Edition 39

Will North American Govts. place Carbon Tax on Govt. Farms?

As stated in Worlds Apart edition 36, titled “Farmers help Hunters”, the vast majority of US & Canadian citizens can not connect the dots regarding US State Governors & Canadian Provincial Premiers, being fish farmers, raising fish in factory farms.

This Edition was subsequently published in Nebraska’s Alliance Times Herald

With the renewed concerns of Global warming, and the introduction of Carbon tax, I feel it is unfair to point out sectors  of our Planet’s  farming Community, who are allegedly making the largest foot print, and say nothing about another hideous foot print in an another sector of farming community, that being fish hatcheries, including Govt. fish hatcheries.

One assumes all can connect the dots between climate change, droughts, and ground water

One has to ask, why is there not details of the foot print in the breeding and rearing of farmed fish, from the egg to the smolt, size. ( average 3 oz per smolt) In Canada they are known by some as Fry.

Comparable to this early stages of farming an animal, is the breeding of Beef Cattle and the rearing the calves  to Stocker size, know in Canada as the “Cow Calf operation”.

The National Geographic came forward with a number from the science community, as to how many gallons of water are required to raise one pound of beef. (1,799 gallons) One assumes these numbers are calculated from the time of conception, to birth, to market size.

The size of this Cow Calf foot print appears to be missing in the  Fish Farming sector, all of which takes place under the roof of fish hatcheries.

In the Atlantic Salmon sector of the world’s  fish hatcheries, 55 million pounds of fry are produced annually, to meet the demand, created by Recreational, & Commercial Fisherman, as well as grow out facilities (cages)  to farm  fish to market size.

With the threat of carbon taxes being put upon sectors of the farming community, one would think the Govt. should practice what they preach, and tell us the efficiency of their factory farms, (fish hatcheries) in regards to ground  water consumption, pounds of wild caught  forage fish (bait fish) required to raise one pound of fry, as well as the polluting factor per hatchery.

In Ont., Govt.  fish hatcheries using the old flow through technology, water in, untreated water out, have a polluting factor of 20,000 people.

From time to time I have written to the National Geographic, asking them to assist us in ascertaining the number of gallons of clean ground water is consumed by the average Govt. fish hatchery, to produce one pound of fry.

National Geographic stays quiet, along with numerous other people and organizations interested in Climate Change.

One would think Nebraska’s Gov. Ricketts,  as well as Nebraska’s Senator Davis  would want to address this foot print, with their brethren farmers, (Beef Farmers, Poultry Farmers, Pork  Producers  etc.) , being there could be a possibility both Politicians will being imposing carbon tax upon their brethren farmer, and not tax their own farms, simply because the foot print of the Govt. farms has not been identified. Gov. Ricketts Nebraska’s Senator Davis, have yet to reply.

If you haven’t read about the accomplishments a Canadian Family of Farmers made, in dramatically reducing the consumption of clean ground water, to raise one pound of farmed fish, I suggest you click onto our web site. www.worlds-apart.ca and read about our $2.8 million venture to advance this water preservation technology.

You will also read about a Canadian Family of Farmer’s research into raising Bait Fish, and the need of the science Community to take a closer look at farming bait fish, (forage fish) rather then to continue to deplete the Oceans stocks of bait fish to raise game fish.

As it now stands a large percentage of Govt. hatcheries raise & release  game fish, and allow the netting of bait fish, in the same waters to supply the recreational fisherman with bait fish  to catch the game fish.

According the Science Community the entire food chain in  Lake Erie is on the verge of collapse due to the shortage of forage fish. This same concern holds true for our  Planet’s oceans.

It appears the average pounds of bait fish required to raise one pound of Salmon is approx. 3  pounds, depending who is reporting.

With the free fall of the oceans bait fish populations, huge trawlers are now traveling to the Antarctic, and netting hundreds of tons  of forage fish (bait fish) to keep up with the demand.

Forage fish which feed everything from Whales and Penguins

You will also read the obstacles placed in front of our  media outlet. Obstacles  which demonstrates the complete indifference the Prov. of Ontario has towards ground water preservation, and their Brethren in the world’s  farming community at large. (Edition 37, and several podcasts with Mark Anderson) details the belligerent attitude the Ont. Govt has towards the Horsemen, cutting purse money from the Horsemen, and replacing the horsemen, the original providers of money from gambling, with Bell Canada Enterprises, (BCE) who is now a new provider of on line gambling.

BCE owns several of Canada’s Main  Media outlets eg. CTV & the Globe and Mail, one or both of whom very well would be forced to declare bankruptcy, if the tax payer, via the democratic process, demanded all Provinces  stop spending millions upon millions of dollars advertising a monopoly. (Prov. Lottery tickets)

The recipients of some the tax payers money spent for advertising is BCE.

This of course causes concerns political parties will not ask for a debate on this issue, ( a hideous conflict) being the Corp media has the ability to destroy all who cross their paths.

As a share holder of BCE (also traded on the NYSE) I am concerned of the value of shares falling, when the public at large  hear about this hideous conflict and the reluctance of BCE to tell all about our success in ground water preservation. I am concerned BCE will inherit the same sort of image Volkswagen recently inherited, in regards to climate change.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.