Edition 31

Dear Readers please find below my letter to MP Stanton, asking him to reply to my concerns of the Canadian Constitution being breached, in the Fisherman’s Cove/ Casino Rama/ Tim Horton’s scandal.

To Member Of Parliament Bruce Stanton (Conservative)

Simcoe North Riding

Orillia Ont.

Dear Bruce: The following letter to you, will be published shortly. Hopefully you will reply immediately about the constitution being breached, a breach which leaves Casino Rama Employees with out protection of the law.

We are still waiting for replies to letters yours truly sent you over the last several years, about the same issue.


   Canada’s  Constitution has been Breached, nullifying existing Laws and or Future Laws!


Your campaign says the Conservative Govt.  will enact the following laws, if elected.

Introducing tougher penalties for child sexual predators.

Cracking down on cyber bullying and the none consensual distribution of intimate images.

Establishing a Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

Requiring mandatory prison sentences for drug dealers who target children.

Sounds great to yours truly. Worlds Apart News Letter has been concerned of our children being exposed to crimes, and the possibility of the perpetrator getting off by using a Constitutional Challenge. Sighting discrimination in applying the law, the same as what Tim Horton’s and BCE can use if the Ont. Min. of Labour charged them for criminal negligence, causing bodily harm, in the incident  which yours truly broke his wrist at Tim Horton’s, and (BCE) Bell Canada Enterprises becoming an accomplice, by not exposing the breach in the Constitution, VIA one of BCE’s media outlets.

As you know Worlds Apart is  trying to do our part in preserving clean ground water for generations to come, and hopefully along with million of other citizens of the world, dong their part in being better managers of the planets remaining clean ground water, will save our planet for our future generations to inhabit.

As you will read, or have been reading in our web site, www.worlds-apart.ca our  troubles in being obstructed, (our fight to free speech and free press being violated, by Penn National mangers of Casino Rama& subsequently the OPP) in trying to tell all of Canada’s citizens our concerns of lawlessness, and depletion of the planets remaining clean ground water, along with the success of  Intellectual property  we acquired from the University of Guelph, to Fisherman’s Cove, which can save trillions upon trillions of gallons of clean ground water, if applied to all the fish hatcheries in the world.

I suggest you update yours self and read the last 4 editions, and then the podcasts which detail my concerns over the years of the breach in the Canadian Constitution, the most pressing is the breach which will allow pedophiles to be set free, or not charged at all. The deviants be it loan sharks or pedophiles, who now possess the get out of jail free card will cloud the investigation from its beginning.

Please read the following from Churchill’s thoughts. taken from a book titled Churchill by Himself, edited by Richard Langworth.

Churchill: Would the “moral philosophy & spiritual conceptions of men and nations” hold their own against “formidable scientific evolution”? Was it possible that ,

in abandoning its theocratic principles, man kind would loose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, that it would substitute instead a kind of vague, utopian concept of wishful thinking? Churchill worried not so much that those who forgot the past, are condemned to relive it, but the loss of the past would mean “the most thoughtless of ages. Every day head lines and short views”.

Churchill went on to say in the advance of science, and lack of growth of Man’s Spiritual and Moral being, in proportion to the advance of science.  Quote “his brain got no better, but it buzzed more”

This insane buzzing reached an all time high, when the Ontario Govt. decided to build a Casino, and in the process, destroy a business involved in science, critical to the salvation of man kind. “GROUND WATER PRESERVATION”

Worlds Apart has focused around property/intellectual property. As you know buildings on the property of Fisherman’s Cove were  physically destroyed, and no compensation to rebuild on land not taken, then Edition 4 being stolen from the hands of our readers by a US Corporation, then the OPP threatening us if we continued to apply our intellectual property, VIA Worlds Apart, in exposing the previous mentioned violations.

Here is what Churchill said about Private Property. Quoted 1909, 7 Oct. Scotland.

“The vital process of civilization require, and the combined interest of millions guarantee, the security of property. A society which property was insecure, would speedily degenerate into barbarianism.”

Yours Truly can not find a better example of the nurturing of  Barbarianism,  then to have our property (our  news letter edition #4, in which we were trying to expose barbarianism)   being stolen from the hands of our readers, by Penn National a US Corporation, and subsequently witness years of continued barbarianism under the roof of Casino Rama. Yours truly, dealing an opiate for days (along with two other shifts of dealers) to  extremely intoxicated persons, knowing they have lost their ability to protect their children, and themselves, from loan sharks, gaining knowledge of sexual assaults, assaults  as well as verbal & physical assaults on Casino Employees, Seniors and an epidemic of injuries due to corruption inside the Min. of Labour. You will find some of these violations recorded in my diary found in book # 2

Churchill goes onto say: “a society  in which property was absolutely secure, irrespective of all conceptions of Justice in regard to the manner of its acquisition, would degenerate not into barbarianism, but death.”

Our example is the enactment of Pre Magna Carta Law, in the expropriation of Fisherman’s Cove, which destroyed science trying to save man kind.

May I suggest you assist current victims of crime, by investigating crimes which I have explained in detail. If you loose the election your above ideas may not be enacted. Using what is are available in administering law is better then doing nothing. First and foremost the Constitution has to be mended.

You will find enclosed letters to and from Her Majesty the Queen of England who’s Canadian  Church was victimized by crime. Yes Her Majesty’s Church, along with 39 other beneficiaries of Eleanor Sheppard’s estate  who were victimized by Eleanor’s money manager, have been victimized a second time due to the Ont. Govt obstructing the re written Will of Eleanor Sheppard, from being executed, along with hundreds of victims, under the roof of Casino Rama, all of  whom  have yet to have their violations investigated, & currently working with out any protection of the law.

Your PC Party is not alone. All other Prov. and Federal Parties have joined Canada’s Community of Enablers and Collaborators (CCEC)

What I find troubling is all of Canada’s Political Parties expect Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, one of Churchill’s dearest friends, to join the CCEC. Please find enclosed letters to Her Majesty and Her Representatives to Canada. It is our hope Her Majesty will step up and assist us in obtaining  money still owing to Her Majesty’s Church, from the Ont. Govt. in form punitive damages.

Yes and then CCEC  hope,  by passing the buck to history, it will all go away, hoping not to be found out.   “until the emergency comes, until self preservation strikes its jarring gong” (Churchill 1935 May 2 exert from Inertia)

Yes we will be defined as  “the most thoughtless of  ages.”

It has been said by experts studying  human  behaviour, that ignoring someone is the cruellest type of bullying. Ignoring some one, and threaten some one, as what has been done to a WW 2 Vet’s family,  who is trying to report bullying, really stands alone in the definition of hideous bullying.

Yes a Federal election is coming up and all of Canada’s Political Parties expect to keep the Breach of the Constitution from the public.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter