater

From: John Devine, Associate Editor

MPP Dunlop:

Please accept this as an official request.  We would like you to inform Awakening News, as soon as possible, on the number of gallons of clean groundwater currently being consumed to raise one pound of fish in an Ontario government fish hatchery, and in private hatcheries where applicable.

The reason is that typical flow-through hatcheries use, and often pollute, enormous amounts of groundwater. More on that in a moment.

Some background: National Geographic (NG) in recent times published data regarding how many gallons of water are consumed to produce a pound of food. NG listed about 16 sectors in our world’s farming community. For example, NG says 1,799 gallons of water are required to produce one pound of beef. NG went on to cover sectors such as pork, lamb, poultry etc.

What NG did not address, however, was the fish-farming sector, thereby failing to inform NG readers how many gallons of clean groundwater are currently being consumed to produce one pound of fish in a typical fish hatchery.

Due to my years of experience running the former Fisherman’s Cove business in Orillia, Ontario, I learned the intricacies of running a fish hatchery. Hatcheries supply fingerlings for stocking streams, rivers, and lakes, or else supply fingerlings to supply grow out facilities (cages) where the fish are farmed for food consumption.

Also, information I obtained from a former employee of the Ontario Fish Culture section inside the Ministry of Natural Resources informed me that Ontario fish hatcheries have a polluting factor of 20.000 people per hatchery.

While I am requesting that your office help confirm the polluting factor mentioned above, I did develop a unique technology in the early 1990s that recirculated the incoming groundwater for my fish hatchery. I managed  to cut groundwater usage by about 90%.

Because modern flow-through (water in, water out) hatcheries waste enormous amounts of groundwater—up to 2 million gallons a day, far exceeding the already excessive intake of water-bottling companies such as the Nestle plant in Guelph—the recirculation technology like what I developed could be part of the solution to preserve and clean up our aquifers.

Awakening News is in the process of asking local citizens, government officials such as yourself and environmental groups—which could include the Severn Sound Environmental Association—to join our movement to work toward sound solutions.

We’d also like to explore, as much as possible, separating our dumps from the proximity of our aquifers, including lake-side aquifers such as the Lake Simcoe aquifer on which the Orillia city dump is located.

That would be combined with applying the latest groundwater-preservation technologies and spurring innovation, job growth and increased revenue as students and faculty at colleges, universities, key government agencies and environmental stewardship organizations of all kinds, get involved.

Yours Truly,

John Devine
Assistant Editor Awakening News

We ask readers to either send this article to MPP Dunlop via email
or other means of delivery; or write your own letters or place a call.
Her contact information is shown below:

Queen’s Park Office:
Room 445
Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A8
Tel 416-326-7281
Fax 416-326-6887

Constituency Office:
295 King Street, Lower level, Suite 6
Midland, Ontario
L4R 3M5
Tel 705-526-8671
Fax 705-526-8600

MIDLAND OFFICE OPEN: Monday – Wednesday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Constituency Office:
14 Coldwater Road West
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 3L1
Tel 705-326-3246
Fax 705-326-9579

ORILLIA OFFICE OPEN: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

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