RADIO PODCAST NO 2 on Water Issues: Is Cattle Country Getting Bad Rap While Hatcheries, Bottlers Over-Mine Our Aquifers?


Hello Readers. CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK to hear our second podcast audio interview, which is just a little over 6 minutes long, featuring Awakening editors M. Samuel Anderson (as host) and John Devine as guest.

This podcast, like the one before it, was first broadcast on KSDZ-FM “The Twister,” a great radio station out of Gordon, Nebraska that covers some 14 million acres of cattle country atop the famous Ogallala Aquifer–one of the largest bodies of underground water in the world.

Wise stewardship regarding the widespread tapping and mining of that valuable groundwater is badly needed, hence the topic of this latest podcast. In it, Mr. Devine spells out his concern that water-usage data for Nebraska cattlemen and other regional beef producers (along with pork, sheep, goat and poultry producers) is fairly well documented, but data on the biggest water-miners — fish hatcheries and commercial water bottlers — is almost non-existent. This leads to an unfair singling out of livestock producers whose water supplies could be undercut by those largest water-miners.

Meanwhile, without all of the necessary data, citizens may be left unaware of how much the Ogallala and other groundwater repositories are being drawn down. All of this sparks important questions about who owns the water and what kind of value should be placed upon it. Please listen to the podcast and join in the conversation to get state and provincial governments, universities and others, including citizens, asking key questions so the missing data can be acquired and solutions devised.

KSDZ-FM’s Jim Lambley, who’s a cattleman himself, has already shared this podcast with Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer and others, to get the ball rolling. Feel free to email us at