Edition 33

Lawlessness at Casino Rama, Breaches Canada’s Constitution!!!!


Dear Worlds Apart Readers:

I believe it is safe to say Worlds Apart, has done it’s fair share, in reporting incidents worthy of  a police investigation. Criminal incidents which affect the Health & Safety of our entire society. With the constant silence enacted by all whom I write to, politicians, police, doctors, Soldiers Memorial Hospital, media outlets & the business community at large, one can only conclude many or all of my allegations are worthy of a trip in front of a judge, be it Criminal, Constitutional, or Civil.

What should be discussed in both up comings elections in Simcoe North, is the ramifications of Canada’s Constitution being breached, and the growing liabilities against the tax payer, due to the discriminating practices of the Police, and Ministry of Labour Enforcement officers.

Please read below, Worlds Apart’s  letter, to Cheryl Arthurs, newly elected table games representative for UNIFOR. We have yet to receive a reply from Cheryl.

I suggest you click onto edition 28, and read our letter to UNIFOR’s predecessor, Buzz Hargrove, then CEO of the CAW. It was this letter along with Worlds Apart’s edition 4, which caused my son  Mark and Yours Truly a weeks pay. The Buzz Hargrove letter (found in edition 28) details my concerns the conflict the CAW would be in, if they were to be elected representatives of Casino Rama employees. The Auto Workers going hat in hand to the Premier of Ont.  asking for financial relief for the auto industry, and and then the next day send the Premier legal notice about the  hideous human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama, involving the Ont. Govt.

All Federal party leaders, have received all the documents Cheryl Arthurs now possess. One would think Cheryl would ask UNIFOR to call MP Trudeau, and ask for assistance to have the sexual deviants, under the roof of Casino Rama investigated, and hopefully charged. After all it was MP Trudeau who threw two of his fellow Liberals out of the Liberal  party for alleged sexual misconduct. Yes MP Trudeau blatantly discriminates against those worthy of a police investigation (female MPs)and those who MP Trudeau thinks are not worthy of a Police investigation.(Casino Rama waitresses)

To be obstructed by the OPP in an ongoing OPP investigation, and then told by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, (OIPRD)it is best the public not hear about this, is extremely troubling, especially when Canada’s media outlets comply to OIPRD’S request and stay quiet, refusing to help a fellow media outlet regain their right to free speech and free press, proving Canada’s media outlets  do not believe in the “I am Charlie ideology”.

I have yet to receive an answer as to employees being illegally laid off or fired from Casino Rama. The legal question is, can Penn National be involved in deciding the future of employees when they have lost their licence to operate.

The date  which Pen National violated the Criminal Code, for the first time, has yet to be determined, by a Criminal Court judge. (note there is no statute so limitations in regards to criminal acts)

These issues can not be brought in front of a judge until the issues of Worlds Apart news letter, being obstructed by Penn National and the OPP, from approaching the courts, are addressed by the Courts.

The date Penn National could be found guilty, could reach as far back  as 2004,  the day Penn National refused to remove a patron  from my work site, & or charge the patron, after my eye was infected by fluids from the patron’s mouth, or it could be the date in which Penn National stole Worlds Apart edition 4 from the hands of our readers, or it could be from the date Penn National placed hazards in the work site which continue to cause head trauma, to this day. These are just a few incidents of a long long list of concerns of criminal wrong doings, all of which were at one time under investigation by the OPP. This investigation of course came to a halt, when the police came to our house with threats against our news letter.

Any ways I suggest all approach candidates in the up coming elections, and ask for assurances Canada’s Constitution hasn’t been breached, and the ramifications if the breach is a reality.

I also suggest al take time out and click onto Beyond Exposure dated Aug 12 2013, as well as Casino Down Load and listen to the details of of what one can only describe as  Pre Magna Carta behaviour of our Canadian Society.

This Pre Magna Carta behaviour has been allowed to grow  in our society, due to the discriminating practices of all Canadian authorities, whom we have reached out to.

Discriminating practices which plagues all countries in the world. Laws for the haves, and laws for the have nots.


Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart






L3V 7S3



To: Cheryl Arthurs                June 29 2015

Casino Rama

UNIFOR Union Representative for Table Games

Rama Ont.


Dear Cheryl: The issues listed below require your immediate attention. Remember there is no statute of limitations on criminal offences, thus Casino staff still do not have protection of the law, under the Health & Safety Act, or for that matter under the Criminal Code, due to the breach in the Canadian Constitution.(Govt. authorities failing to apply the Law Equally & Fairly to all)


UNIFOR refuses to reply to our letters and phone calls, in regards to Casino Rama employees not having the protection of the law due to corruption inside the Min. of Labor, and the OPP obstructing our news letter from exposing this corruption.


Details of which can be found in the enclosed binders.


As a friend, and a fellow employee, I urge you to have all signs, and score boards currently standing at head level in table games, be moved to a height at which no one can hit their heads, either that or demand the signs be removed.


If Penn National refuses to do as you request, I suggest you have a legal responsibility to instruct employees not to return to the work sites, where the hazards exist.


