Awakening Editor Discusses Little-Known Aspects of Lake Simcoe Dump’s Proximity to Groundwater photo

By John Devine & M. Samuel Anderson

As recently communicated in a letter to the Hon. Catherine McKenna, Canada’s minister on Environment and Climate Change, the Awakening News is concerned about the health of North America’s groundwater. But while groundwater issues have long been a staple issue of this grassroots news outlet, there’s a new focus.

Accordingly, this growing news outlet is in the process of launching an awareness campaign about Orillia, Ontario’s city dump being located along the shore of Lake Simcoe—therefore operating directly above the aquifer that extends inland from the lake. The video posted with this article accents the basis of this campaign.

The letter, dated Aug. 3, states in part:

We are asking all who are interested in joining our campaign to leave all political ideologies, political stripes, feuds etc. at the door. Included in our Goals and Objectives is to educate all about our planet’s aquifers, and the crisis we are facing.\

We do assume you know the connection between our planet’s aquifers and climate change. (e.g., droughts and the increased demand, due to an ever-growing population, for aquifers to supply water to areas where surface water has dried up, or in such decline that not all [people] can be supplied with surface water as they once were.

We do assume you understand the catastrophic events which will take place around the world when our planet’s aquifers go dry. [End of letter excerpt]


McKenna was appointed as Minister of Environment and Climate Change in the Cabinet, headed by Justin Trudeau, on November 4, 2015. She holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a law degree from McGill University, according to Wikipedia.

To get a more complete perspective on this issue, please see the brief video (below) that accompanies this article—which is the first field video shot and posted by Awakening News. To send us feedback, write to or

To get an idea just how serious groundwater issues can be, in the U.S. as well as Canada, please see the recent posting available through this link about a major water-bottler wanting to increase its groundwater mining in Michigan to unprecedented amounts.

Awakening News also is in the process of getting in touch with new Green Party MPP Mike Schreiner on groundwater matters, largely because of the massive Nestle’ bottling plant in Schreiner’s home riding of Guelph. There, as in Michigan, a major corporation is allowed to “pirate” water for astoundingly small amounts of money.

Those inclined to get in touch with McKenna over such groundwater concerns, as well as related matters, can use the following contact information:

Hon. Catherine McKenna
Environment and Climate Change Canada
200 Sacré-Coeur Boulevard
Gatineau QC K1A 0H3
Telephone: 819-938-3813
Fax: 819-938-9431