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Climate Change Initiative Will Fail Unless Political Parties Cooperate to Ascertain Scientific Data on Water Usage

 List of Farming Sectors Consuming Water to Produce One Pound of Food is Incomplete

WE NEED YOUR HELP: At the bottom of this short article, see sample of the letter we sent to an Ontario official on this matter.

       By JOHN DEVINE, Associate Editor

       According to Dr. Hoekstra from the Netherlands’ University of Twente, fish-hatchery  groundwater consumption has yet to be calculated.

So, to start a constructive debate, Awakening News is suggesting  that approximately 2,000,000  (two million) gallons per day of clean groundwater is currently being consumed to produce one pound of fish in conventional hatcheries, including government hatcheries. (Based on current consumption in such conventional, flow-through fish hatcheries, we’re looking at about 2,000 gallons of water per minute, multiplied by 60 minutes, times 24 hours).

Also of interest is this color-coded map of the world’s aquifers from NASA, with bluer colors being more healthy aquifers, and redder ones being closer to depletion. Click here:

Some in the science community are looking into their crystal balls and simply predicting a dramatic increase in the need to farm more fish. This projection is based on the evidence from the science community indicating our oceans, lakes  rivers and streams are maxed out and can no longer sustain the netting of fish for human food consumption, let alone the fact that it takes three pounds of bait fish to produce one pound of farmed fish. (Stay tuned for more reports on the need to stabilize and boost bait-fish populations).

       Fortunately, there is a solution to reducing the current demand for groundwater to supply our fish hatcheries, and that’s by converting to a proven closed system where the incoming water is recycled and treated. The technology came from Ontario’s University of Guelph. We especially need second, third, fourth etc. generations of the closed system, along with focused research into farming bait fish and current farming and management of game fish.

       YOUR HELP REQUESTED! The Awakening News urges readers to examine an abridged version of our letter below, which was already sent out and is intended to address a key water issue. We also regularly correspond with mainstream media and various officials etc. The purpose of sharing the letter below (and other letters from time to time) is to urge readers to consider contacting the same people, to assist us in amplifying important issues and help us get a response.

June 23, 2017

To: Simcoe North / Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

From: John Devine, Associate Editor, Awakening News

Attn. Connie:   

      I ask the question: Would consumers change their mind about buying beef (concerned about the amount of water consumed to grow one pound of beef) once  consumers learn the amount of water being consumed to raise one pound of farmed fish?

      According to National Geographic, beef farmers consume 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. National Geographic also published other data, ascertained from the world’s science community, regarding other foods being grown and the amount of water required to produce said food products (e.g., 1,182 gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk).

      What the National Geographic does not show is the amount of clean groundwater currently being consumed to raise one pound of fish in a fish hatchery.

      This data should be readily accessible, being fish hatcheries (including gov’t. fish hatcheries) measure the flow of the water, the amount water, including quality of the discharge, the amount of food fed, and the weight of the fish in the water.

       We have asked Premier Wynne, (technically, a member of the Farming Community) to ascertain the data from the province’s Fish Hatcheries. No reply.

      Awakening News recently published an article titled “Climate Change Initiative Will Fail Unless Political Parties Cooperate to Ascertain Scientific Data on Water Usage,” in which we are asking for all political parties to come together and assist in compiling data from all the sectors of the farming community, including fish farming. Click onto 

      Considering the average consumption of a fish hatchery is approx. 2,000 gallons per minute, and that the current amount of fish hatcheries in North American alone is around 500, one has to wonder if the aquifers they are currently drawing from can sustain this ever-growing demand.

      The Science Community predicts there is going to be a spike in the demand for fish farms, due to the inability of the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams to meet the demands from commercial netting.

      NASA continues to monitor our planet’s aquifers and consistently reports serious declines in the capacity of the aquifers.

      NASA reported several years back that they still hadn’t developed technology which would determine the exact amount of ground water still remaining in our aquifers. Let’s hope such technology has been developed.

      Please accept this as an official request for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to assist us in networking our story, and ask all to approach their respective elected officials and request everyone to drop their political differences and join together to bring forward the best information our science community can assemble—regarding water consumption in the our world’s overall farming community.

      Dr. Hoekstra (from the Netherlands’ Twente University, one of the participants in the National Geographic’s article regarding the amount of U.S. water required to produce one gallon of milk for the Chinese dairy industry) has not yet been able to supply us the data regarding fish-farm groundwater consumption.

      Dr. Hoekstra’s first [and only] reply was he did not have this information.

     Awakening News wrote back, asking Dr. Hoekstra to pass our story on to any of the media outlets who publish his work, hoping someone can come forward with this critical data.

     Trust with our politicians, to say the least, is precarious. For all political parties to continue to stay quiet about an issue so important to the salvation of mankind is troubling.

      Once a list of all farming sectors’ water consumption is complete, hopefully technology, such as [this Awakening editor advanced in fish hatcheries some years ago] will come forward from other sectors to reduce water consumption and polluted discharge from the farming community.

     I would like to meet with you and or your Simcoe County Representative. We will be doing another interview with UK and will be addressing the need for everyone to come together.

     We would appreciate your input. Yours Truly, John Devine, Associate Editor, Awakening News

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