Ontario Labour Ministry’s Discriminatory Practices Compromise Charges Against Waypoint Correctional Services, Staff


The money currently being spent by the Ontario Ministry of Labour to bring Waypoint Correctional Services administration staff before the courts, appears to be a complete waste of time and money. (Waypoint handles convicted criminals with mental illness). 

        Waypoint  Correctional Services has been charged for allegedly failing to protect staff (from the criminally insane) and for operating an unsafe workplace. But why should the MOL come down on Waypoint for allegedly failing to protect its staff but turn a blind eye on the failure of local casino management to protect its staff?

        Along with the above mentioned waste of money by the MOL, let’s not forget the liabilities which will fall on the MOL by those unfairly prosecuted, as well as the impact on indigenous and non-indigenous peoples who have been working under the roof of Casino Rama, without the proper protection of the law.
       Let’s face it, daily incidents with gamblers make it hard to believe that some gamblers do not have mental or behavioral issues. Accordingly, somewhere down the road, when the (MOL) is found guilty of violating the very same act the MOL is enforcing against small businesses, employees, companies, and/or corporations—by refusing to enforce labour laws under the roof of the casino—then those who have been prosecuted by the MOL for violating Ontario’s Health and Safety Act may very well see their charges overturned.

Thus, MOL enforcement officers in effect have become accomplices to breaking the law (which placed a cloud over the death on one Ontario Lottery & Gaming employee and the serious illness of another OLG employee).


On the website you’re reading now, www.awakeningnews.ca,  we suggest you click on our broadcasts and podcasts and learn about some of what we call “barbaric pre-Magna Carta behaviour” witnessed under the roof of Casino Rama—all of which is covered up by Canada’s major media outlets due to the large amounts of “hush money” being received by the media from Ontario Lottery and Gaming for advertising the opiate of gambling.

       Ontario`s Minister Responsible for Correctional Services, MPP Lalonde,  has been informed of what’s going on about these manners, along with the Critics to Correctional Services  (NDP and Conservatives) two weeks ago. Replies have not been forthcoming.
       Surely, the Minister Responsible for Correctional Services, and the MOL, would want to immediately reassure the victims (mostly Waypoint’s guards) that the above information about unequal application of the law would not prevent charges against Waypoint Management from being overturned or thrown out.
       This does not mean that the greater Orillia area doesn’t benefit from Casino Rama to a notable degree. MPP Brown apparently is refusing to address concerns about the potential loss of thousands of Casino Rama jobs, due to table games going to Woodbine. The Orillia business community at large certainly should not have to worry about uncertainty regarding the economic health of Orillia.
       One would think that consultants researching the feasibility of doing business in the Orillia area would want to know what Ontario’s intentions are regarding  table games going to Woodbine, and drawing big-spending table games customers away from Casino Rama, before giving input on investing and living in Orillia.
       Furthermore, one would think that the area’s banking community would want to be reassured that loans to the local business community will not be jeopardized in the process.If revenue declines due to customers shifting their gambling to Woodbine, that means a drop in local jobs and purchasing power, making it harder for some to make their mortgage payments, rent, car payments, shop at local stores, etc.
       So, for MPP Brown to remain quiet on the Woodbine issue is quite troubling and should be taken into account by voters. It’s possible that the cloud of silence over Orillia’s future economic prospects has been  created by MPP Brown’s apparent unwillingness to publicly address this issue. As any economist will tell you, uncertainty in the marketplace is not a good thing.
       Readers may want to email MPP Brown and ask him why he will not reply to the concerns Awakening News  editors have sent to him in writing. If you do receive a reply, please forward Brown`s reply to Awakening News so we can publish it.
       Other issues which should be addressed include: How many more casinos does Ontario need? Whether to stop or reduce the advertising of lottery tickets (the tickets are produced under a monopoly anyway, so why advertise a monopoly?). Thirdly, Canadians might want to limit the length of time that customers are allowed to gamble in any of Ontario`s casinos.
       Let’s also not forget reassurances from MPP Brown that the corruption inside the Ministry of Labour has not left prison guards and Casino Rama staff without protection of the law.

BROWN”S EMAIL ADDRESS: patrick.brown@pc.ola.org