Edition 27

RCMP’s Discriminating Practices has clouded their ability to investigate OPP, involved in Allegedly Pilfering OPP  Pension money!

Dear Readers:

It is the law, and or Prov. policy, that all Prov. Police Forces , must pass on allegations of criminal wrong doings, involving their respective Premiers, to the RCMP.

This was confirmed by the CBC, in the case of a former British Columbia Premier, who was investigated, and charged by the RCMP. CBC specifically stated the British Columbia Prov. Police,  can not investigate their own Premier, when the need arises.

Upon gaining knowledge of Ontario’s Premier Harris defrauding a Faithful Progressive Conservative Party member, Eleanor Sheppard, & her family out of Ten’s  of Thousands of Dollars over most of the last century,  the RCMP referred our allegations back to the OPP, contradicting the above mentioned policy.

As the other crimes accumulated over the years under the roof of Casino Rama, and my concerns of a Constitutional Breach’s became greater, I wrote back to the RCMP, asking them to review their decision.

Again the RCMP referred us back to the OPP.

Finally the OPP wrote to me, responding to numerous allegations over the last decade, and instructed me  to take my allegations of criminal wrong doings under the roof of Casino Rama, to the MIn. of Labour. The same OPP Officer kept the Premier Harris allegations, in his possession,  leaving me with the impression they were investigating their own Premier.

In the middle of this OPP investigation, we were threatened by the OPP. (Details of this can be listened to in our podcast with Mark Anderson from the American Free Press, titled Beyond Exposure dated Aug. 12 2013)

I then wrote back to the RCMP, explaining the obstruction put upon us by the OPP.

The RCMP replied for a fifth time, saying this is still  not the jurisdiction of the RCMP, and forwarded my complaints off to the Ontario Office of the Independent Police Review Director. (OIPRD)

OIPRD sends me a form to complete, asking yours truly to detail my allegations, which included the threats put upon us by the OPP. Yours Truly followed OIPRD’s instruction, and returned to application.

OIPRD replies saying, quote “it is best the public not hear about this,” knowingly leaving serious breaches in the Canadian Constitution, unattended.       (Canada’s Media outlets such as Sun Media, Postmedia, Bell Canada’s CTV, and the Tax Payer’s CBC,  complied with OIPRD’s request of silence, abandoning their Charlie Ideology in the process.)

The most recent Constitutional  Breach is the Senior Officers of the OPP, being investigated for allegedly pilfering money from the OPP pension plan,  which allows our evidence to be used as a Constitutional Challenge, sighting the discriminating practices of the RCMP.

The lawyer representing the accused Senior OPP Officers can simply argue “why is the RCMP investigating his clients and the same RCMP officers not investigating the criminal acts of the Ont. Conservative Govt. lead by Premier Harris?”

Criminal acts, which include Premier Harris  violating the Ont. Conservative Constitution, obstructing the last will and testimony of Eleanor Sheppard,  forging documents, and the OPP threatening our news letter, violating our Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Free Press in the process.

This same Constitutional challenge can be mounted by Penn National, the operators of Casino Rama, if charges are laid against Penn National, for human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama. The lawyer representing Penn National, would argue “why is the OPP & or RCMP trying to prosecute my clients, when the MOL, the OPP, & the RCMP were accomplices to the same the same  act,  (criminal negligence causing bodily harm) my clients are being charged for?

This same Constitutional Challenge can be brought forward by Corporations such as Tim Horton’s/ Burger King, Bell Canada Enterprises, & most, if not all of Canada’s Chartered Banks, (including  the Bank of Canada) if Senior Members of these said Corporations, were found to be breaking the law, be it stealing funds as what Eleanor Sheppard’s money manager was convicted of, or sexual deviants.

The most troubling Constitutional Breach has to do with pedophiles. A lawyer representing an alleged pedophile, can mount a Constitutional Challenge, again sighting discrimination. The question would be asked, “how can the OPP and or the RCMP charged his/her clients for sexual misconduct and the same police forces obstruct, and or condone the obstruction of our media outlet, for trying to expose sexual assaults under the roof of Casino Rama?

It is well over a decade since I started to write to all political parties asking them to alleviate us of the above mentioned concerns. (still no reply)

Any reply, which would alleviate our concerns, would be published immediately, thus removing the idea from twisted minds, that  they can use our evidence to obtain an acquittal via a Constitutional Challenge.

For Worlds Apart to remove all evidence posted would cause us to become a member of CCEC, ( Canada’s Community of Enablers & Collaborators) which includes politicians from all Prov. & Federal parties,  Organizations & Civil Servants who have lost their sense of purpose, by passing the buck to the future, expecting all who come after them, to become a member of the CCEC .

Mean while the meter is still running on money owed to hundreds of Casino Rama Employees, wrongly dismissed from Casino Rama, by Penn National.

The SEC continues to  refuse to place a stop trade order on Penn National, an order which  would secure assets owing to Casino Rama employees.

Surely Penn National share holders, would want to know why an American Media Outlet (Omaha World Herald) owned by Warren Buffet, (a fellow share holder of Tim Horton’s) would not expose the corruption, which has spilled onto Mr. Buffet’s Tim Horton’s.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.