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Will Gov. of the Bank of Canada, Mr. Poloz assist in Nebraskan Farmer’s Credit Rating Crisis???

Nebraskan, farmers are now asking “How low will the well go, before the Bankers say no?”
The well being the Ogallala, now approx. half full, and approx. 30 years left, of the remaining clean ground water. 30 years appears to be the maximum length of time mortgages are amortized.
It would be safe to say, the Banks will not amortize loans to farmers, longer then the life span of the farmer`s well.
To address this crisis, I suggest we “Stop the Leaks” The leaks being ground water mismanaged, (wasted).
It is imperative to bring technology forward to eliminate this horrendous wastage.
I asked Bank of Canada, Gov. Poloz, to assist us in obtaining, numbers from the science community, in regards to the numbers of gallons currently being used in fish hatcheries, to raise one pound of fish, prior to moving the fingerlings to be stocked, in our lakes, rivers, and streams, to replenish wild stock, or moved to a grow our facility, to be raised for food consumption.
One would think the health of the world`s economy depends on the health of our planets water.
The National Geographic, used numbers from the science community, to obtain the numbers of gallons of water used to raise one pound of beef. (NG says it takes 1,799 gallons of water to raise one pound of beef)
Unfortunately the NG refused to reply to our call for help, in determining the amount of gallons of clean ground water required to raise one pound of farmed fish.
Hopefully the State of Nebraska will move to create a priority list, as to what sector is wasting the most water, down to lessor wastages, and what technologies are available to reduce the wastage.
Agriculture seems to be at or close to the top of the list, in water consumption.
Eg. irrigation technology, efficient toilets, fish hatcheries etc. have to be paced on a priority list.
This is not the first time I have written to the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, in regards to credit ratings, of Canadian Charted Bank’s customers, being down graded.
My concerns of thousands of the Bank’s customers credit rating`s being downgraded, due to the Ont. Govt. land banking scheme. (seize now pay later) A scheme I am concerned was practiced by all Provinces, a scheme deemed illegal by the Supreme Court of Canada, (Del Holdings vs Tor. transit)
Eleanor Sheppard`s Fisherman`s Cove, where a $2.8 million venture started to advance technology to reduce the amount of gallons of clean ground water required to raise one pound of fish, fell victim to this land banking scheme, along with corruption on Toronto`s Bay Street, which severally damaged Eleanor Sheppard`s credit rating.
As to how many land owners across Canada were victimized by this land banking scheme, is still unknown. I asked Gov. Poloz to reply, and inform us as to what he plans on doing with Bank`s customers who were devoured in this seize now pay later“.
A land banking scheme which allowed Govts. to with hold money from land owners, involved in Govt. land acquisitions. Some of the money held back from land owners, became part of the raises, and bonuses given to all Civil servants, year after year.
I also informed the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, about the down grading of Casino Rama Employee`s credit ratings who were wrongfully dismissed.
Penn National lost their right to hire and fire, Casino Rama employees, the day Penn National committed their first crime, to the present. All Casino Rama employees who were fired, or laid off, from the date of Penn National`s committed the criminal act,(and found guilty there of) to the present, will be owed pay from the date of lay off to the present. The date of Penn National`s first crime could be as far back as 2004, when I received spit in my eye from a gambler, who was neither removed and or charged, or it could be in aug. of 2008 when Penn management stole our news letter from the hands of our readers, or it could be the day Penn National placed the signs, at head level which has caused sever head trauma to hundreds of Casino Rama Employees, or the date à hideous sexual assault on a Casino Rama waitress, in and around the time I walked off the job, and immediately called for help from the Min. of Labour Linda Jeffery.
Linda Jeffery refused to have yours truly reinstated on the Casino Rama payroll and in doing so, affecting our credit ratings, for the third time in our lives. The previous two assaults on our credit ratings were caused by Eleanor Sheppard`s money manager, pilfering from Eleanor Sheppard, the second being the land banking scheme, which destroyed Fisherman`s Cove.
I suggest you go to our web site www.worlds-apart.ca and click onto to our podcast, titled beyond exposure date aug. 12 2013, detailing two occasions in which our right to free speech and free press were violated. The perpetrators being Penn National, and subsequently the Ont. Prov. Police.
Violations which have obstructed us from taking the above issues in front of the courts, be it a constitutional challenge, criminal or civil.
The continued silence from the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, causes yours truly concern that the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, has no jurisdiction over enactment of draconian laws, (pre Magna Carta in the seizure of Fisherman`s Cove, or un enacted laws, under the roof of Casino Rama, which have directly affected the credit ratings of thousands of Chartered Bank`s customers.
If this be the case, it would be very unlikely the Gov. of the Bank of Canada, will assist in obtaining numbers from the science community which will assist in the Nebraskan farmers credit ratings.
I hope I am wrong, and Gov. Mr. Poloz will assist Nebraskan Gov. Ricketts, in obtaining numbers from the science community, in regards to water consumption in fish hatcheries, and also assist in telling all about our proven technology which can reduce this consumption of clean ground water, by at least %90, in fish hatcheries around the world, saving trillions upon trillions of gallons of clean ground water in the process.
Canada`s tax payers are out of pocket over $1 billion a year, by funding the CBC, yet the CBC refuses to disclose our story about the success we accomplished in advancing ground water preservation technology.
Canada`s other major media outlets are surviving on the money coming from the Govts., for advertising the opiate of gambling, a monopoly. (Prov. Lottery tickets) A source of revenue, if cut off by the Govt. would bankrupt. media outlets owned by the Corp World.
Time is running, we are in the middle of a crisis never witnessed by man kind, masses of amounts of land turning into desserts, due to lack of ground water. I ask all to net work our story, and write to the Gov. of the Bank of Canada Mr. Poloz, asking him for assistance in obtaining numbers from the science community, which Nebraskan Gov. Ricketts can use to determine what leaks in the Ogallala should be addressed first.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart