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The CBC, citing a survey of the pollution of about 800 fresh-water bodies in the U.S. and Canada, has covered several stories regarding pollutants entering into our ground and surface waters.

And according to the CBC, a run-off of salt from de-icing our highways is adversely affecting our waterways right here in Ontario.

In fact, Lake Simcoe was identified as having the largest salt increase of all—a 5% increase in salt content from by all the highways, (parking lots, lanes, sidewalks etc.) surrounding Lake Simcoe.

This extra burden may be the straw which will break the existence of Lake Simcoe as we once knew it. The lake has already been burdened by some wrong decisions, such as the Orillia City Dump which sits upon the Lake Simcoe Aquifer, within a stone’s throw of the shoreline, operating for the a good part of the last century, if not longer.

The pollutants (from the dump and industry) have recently cost Orillia taxpayer millions upon millions of dollars in clean-up costs, some of which came from the city dump.

And upon the City of Orillia acquiring an industrial lot, for one dollar, it was discovered shortly after the acquisition that the lot was polluted, although it now appears those pollutants have been removed and the construction will go forward.

To keep the taxpayers’ investment “pollution free,” one would assume there is now technology available to stop the pollutants the dump is still receiving from seeping under the Sports Complex, as what is happening regarding Nortel, a communications company.

Nortel`s pollutants have now seeped under a school, and have affected several other properties not owned by Nortel.

And don’t forget to add the mercury and other hazardous substances from the enormous amounts of discarded twisted light bulbs. [For more on that topic. please read the article, “Twisted Logic” from the front page of Awakening News Edition 2, which was published online and in a print edition].

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