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U.S. Groundwater Supplies Ought to Be Considered When Trump Makes Decisions on Climate Change, Trade

Help make our story go viral. The health and
security of generations to come, hang in the balance
Dear Readers:
        If you have read our article entitled the “The Great Water Give-Away Creates An Invisible Trade Deficit”  then we ask you to reach out to anyone interested in climate change or other environmental matters, to seek their assistance in bringing the Awakening’s article to  President Trump’s personal attention—and to the attention of other policymakers in the U.S. and Canada, etc.
        Awakening News is still asking the question: “How Low Will the Wells go Before the Bankers Say No?”
        Since President Trump isn’t afraid to tell the world about his business savvy, then surely he must understand the potential threat to the U.S. economy should the Ogallala Aquifer run dry, as well as the continuous depletion and degradation of countless other aquifers.
       Someday the question will be asked, why did the American government give away about 1.5 million “acre feet” of water from often drought-stricken Arizona and California to supplement the  Chinese and Saudi dairy industries, of all things, and not receive one penny in return for the water used to grow the alfalfa that was shipped to those dairy operations? (and the give-away continues)
       Yes, our grandchildren will be asking, is that what Trump’s “US FIRST” motto meant?
       In all fairness to President Trump, we are assuming our message has yet to reach him. Modern presidents and PMs are on such a tight schedule. Let’s see if we can make President Trump respond, as soon as possible.
       Meanwhile, it has been well over a year ago since we contacted Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s federal government, in an effort to make them aware of the necessity of including innovative water-preservation technology in their climate change and carbon tax debates. Still no reply.
       That leaves the Awakening News wondering if any of the carbon tax revenue is being invested in key water-preservation technology.
       We also urge readers to go to page four of this website and read the article [click on following link]: “If Water is The New Oil, It’s Time For Fresh Ideas (i.e., let’s compare the value of one barrel of oil to one barrel of water).

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