Edition 30

IS Premier Wynne’s call to Report Human Rights Violation’s a Fraud?????

Several years ago, while I was dealing cards under the roof of Casino Rama, I witnessed an assault on a Senior Citizen.

The night before I watched an Ont. Prov. Govt.  advertisement, in which Premier Mcguinty personally became involved, begging all to report abuse on seniors.

Following Premier Mcguinty’s advise, I immediately asked my supervisor Bruno to call the police.I had just witnessed a criminal act.

For yours truly to leave my work site,  and call the police, I would have been fired. Penn National a US Corporation, Managers of Casino Rama, policy states, any dealer leaving a live game, without permission, will be fired. We Penn National will decide if what the employee sees  is worthy of having the police called.

Bruno subsequently asked his pit boss Wai to call the police.

To this day I have no idea what happened to my request. It appears Penn National didn’t see Premier Mcguinty’s advertisement.

This same thing happened when  a woman dealer was  punched. Penn National refused to call the police, and sent her back out to deal a game with her assailant.

The results of yours truly listening to Premier Mcguinty’s advice, cost me three years in salary, and counting, as well as half of our meagre pension.

With Premier Wynne refusing to reply to the Leader of the opposition, MPP Wilson, who wrote Premier Wynne asking her to address Penn National, and the OPP obstructing Worlds Apart from exposing this festering corruption.

I suggest to all our readers, to  think twice before reporting any human rights violations, the reprisals for blowing the whistle can be severe.

I have no idea of any authority or elected official who you can turn to and trust.

The Leader of the Official Opposition, the Honourable Justin Trudeau, throws  two of his Members out of the Liberal Party for allegations of sexual harassment.

The Honourable Justin Trudeau turns his back on hundreds of human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama, including sexual assaults. Mr. Trudeau was given far more detailed evidence as to what was going on under the roof of Casino Rama, then  he received from the NDP member, who complained about a fellow NDP member, being violated.

It is quite obvious the hundreds of elected officials from all parties, (Prov. & Federal) who have gained knowledge of our story, seem to think the Casino Rama Employees, are a lessor of a human being, then those in the Castle’s, of Queens Park and Ottawa.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.