To do nothing, you & the Head of UNIFOR, along with the CEO of Casino Rama, the Min. of Labour,& the OPP  will have to explain to a Criminal Court Judge, why you feel head trauma caused by the signs, from the day they were installed to the present, are not issues, of Health & Safety.


The position of the prosecutor, in our case against

the above mentioned,(criminal negligence causing bodily harm) will be supported by people from the medical community, specifically doctors, specializing in head trauma.


This evidence will also be supported by placing a table game table, (eg. A mini bac table on which a score board will be fastened))on the floor of the court room.


Explaining to the Judge, 15 other signs, identical to the one He/She is looking at, were still occupying the employees work place, still at head level, after the Min. of Labor enforcement officers investigated the score boards & signs, & subsequently walked away, doing nothing, thus becoming accomplices to the crime.

15 signs exposing four corners, all at head level, exposing turned sheet metal as sharp as the point of a steak knife, at each corner,

Certainly others issues which will be bro

ught in front of the courts such as sexual assaults, assaults on seniors, and staff, will be more difficult to present then the signs, and score boards, but with enough detail in my diary, and support of victims, we hope we obtain convictions, in some or all of charges presented.


Leaders of all of Canada’s political parties such as Justin Trudeau, refuse to help, yet the same elected official, ( Mr. Trudeau) expels a couple of his fellow Liberals, from the Liberal party for allegations of sexual assaults. A blatant, hideous discriminatory act.


Details of the consequences of our Constitution being violated by the discriminatory practices of the Govt., can be found in edition 27, in our web site www.worlds-apart.ca All the breaches are troubling;  the most troubling is the cloud placed upon sexual assaults cases, including pedophiles. Take for example  a Professor at Lake Head University, was recently convicted of sexual exploitation of young girls, could very well win a Constitutional Challenge, arguing discrimination.


The Professor can argue discrimination, asking how can the police (OPP) obstruct an ongoing OPP investigation in sexual assaults under the roof of Casino Rama,(as they did with Yours Truly) yet convict the Teacher, for sexual misbehavior.


It is possible the Professor’s lawyer has not gained knowledge of this Constitutional breach, or as some  speculate, the lawyer is part of the “Temple of Lawyers” who will not rock the boat, and not bring the issue in front of a judge, for fear of being banished from the tribe.


One can only conclude, in the eyes of all Party Leaders, victims of sexual assaults under the roof of Casino Rama, are a lesser human beings then the victim (NDP Member of Parliament) Trudeau assisted.


Recently a UNION representing Federal Govt.  Employees went public in trying to expose the Govt. from suppressing science.


I ask you, to ask UNIFOR to go public in regards to our science in ground water preservation being suppressed by Penn National, the OPP and all of Canada’s media outlets. As you know some of your Union Brothers/Sisters work for Bell Canada Enterprises, a Corporation who knows all about our story, including our success in water preservation, and refuses to  inform the public. CKVR in Barrie is owned by BCE


I would hope UNIFOR would be able to join the Union representing the scientists, and the Nurses Union, and use the necessary resources to bring this issue to the public.(You will find enclosed a letter to the Ont. Nurses Union)


Mark Anderson, from the American Free Press, along with yours truly, will be doing another broadcast with the UK Column, in which I hope to address the

Obstruction/suppression, our news letter has been subjected to.


Many former employees, who were either fired, or laid  off from Casino Rama, for being  dissidents are asking, did Penn National have the legal right to fire any one after the date in which they will be found guilty of committing criminal offences.


Please refer to my diary Feb 2 2011, the date in which I witnessed Min. of Labor Enforcement Officers, refuse to remove the hazards, thus becoming an accomplice to the crime.


Penn National maybe found guilty, of criminal offences prior to this date, eg. The day Norm Rondeau stole our news letter from the hands of our readers, or the date (March 2004)in which Norm Rondeau refused to charge and or evict the player who’s spit ended up in my eye.


If we are successful in obtaining a conviction in one or all of the above, charges, layoffs would be illegal from the date of the offense to the present. If you’re an employee and steal, you immediately have your license taken from you. Norm Rondeau stole, our news letter from the hands of our readers.


Or maybe a conviction will be put upon Penn National back in 2004, when a patron’s spit ended up in my eye. Norm Rondeau refused to charge, and or remove the hazard.


This also applies to small businesses in Ont. who have been charged, and or convicted by the Min. Of Labour, starting from the day the Min. of Labor Linda Jeffery gained personal knowledge of Her MOL enforcement officers becoming accomplices to crime under the roof of Casino Rama, and did nothing.


If you choose to have the signs moved, to a safe height, or completely removed, please notify me, when this has transpired, I will return to work, upon completion, of my said request.


As stated immediately after I exercised my right to refuse to work in hazardous and harassing conditions. Upon removal of the hazards, I expected to be allowed to return to work.

I ask you to make a formal request to have UNIFOR launch a Constitutional Challenge. The Canadian Constitution guarantees protection of the law to all Canadian citizens, which should include Casino Rama staff, not just the privileged.


Yours Truly

John Devine

Editor of Worlds Apart news letter


PS How about giving me a call to arrange a meeting.

Hopefully we can start communications prior to our next news releases with the UK Column, and the American Free Press.