Edition 38

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US & Canadian  Govts. Beg for Citizen’s  to “Say Something”, about Terrorists  Trespassing.

Yes this is a great idea. If all citizens did just that, “say something”once they gain knowledge of someone preparing to trespass on the innocent, or witness the innocent being trespassed upon, the world will become a better place.

What people forget, or simply don’t know, is there are laws,  in regards to what you can say, and what you can’t say when approaching the Govt. authorities, in regards to trespassing.

For example a citizen or an elected Govt. official, can not introduce the Lord’s Prayer, (via a Govt.  podium) as  thoughts  in regards to trespassing.

Ironically the Lord’s Prayer advises all believers of the Lord, as to what should be done about trespassing, be it you, the person who has been  trespassed upon, or  the person who has trespassed upon you.

The  Govt and the Courts argue this ideology  violates other people’s human rights.

People  who may not have the same ideology in regards to trespassing, thus it is the law that your beliefs of trespassing can not be spoken in the form of a prayer to Govt. authorities, under the roof of the Govt., or the courts.

The Govt & the courts argues you have trespassed against those who do not believe, in this ideology.

The Govt. says the law, and the responsibilities of Govt.’s enforcement agencies, to enforce the law, will protect you from being trespassed upon, and or prosecute those who have trespassed upon you.

One could say this would be great if this law was was applied in a “none  discriminatory fashion.”

Unfortunately in the real world, in which yours truly lives in, this is not true.

We have been reporting, in writing, countless acts of trespassing over the last 15 years, be it trespassing upon an elderly  member of a family of farmer’s  last will and testament, to thousands of acts of trespassing, upon Casino Rama employees, family’s and friends of gambling addicts, to the addict themselves.

For a US Corporation, the RCMP and the OPP  to be allowed to contribute to this trespassing, by doing nothing to stop the perpetrators, as well as trespass upon our news letter, a news letter which we were using to expose this hideous trespassing, brings into question of the collapse of the democratic process, an abdication by all  which has rendered the Canadian Constitution useless.

One simply has to go to the Canadian  Constitution and read the section “the law must be applied equally and fairly to all.”

This abdication of the democratic system has also been covered up   by the Canadian media, who discriminates as to what should be told and what should not be told.

One becomes very suspicious this refusal of the media to “say something”,  is perpetuated by the money going to the bank accounts of the media, from the opiate of gambling, for advertising  a monopoly, (lottery tickets) as well as politicians, and Govt. authorities, behaving in a fashion identical to the gambling addict, both driven to commit barbaric acts due to their addiction to money.

Yes, be it the horsemen, a family of farmers,  or victims connected to gambling addicts, mentioned above, all have been trespassed upon.

The trespassing against our news letter, has created a cloud over  the death of a former Casino Rama Employee, who received severe head trauma from a hideous hazard.

The question is, was the death of the Casino Rama Employee caused by a blood clot, due to the head trauma the employee received from the hazard.

Our media outlet has also been trespassed upon while trying to bring factual news to the citizens of Planet Earth, in regards to sectors in the World’s Agricultural Community  who are wasting water, or simply using huge gallons to produce one pound of food. (eg. beef farmers)

The media  and the science community   has targeted beef farmers as leaving, the largest foot print in the farming community, in regards to climate change.

What the media refuses to inform people about the sector of the farming community, (Govt. fish farms) consuming far more gallons of clean ground water to produce one pound of Smolt in Govt. fish hatcheries, then what the beef farmers are using, to raise one pound of beef.

This also applies to private fish hatcheries or at least those who are still operating with the old flow through technology.

This trespassing upon our news letter has obstructing us from trying to  remove the conflict between fish hatcheries, and the citizens, in regards to what fish should be hatched. Unfortunately with out our information the issue is now in the courts in Western States.

We have been suggesting rearing alternative species (bait) fish replacing some of the production of game fish. To make this successful current hatcheries using the old flow through system must be retooled to our proven closed system.

Had our information been received by those involved in the court action, a resolution may have happened, and jobs created for graduate students to change to the closed system. Intellectual property which can be attained in numerous colleges and universities.

Yes Mr. President Obama, and Mr. Prime Minister Trudeau we will continue to follow your suggestions and ‘’say something” in regards to trespassing. Problem is the threats  placed upon our media outlets, caused by  a US Corp. (Penn National) and the Canadian Police Forces trespassing upon Worlds Apart,  still hangs over our head.

In an historical time line the Canadian  Govt. has made their position  quite clear, when it comes to citizens protesting the Govt. trespassing upon a citizen’s  property. Dudley George was shot dead, and  in another incident of Govt. illegally trespassing, a victim of this  was handcuffed, &  jailed, for asking the same police to investigate the  act of the Govt. trespassing.

Thus leaving yours truly wondering what the follow up to the threats upon us will be. I am suspicious they will punish us by procedure, by bringing legal action upon us, with no intention of bringing the trumped up charges in front of a judge.

Destroying  people’s finances by dragging the innocent  under the roof of “The temple of Lawyers” is a way of life.

It is in this temple of lawyers,  where the parasites suck the last remaining coins from the pockets of the innocent, knowing they will never have enough money to win the day.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.