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How Was Canada’s Den of Depravity Created?


The following are reasons we’ve compiled why Canada’s “Den of Depravity” keeps growing, the results of which “DEPRIVE” Canadian citizens of justice.

Discriminatory writing of Canadian law: (e.g. property rights in NAFTA given to  US Citizens/Corporations owning land and doing business in Canada; but the same land-ownership rights are not afforded to Canadian landowners doing business under NAFTA)

Discriminating application of the law:

  1. Ontario Ministry of Labour prosecuting private businesses become accomplices to the same violations inside Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG).
  2. Canada’s Privacy Commissioner not being able to obtain a conviction on Casino Rama and Awakening News Hackers, due to the refusal of the Privacy Commissioner to investigate Penn National violating the same Act, known as the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act.
  3.   A hideous  cloud hanging over the the Scotia Bank/ Min. of Labour  investigation regarding work place harassment in the Banks, as stated by the CBC something which the CBC.
  4.   The Labour Ministry charges currently before the courts regarding  Waypoint Correctional Services Management, failing to provide a safe working environment,
  5.  Many of our readers believe lawyers fear the Temple of Lawyers. These same readers believe the  Temple of Lawyers is a like a cult beholden to and controlled by big government and the corporate world. (e.g. Ministry of Labour afraid to investigate Tim Horton’s regarding criminal negligence causing bodily harm. Tim Horton’s is well aware of the corruption inside the Labour Ministry.)
  6. Failure of political parties to engage in intelligent debate.  (e.g. The cancellation of the Courts Challenges Program, which sponsored Constitutional challenges by citizens) This cancellation removed the only insurance policy the average Canadian possessed to ensure there will not be a Constitutional breach, which results in creating  further debt to our children and grandchildren. The only people left who could mount a constitutional challenge are the wealthy who belong in the 1% category of society and often are treated like they are above the law.
  7. Canadian media controlled by money flowing to said media outlets, from governments across Canada. (e.g. advertising money going to the media for advertising lottery tickets) or the $6 billion given to CBC, a campaign promise by PM Justin Trudeau.
  8. The obstruction put upon a media outlet’s right to free speech and free press, as enforced by a US Corporation and the OPP, and covered up by the RCMP.  (That media outlet is Worlds Apart, predecessor to the Awakening News, suppressed for trying to expose Canada’s Den of Depravity).
  9. Politicians at every level in Canada, (Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and Senate) who gained knowledge of this ever growing Den of Depravity, refusing to step forward instead became enablers.

This inertia is nothing new in Canada’s history. PM Trudeau recognizes some of it, granting compensation (through the Truth & Reconciliation Commission) to some of the Indigenous Peoples who have been abused in the past, but not all.

All the stuff listed above is troubling, but the most troubling is the obstruction put upon us by the OPP for trying to expose sexual assaults under the roof of Casino Rama. A key outstanding question is whether constitutional challenges will be allowed to be brought forward by those who are already being prosecuted or convicted for violating  the same crimes, but would see a double standard if others among the Canadian power structure get away with breaking the same laws. This includes those accused of pedophilia.

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