SEE OUR NEW VIDEO REPORTS! In the Studio, in the Field, Our Analysis of Crucial Issues Moves to Next Level


Great news, ladies and gentlemen!

Our alternative news website, which of course has been featuring articles on various topics, including crucial groundwater-depletion and casino-corruption issues, has for the first time added video reports to the mix, officially introduced on the 29th of July, 2018.

See our first two brand-new studio videos below. (Thanks to UK Column News for providing studio space to create these videos, in cooperation with Stop the Presses News & Commentary)

The first video has to do with sustained threats to our groundwater (and solutions to those threats). Even though water-quality and water-control issues appeal to liberals, conservatives and people from all walks of life, such issues are ignored by virtually all media, government and academic institutions. Here’s the first video:

The second video, below, is about the dark underbelly of casino gambling and the fact that media and government institutions ignore this matter and enable the corruption to fester. Furthermore, there are some unexpected consequences of the casino culture that go beyond just gambling debts. Thanks for tuning in and look for our field videos on this website.