Edition 26


Money owing to Casino Rama Employees Wrongfully Dismissed!!!!

Dear Readers:

It is well understood any one violating the criminal code (eg. stealing)  under the roof of Casino Rama, has their Gaming Lic revoked. This law includes the Employees as well as the Managers.

The difference is how they are prosecuted. In the case of  employees, their license is lifted immediately, and suspended without pay, and fired. Some Casino employees have been fired  fired for simply being in the proximity of the scene of the crime. In the case of the Casino Managers, who have been found violating the Criminal Code, it takes years to be processed, before the courts may find the managers guilty or not guilty. Lets again look at the placement of the signs at Table Games which  has  caused bodily harm for years.

Now lets be a little conservative and say by the year 2018, a judge ruled  Penn National, & the Min. of Labour were  guilty of criminal negligence causing bodily harm. This ruling  would mean  from the date the criminal act was committed to the present, Penn National has been  operating with out a license.

Thus, all firings, and or dismissal have been carried out by managers who did not possess a Gaming Lic., from the date the criminal offence occurred, to the present are illegal.

You will find in edition 25, a letter to Premier Wynne, from Conservative Leader Wilson asking for an investigation into this festering corruption, which includes our Right s to Free Speech and Free Press, being violated by Penn National, the OLG  and subsequently the OPP.

Details as to how Penn National Management, lead by Norm Rondeau, stole  Worlds Apart’s Edition 4, from the hands of our readers, throwing stolen copies of edition 4 into the garbage, and suspended us for a week, for trying to disclose the growing lawlessness, can be listened to in our Podcast with Mark Anderson, from the American Free Press, click onto  “Beyond Exposure dated aug. 12, 2013.”

One would think Premier Wynne would by now  have  listened to the podcast, which MPP Wilson and Minister responsible for the OPP Yasir Naqvi, have already listened to.

Included in the podcast are the details of Ministry of Labour Enforcement Officers, becoming accomplices to the act of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and the subsequent threats placed upon Worlds Apart, by the OPP.

All tax payers should become concerned about this growing liability, as should all Casino Rama Employees who were let go illegally from Casino Rama, and have money owing to them.

Hopefully we will be meeting with UNIFOR in the near future.

Tax payers as well as Casino Rama Employees would expect some of the liabilities be paid by Penn National a publicly traded Co. (assets of 1.26 billions)

You will note in one of my earlier Podcasts with Mark Anderson, (click onto Casino Crew Down Load) I mentioned about the SEC’s responsibilities to place a stop trade order, on Penn National.

The SEC indicated they were investigating my complaints, which including Penn National violating the US 1st amendment, (by stealing our news letter from the hands of our readers) as well as the  NAFTA. (Penn National violating a section under NAFTA dealing with protection of intellectual property) We registered Worlds Apart as intellectual property of John & Mark Devine, with the Federal Govt.

Surely the Ont. Tax payer, would want all assets of Penn National frozen, until it is determined, how much of the liabilities are owing from Penn National, to the Casino Rama employees.

As a tax payer, I would hope all liabilities will be paid by Penn National. In reality, I would be hard pressed to believe liabilities will not fall on the tax payer, due the obstruction inside the MOL, and the OPP. Obstruction which causes the time line to grow longer, thus  more costly to the tax payer.

MPP Hillier critic to the Min. of Labour, has been dragging his heals on our complaints, causing me to believe MPP Hillier is “not a Charlie”, the same as  all the others whom we have reached out to for help, including CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

Problem is MPP Hillier’s abdication to his democratic responsibilities is costing the tax payers, more and more money, daily.

Even more troubling, all who have abdicated their democratic responsibilities  allowed the Canadian Constitution to be breached, allowing the Corporate World not to have abide by the Ont. Health & Safety Act,  deviants to take advantage of our children, and some who manage our retirement funds, not to be prosecuted, if caught.

Yours Truly John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter