Edition 35

Justin Trudeau, Discriminates against Victims of  Crime.

Recently MP Justin Trudeau, the Leader of the Federal Liberals announced in his campaign, if elected  Prime Minister of Canada he would spend tax payer’s dollars,  to help mental illness.

Several months back MP Trudeau received details from yours truly, about human rights violations put upon Casino Rama staff, including sexual assaults. Prior to receiving our information MP Trudeau dismissed a couple of Liberals from his caucus, for allegedly sexually assaulting an MP.

With MP Trudeau refusing to acknowledge my written allegations, one can only conclude Trudeau has decided the victims of crime, under the roof of Casino Rama, are lessor human beings, then the woman  MP whom Trudeau assisted, after she complained about her sexual  assault, to Trudeau.

Trudeau has also been made aware of the Canadian Constitution being breached due to the refusal of the RCMP to investigate our allegations, of discriminatory practices of the OPP.

Yes it was MP Justin Trudeau’s father, P. E. Trudeau who enacted the Constitution, only to have his son (Justin Trudeau) witness the the Canadian Constitution being breached, and do nothing.

Details of some of the breaches in the Constitution can be read in Edition 27.

Yours truly lost his job dealing cards at Casino Rama, by listening to the advertisements from the Ont. Govt.. The Ont. Govt advertisement’s asked all citizens to report human rights violations. eg sexual assaults assaults on seniors assaults on women etc,.

Taking the advise of the Ont. advertisements I exercised my right to refuse to work in harassing and hazardous conditions, and wrote the Min. of Labour Linda Jeffery.

Min. of Labour Jeffery refused to help, and I was subsequently cut from the payroll, by Penn National.

Yes Penn national knows they can not be prosecuted for violations under the Ont. Health & Safety Act, due to Min. of Labour enforcement officers breaching the constitution by becoming accomplices to crimes involving criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Details can be heard in our pod cast titled Beyond exposure dated aug. 13 2012.

Subsequently the OPP came to our house with threats of reprisal if we wrote anything more about the lawlessness I witnessed under the roof of Casino Rama.

The Liberals the NDP and the Conservatives all know about our media’s  outlets right to free speech and free press being violated. All decided to remain quiet allowing liabilities to grow against the tax payers due to the breaches in the constitution.

I suggest all voters ask their respective candidates to ask their leaders why they refused to address our allegations in the same fashion, MP Trudeau did when he gained knowledge of alleged misconduct of his own Liberal MPs.

Mental illness includes gambling addicts, who go on gambling binges, going into rages from time to time physically and verbally  assaulting Casino staff. None are charged or evicted, until their money is gone.

Yours Truly John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter