Edition 28

Casino Rama  Employees need to know UNIFOR conflict  prior Union Rep. Vote!

Casino Rama employees do not have protection under the Ont. Health & Safety Act., or the Criminal code!

Dear Worlds Apart Readers:

Former Casino Rama Managers, Chris Harry’s & Debra Pratt’s threats, obstructed World Apart from removing a conflict between the Auto Workers Union, and the Ont. Govt., a conflict which still exists today.

Upon reading my letter to the UAW, dated Aug 22 208, in which detailed the conflict the Auto Workers Union would be in if they were elected to represent Casino Rama workers, the above mentioned managers told me if I wrote anything more about this conflict I would be fired.

( These threats can be read in my appraisal letter following the Buzz Hargrove letter)

In my letter found below, you will read about my concerns of the UAW launching legal action against the Ont. Govt., for human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama, then the next day approach the same Govt. for asking for billions of dollars, to help, to bail out the Oshawa Plant.

Here we are April 1 2015, and the conflict still exists, 7 years since our  Rights to Free Speech and Free Press were violated, a right my son Mark and myself were using, to remove this hideous conflict. Yes & the  Auto Workers are again asking for Govt. assistance, for the Oshawa Plant.

Many are now saying,  Premier Wynne expects UNIFOR to  accept the OSHAWA deal, and say nothing about thousands of UNIFOR employees having no protection under the Health & Safety Act.

My previous editions detail, the enforcement officers of the MIn. of Labour becoming accomplices to a hazards which continues to cause physical damage. I suggest you click onto our podcast with mark Anderson found in our web site www.worlds-apart.ca titled “Beyond Exposure” dated Aug. 12 2013.

UNIFOR has just announced the election date for deciding who will be UNION reps under the roof of Casino Rama.

I have asked the critic to the Min. of Labour to have yours truly to be allowed to return to work, the deal being, I expect the hazards to be removed. Hazards which caused me to exercise my legal right to refuse to work in hazardous and harassing conditions. Thus I could participate in the upcoming UNION election.

If this does happen, I will be campaigning on the above mentioned story, and asking for legal action to compensate all who were dismissed or fired  from the date of the first criminal act was committed by Penn National, under the roof of Casino Rama.

What is even more troubling is UNIFOR members working for some media outlets, such as CTV, don’t know they do not  have protection of the law, due to the MOL corruption, if members of CTV management decided to abuse employees.

All media outlets have become slaves to the Govt. I ask how many media outlets would go bankrupt if the Ont. Govt decided to reduce, or stop the flow of money going to the media, from the coffers of Prov. Govts., to advertise a monopoly. (The monopoly being Prov.  Lottery & Gaming Tickets)

All media outlets  compromising their “Charlie Ideology”, refusing to expose a WW 2 vet’s family’s Right to Free Speech and Free Press, being violated, by a foreign Corporation and then our own Police.

I am also worried about the critic to the Min. of Labour, MPP Hillier assisting me in returning to my job, due to the conflict MPP Hillier is in with the Fisherman’s Cove/ Eleanor Sheppard expropriation. MPP Hillier is a Conservative; it is his Conservative Party who collected tens of thousands of dollars from three generations of Sheppard’s, all faithful to the Conservative Party. Instead of offering Eleanor Sheppard the funds  to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, on the land not expropriated, the Conservatives took the position there would be no compensation due to the fact the property was vacant land on the date of seizure. (contradicting a picture taken bv the same govt. showing the business as it was on the date of seizure.

This legal position was attained by Premier Harris forging documents. The only way this is not a violation of the Conservative Constitution, is if there was already a law in place, stating it would be illegal to for the Ont. Govt. to offer a negotiated settlement to demolish and rebuild, prior to entering the courts. It has been well over a decide since I asked about this law. A no reply, causes me to believe there is no such law.

Whether a Criminal Court Judge will rule in our favour, in regards to the Conservatives defrauding the Sheppard family, has yet to be decided. First our obstruction in approaching the courts by Penn National and the OPP has to be brought before the courts.

This also applies to all criminal acts I witnessed under the roof of Casino Rama. A judge will decide if some or all of  my  allegations are proper and a guilty verdict handed down accordingly . Again these allegations can only be heard after the courts are approached about Penn National, and the OPP obstructing us from approaching the courts.

This issue of the tax payer assisting the auto workers, at the Oshawa Plant, is very serious, billions of dollars hang in the balance, an issue that should not have this hideous cloud hanging over it.

John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter.






L3V 7S3




205 Placer Court          Aug. 22, 2008

Tor. Ont.

M2H 3H9

Att. Buzz Hargrove


Dear Buzz: To represent Casino Rama Employees will put you in a conflict of interest.


I am sure by now, your recruiters at Casino Rama have heard of the conflict, we the staff, are now in with the Ont. Gaming Com., and the Ont. Govt., allowing blatant human rights violations to happen against Casino Staff.

Criminal acts against Casino staff, or by Casino staff, and Gaming Com. Staff, gone un investigated, have put all Casino Rama employees health and security at risk.

It is impossible for me to believe, you the CAW, can represent Casino Staff, in legal actions, which will very likely be taken into a criminal court room. If elected, you the representative of Casino Staff,  will have to administer the legal staff, we the employees will be funding, to prosecute the alleged perpetrators, which will include the Ont. Govt., and the Ont. Gaming Com..

The conflict arises, when you then turn your attention to the auto workers, and have go hat in hand to the Premier of Ont., asking for Eg., a 500 Million Dollar bail out of the auto industry.

Please find enclosed our most recent letter from the SEC. The SEC at the time where investigating the Ont. Gaming Com. Association with crime. Since the SEC letter, we have asked the SEC to broaden their investigation into the movie pirating scam, which is currently being hidden from the public.

The scam involves allegations of at least 1 Ont. Gaming Com. Officer, Officers of the Minjikining Police (O.P.P.),participating in the pirating scam, along with key management staff,  inside Casino Rama who also  participated in the scam.

Mr. Hargrove to find out if my allegations of criminal wrong doings are right, call Premier Mcguinty, and ask him to forward documents which would refute our allegations.

If you receive nothing but silence, as we have received for the last 8 years, I suggest you with draw your recruiters immediately.

With today’s technology, it should take no longer then a couple of days, for Premier Mcguinty to reply to our allegations, and documents to refute them.

I would expect a reply with in 5 days, of your office receiving this letter.

To carry on trying to represent the Staff at Casino Rama, with out documents from the Ont. Govt., along with Mcguinty’s signature, to refute my allegations, is illegal.

Some might take the legal position, you are committing fraud.

Again Premier Mcguinty’s signature is required.


Yours Truly
John Devine