Edition 37

Factory Farmer (the Ont. Govt.) betrays Fellow Farmers, including Horsemen. What type of neighbour is Warren Buffet’s Tim Horton’s?

Our country was developed by the creed of all pioneers, especially farmers. “Help your neighbour.’’

With he evolution of “Man Kind’s Me, Myself, and I behaviour”, and the demise of small farmers in Canada,  this creed  has been brought into question by the modern factory farmer, specifically the Ont. Govt.

To explain how the Ont. Govt. and most other Province and State Governments, in North America, became involved in factory farming, (fish farming)please read Edition 36.

Our story of the evolution of the  belligerent behaviour of a member of the farming community, (the Ont. Govt.) began with former Ontario Premier Bob Rae, (Leader of the New Democratic Party) who destroyed a fellow factory farmer’s business (Fisherman’s Cove) in a land  banking scheme, deemed illegal by Canada’s Supreme Court of Canada, (Del vs Tor Transit)

The land banking scheme involved the deferral of money owing to land owners involved in Govt. infrastructure projects, which required  land acquisitions. Some of the money withheld  from  the land owners ended up in the pockets of civil servants (including politicians) in the form of raises, and some from pilfering.

Details as to how Premier Rae’s New Democratic Party  destroyed a fellow factory farmer’s business where a $2.8 million venture started, to reduce ground water consumption in Govt factory farms, (fish farms) as well as all private fish hatcheries, can be found at the first pages of our web site www.worlds-apart.ca You will note a picture taken by the Ont. Govt in 1993 showing Fisherman’s Cove as it was. You will then note a survey indicating the property, being vacant land contradicting the Ont. Govts.’s own picture.

The successor to Premier Rae, was Premier  Mike Harris, (Conservative)who upon hearing  the Supreme Court of Canada ruling, (Del vs. Tor transit) which stated disturbances and damages must be addressed on the date of notification) decided to cover up the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove, by forging documents. Fisherman’s Cove, a small business where a member of a family of farmers started a $2.8 million venture into advancing technology to reduce the amount of water required to raise one pound of farmed fish.

Instead of doing what the Supreme Court of Canada ruled, and offer a negotiated settlement to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, on the land not taken in a highway widening project to help Casino Rama succeed,  and shortly after the world famous Walkerton tragedy, (run off from the farming community, which killed numerous people and made over 2,000 citizens sick) the new CEO of Ontario’s factory farms, Premier Harris, forged documents  to cover up the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove, where this $2.8 million venture stared to advance the technology to dramatically reduce the amount of clean ground water required to raise one pound of farmed fish, as well as reduce the pollutants currently being discharged from Premier Harris’s factory farms. (Ont. fish farms)

This cover up was passed on to three Premiers after Premier Harris. (Premiers Eves, Premier Mcguinty and now Premier Wynne.)

All decided to “pass the buck to history”, a strategy which the famous Historian William Manchester says “is risky business.”

The factory farmer whose business was destroyed by fellow factory farmer,(the Ont. Govt.) was a member of a family of  farmers, who for generations farmed beef, poultry, pigs, sheep, cash cropped, bees, as well as bred and raced harness horses.

This belligerent behaviour of the Ont Govt. against a fellow farmer spread,  when Premeir Mcguinty (at the time the CEO of  Ontario Govt. factory fish farms) decided to cut the prize money from the horsemen, who were the original provider of revenues from the opiate of gambling.

Shortly after the beginning  of the end for the harness horsemen, the Ont. Govt. made Bell Canada Enterprises a new provider for gambling revenues, by licensing BCE to supply on line gambling.

Many are suspicious this was reward to  BCE, for  not using BCE media outlets to explain in detail the damages done to the horsemen, and all those supporting the harness horsemen, as well as withholding information about Canada’s Provinces advertising a monopoly.

The monopoly  being lottery tickets. Other media outlets such as Paul Godfrey’s Postmedia, received perks from the Ont. Govt; one being Paul Godfrey being appointed Chair of the Ontario Lottery & Gaming.

The recipients of the advertising dollars (tens of millions annually) to advertise a monopoly is Canada’s Corp. media outlets, including Canada’s Canadian Broadcasting, who is propped up to the tune of one billion dollars a year by the Canadian tax payer.

The old creed of “help your neighbour” has not only changed in the farming community, it also taken a dramatic change in our community at large. An example of this is Tim Horton’s ( Canada’s largest Coffee House chain) who was a neighbour and business associate of Fisherman’s Cove.

Tim Horton’s received hundreds of Fishermen who came to our  community from far and wide, (including  the US) due to the advertising & services supplied by Fisherman’s Cove. (boat rentals and fish huts)

Upon Tim Horton’s  gaining knowledge of their neighbour, Fisherman’s Cove, being destroyed by the Ont. Govt. with out compensation to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, on land not expropriated, it appears Tim Horton’s did not bring pressure on media outlets who received tens of millions of dollars to advertise  Tim Horton’s, to expose the story of Tim Horton’s neighbour being criminally destroyed by a fellow farmer. (the Ont. Govt.)

Tim Horton’s was subsequently bought by Burger King, an acquisition  lead by Warren Buffet.

Ironically Warren Buffet’s portfolio contains media outlets in the US mid west. Yes the region in which the Ogallala is located &  being needlessly depleted by Govt. operated factory fish farms.

We reached out to one of Mr. Buffet’s media outlets, (Omaha World Herald) asking them to tell the public about water technology being advanced by one of Buffet’s former neighbours. Technology which an save billions of gallons of the Ogallala’s clean ground water

I suggest you go to our web  site www.worlds-apart.ca and click onto Beyond Exposure dated Aug. 12 2013, and listen to the details of Worlds Apart’s Right to Free Speech, and Free Press being  violated by  Penn National (a US Corp. Managers of Casino Rama)and subsequently the Ont.   Prov. Police. A right we were using to do our part in preventing  wars over water, as well as remove  lawlessness in Canada, which has has allowed our society to fall  back to “Pre Magna Carta behaviour”. Eg Looting a dead Christian, and hundreds of human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama, including sexual assaults, and the trashing of intellectual property. (Fisherman’s Cove ground water recycling system,  & edition 4 of Worlds Apart, which was taken from the hands of our readers and thrown in the garbage)

You will also read, and hear  about the Corruption inside the Ont. Min. of Labour which spilled onto Tim Horton’s, from Casino Rama. One has to ask did Warren Buffet know about this corruption prior to acquiring Tim Horton’s?

One also has to ask, is it possible Warren Buffet has yet to be informed by his own media outlet, about the neutral position Tim Horton’s has taken in regards to the breaches in Canada’s Constitution? (Discriminatory practices of the Ont. Min. of Labour)

Yes it very well could be Mr. Buffet has been a victim of the”, “DON’T TELL THE  BOSS SOMETHING  HE/SHE DOESN’T  WANT HEAR SYNDROME” a syndrome which has become a plague to our  societies.

Pre Magna Carta behaviour which  the SEC, the Ont. SEC, the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, as well as numerous Chartered Banks, working under the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, have gained knowledge of, and have chosen to do nothing to help.

As owners BCE shares and Tim Horton’s shares, I am concerned of share value depreciation, simply due to the  of said Corporations’ image being brought into question,  identical to Volkswagen’s indifferent attitude to the environment.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.