Edition 34

Sector of  Canadian Farmers, Betrays World’s Farming Community Ideology!!

To Worlds Apart readers; It is often said the most obvious is missed. Aug. 31 2015.
Under the umbrella of the World’s Farming Community, belongs numerous Govts., who farm.
In North America, the largest farming operation under taken by the Govts. is fish farming. Two members of this Farming Community, the Ont. Prov. Govt., and the Canadian Federal Govt . participated in, and or, became accomplices to destroying a fellow farmer’s business.
Details of the destruction of a farming family’s business, by a brethren of the farming community, (the Ont. Govt.) in a highway widening project to help Casino Rama succeed, can be found in the first edition of this web site, as well as numerous other editions in this web site.
This belligerent behaviour against fellow farmers, has spread to the Horse Farming sector. Inside this sector are many small farmers supplementing their income, by farming horses, to race. The reaming of the horsemen make their living racing horses, winning enough to sustain their business, solely from the revenues of horse racing.
Yes, it was the horsemen who were legally allowed to become the first provider of money to Govt., derived the opiate of gambling.
Recently the process of removing the farmer, (The Horsemen) from being a provider of this revenue, to the tax payer, began with the down sizing of purse money flowing to the horsemen.
Simply put the Ont. Govt. ( a farmer) has decreed the horsemen don’t raise enough money, and or quickly enough, for the Ont. Govt., in comparison to slot machines.
Tragically this belligerent behaviour of the farmer (the Ont. Govt.) is covered up by the media, who refuse to tell the entire story of where the dollar flows inside the horseracing industry, in comparison to slot machines extracting money from the economy (Via slot machine)and delivering the revenues directly to the Govt., dead ending any trickle down of effect, the purse money has with the horsemen.
The rewards to Canada’s Media outlets, for not telling about a member of Canada’s Farming Community’s (the Ont. Govt. condoned by the Canadian Federal Govt., including the CBC) barbaric behaviour, comes in the form of millions of dollars for advertising a monopoly. The monopoly being Provincial Lottery tickets.
Other perks are given out periodically to media outlets, (such as BCE media outlets)by awarding BCE a licence to become a provider for online gambling, taking more and more of the market share from the Horsemen.
Growing up on a family farm, it was the ideology of all little farmers to give back to the land, and help your neighbour, an ideology practiced by most farmers around the world.
The efforts to reduce the amount of gallons of clean ground water required to raise one pound of farmed fish, began under the roof of Fisherman’s Cove, financed by a member of a farming family, helps all neighbours.
The results of this R&D can save our planet trillions of gallons of clean ground water, if applied to fish farms around the world.
Ironically the family of farmers who’s business was destroyed to help Casino Rama succeed, also farmed horses to race.
Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart