Edition 36

It is my belief the vast majority of man kind has not connected the dots between factory farms, who owns factory farms, and hunters.
Under the umbrella of factory farms, are fish farms, probably one of the first factory farms, in the evolution of man kind’s farming techniques. Techniques which have created more and more factory farms, such as beef, poultry, pork, etc. to meet the demand for food.
Webster’s Dictionary defines farm as “an area of land used for cultivation or animal breeding under individual or collective management.” “a tract of water for cultivating fish”.
Formerly know as intense farming, (raising large numbers of animals in a confined space) the new terminology is now titled “factory farms”.
A large percentage of fish farms, in North America, specifically fish hatcheries, are owned and operated by Govts, be it Provincial, State or Federal Govts.
The intent of these Govt operated Factory Farms is to assist in providing fish to the hunters of fish, be it Commercial, and or Recreational Fishermen.
Webster’s Dictionary defines Hunting as “ Hunt to pursue (game) with the intention of capturing and killing.”
Be it the shooting a deer, catching a fish with a hook and line, or netting fish with massive ocean trawlers, all participants are defined as hunters.
Gone under the radar in the ever growing environmental concerns of factory farms, are fish farms. Attention has been brought to factory farms (and rightly so) as to the serious environmental impact. eg. run off of sewage from the factory farms, such as beef farms, getting into the, Planet’s Aquifers.
What is not told about factory fish farms, (fish hatcheries) is the huge consumption of clean ground water, to raise one pound of farmed fish, as well as the pollution caused from the discharge.
All involved in farming should band together and ask their respective Govts., to come forward with the number of gallons of clean ground water currently being consumed, to raise one pound of farmed fish, as well as the current average polluting per hatchery.
According to the Ontario Govt’s. fish culture section, each Govt. operated fish hatchery has a polluting factor of 20,000 people. This is troubling being there are over 500 Govt. operated fish hatcheries in North America. We have yet to ascertain how many corporate and individually owned fish hatcheries now operating in North America.
For the sake of argument I suggest the heads of Govt. operated fish farms, be it Governors and or Premiers, operating fish farms, be given the title CEOs of a Public Company. The share holders of these public companies of course are the tax payers.
Thus theses particular CEOs are Brethren to all other farmers, inside the World’s Farming Community.
I ask all in World’s Farming Community to ask why their Brethren (Govt. farmers) are not using the proven closed system described in our web site. www.worlds-apart.ca
A system which can save trillions upon trillions of gallons of clean ground water, and dramatically reduce the pollution now flowing into out streams, rivers, lakes, & oceans, from these antiquated hatcheries.
I have yet to hear from Nebraskan Governor Rickett as to how many gallons of clean ground water are being consumed in his factory farms, to produce one pound off armed fish.
One would think Governor Rickett’s, a Brethren to all Nebraskan Farmers,would be interested, being they are all drawing from the same aquifer.
Yes experts are predicting the Ogallala will run dry in the next 30 to 40 years. My concern is by not using our proven closed system, (intellectual property obtained from Ontario’s University of Guelph) the Ogallala is needlessly losing 60 million gallons a day, to operate Govt. operated fish hatcheries.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter. Ontario Canada
For more information contact m.devine@rogers.com 705 238 2636