Intellectual Property Theft Probed: The Hidden Corners and Their Impact

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Here is our 4th video, this time covering the theft of intellectual property.

In it, Associate Editor John Devine explains how the theft of intellectual property has impacted businesses and the workplace at the local level—which adds a lot of clarity to an issue that is usually discussed in terms of large-scale examples, such China pirating intellectual property from North American sources.

Devine also takes note of the immense difficulty he has encountered in trying to blow the whistle of intellectual property theft and related matters in Ontario, Canada. He asks whether the government’s message to the people, “If You See Something, Say Something” is real or just an empty slogan. Are whistleblowers being taken seriously and protected so they can help authorities correct injustices and solve problems, or not?

While much more could be said, we hope readers find the following video helpful in getting a constructive dialogue started about such matters. Those wanting to send us a letter can email it to

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