Edition 25

Will Premier Wynne answer Ontario’s  PC Leader Wilson request to explain why the Ont. Govt. obstructed, our right to free speech and free press???

Farming Community decimated by the Ont. Govt., & elected officials who abdicated their democratic responsibilities!!!

Did the OLG loose its legal authority to dismiss the Horsemen, and Casino Rama Employees, by becoming accomplices to criminal acts committed by Penn  Penn National???

Dear Worlds Apart readers:

Attached is a letter from the Leader of the Ont. Progressive Conservatives, Jim Wilson, asking Premier Wynne to investigate Penn National Managers of Casino Rama,  and subsequently  the OPP for obstructing our media’s right to Free Speech and Free Press.

The following is what we were trying to inform all in North America about.

If one were to look a little deeper into the recent banishment of the Horsemen from the Ont. Lottery and Gaming Com., you will find a decision made to banish the horsemen, was done  with out proper debate on the floor of the Ont. Legislature.

Ironically this debate was not provoked by the media, due to the tens of millions of dollars flowing into Canada’s media outlets from the Prov. Lotteries. The tens of millions of dollars  received by the media outlets across Canada, is for services rendered for advertising Lottery tickets.

What went missing is for elected members to ask, would we the tax payer be better served, by stopping the flow of money earned by selling the opiate of gambling,to the media outlets, being the OLG is  monopoly.

One of the possible suggestions would be to stop advertising lottery tickets,  and see what the profits would be at the end of the year.

Unfortunately the media would have no part of provoking such a debate, being they the media are surviving on the money for advertising the opiate of Gambling.

The results of this refusal to bring debate onto the floor of the Ont. Legislature, allowed the Horsemen to be decimated, inflicting another death blow to the family farm.

Shortly after throwing out the original provider (the horsemen) of gambling money,  Bell Canada Enterprises was awarded the contract to become the new provider, for on line gambling.

Yes the same BCE, who’s media outlets (CTV & the globe & Mail) is one of a handful of major media outlets in Canada, surviving on the money for advertising a monopoly. (Lottery tickets)

What also  should have also been debated, is for the slots at the tracks be turned off during race time, starting an hour before race time and turning the slots back on after the finish of the last race. Gamblers really don’t care what they bet on, be it slots, or the horse race.

Another part of the debate, should have been how much discretionary spending is taken from the free market and placed into the Govt. Coffers, induced by the advertisements of the monopoly.

One could also argue the prize money going to the horsemen stayed into the free market economy, trickling down to all who serviced the horsemen, be it Black Smiths, Veterinary Services, farm equipment etc..

The revenues received from BCE online gambling go directly into the Govts. Bank Account.

Now one would think this conflict the media is in is troubling enough,  let alone the same media outlet’s turning  their backs on our media outlets right to free speech and free press being violated, by a US Corporation and the OPP.

Trouble is the public at large don’t know media outlets such as BCE, Sun Media the CBC and Postmedia to name a few do not believe in the ideology of a Charlie. If they did believe in the Charlie Ideology they would have come to the rescue of our Worlds Apart, and expose the violation of our media outlet’s right to free speech and free press.

Not only have we been obstructed from exposing this hideous conflict with the media outlets, & the Horsemen, we have also been obstructed from exposing more corruption which destroyed, water preservation technology so desperately needed in the farming community.

Again all elected officials who gained knowledge of this draconian law in the expropriation of Fisherman’s’ Cove, ( a violation of the Conservative Constitution) refused to discuss the issue on the floor of the Ont. Legislature, or the House of Commons, in Ottawa.

One question which should have been ask is “has the OLG lost its legal right to dismiss the horsemen,  when the same OLG, condones the criminal acts of it’s operator at Casino Rama.

The same question has to be asked about employees being dismissed after the OLG, along with the MIn. of Labour, Linda Jeffery committed the criminal offense of negligence causing bodily harm under the roof of Casino Rama.

Did Penn National loose their legal right to dismiss,and or lay off Casino Employees immediately  after Penn National’s middle management committed the criminal act of theft. (stealing our news letter from the hands of our readers) a blatant violation of our Charlie ideology.

Yes the Sheppard and Devine family were farmers. My Great Uncle Will, my Grandfather Stan Sheppard, my Dad Lawrence Devine, and my Grandmother, Margret Sheppard were all owned farms.

My dad, (Lawrence Devine) a business partner with  my Grandmother, bred and raced harness horses, becoming very successful. It was my dad’s eye for talent, that brought the now, world famous Waples Brothers (Keith & Murry, who broke the first  2 minute mile) aboard, to team (race) their  horses.

It was Uncle Will’s daughter, Eleanor  who invested $2.8 million in the Fisherman’s Cove /Cold Water Fisheries venture, (a fifth farming venture in the Devine Sheppard family) which brought water preservation technology to fish farming, which if applied to all fish farms in North America could save trillions upon trillions of clean ground water, thus assisting the remainder of the farming community.

All leaders of the world say wars  will be fought over water. All politicians are well aware of the spiralling costs of the health care systems around the world.

Wars will dramatically increase the funding required to to care for our Veteran’s.

The Critic to Canada’s Veteran’s Affairs, Peter Stoffer, says it is not his jurisdiction, to assist in exposing, a WW 2 vet’s family’s right to Free Speech and Free Press, being violated by a US Corp..

A right we were using to do our part in preventing future wars over water.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter