Edition 24

Premier Wynne an Enabler and Collaborator, wants to get tough on sexual harassment.
Will Carole Taylor, Board Member of BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) demand BCE media outlets, CTV and Globe & Mail expose Corruption Wynne and the CBC, are covering up. ???? March 6, 2015

CBC announced this morning, Premier Wynne wants to get tough on sexual harassment and work place harassment, and is planning on enacting further legislation to help in her cause.
Yes the CBC, and Premier Wynne, along with all other party leaders, have the details of hideous work place harassment, including sexual harassment, under the roof of Casino Rama, and chose do to nothing, joining CCEC (Canada’s Community of Enablers and Collaborators)
One would think the CBC, and Premier Wynne would want to reply to our evidence, and allegations, (mailed to them) assuring us the Canadian Constitution has not been breached. Instead, both stay quiet, allowing all who read my allegations to believe I am right, and if one is caught abusing employees, & or citizens, (including seniors and children) they can use our evidence to win a Constitutional Challenge.
As soon as I receive a reply, from any Govt. authority, assuring my concerns of a Constitutional Breaches are not valid, I would post the reply on our web site immediately, thus removing the idea deviants can have their way with our children, and seniors, and not be prosecuted, due to the breach in Canada’s Constitution.
For Worlds Apart to take down our concerns of a Constitutional Breach, with out written assurances from Premier Wynne, stating the Constitution has not been breached, would cause us to become members of CCEC.
Please note some of the Constitutional Breaches, and the argument used by the perpetrators’ lawyer, to win the Constitutional Challenges, can be found in edition 23.
Before approaching the courts with our allegations, the issue of being obstructed from approaching the courts, by Penn National, managers of Casino Rama, and the Ont. Prov. Police must be brought in front of the courts.
Please find below, a letter to Carole Taylor, a Board member of BCE. In fairness to Carole Taylor it is to soon to call her a member of CCEC.
One would think BCE Board member Carole Taylor would want our story exposed, to ensure employees working for BCE, (some of whom are members of UNIFOR) have the recourse to call the Min. of Labour, and or the OPP if the need be. The way it now stands BCE could keep their powder dry as Tim Horton’s/ Burger King has done, and use the “get out of jail free card” . (a Constitutional Challenge) at their whim. Note: Tim Horton’s has done nothing illegal in keeping their powder dry.
The Scotia Private Client Group, has chosen not to assist in reinstating, protection of the law for their 96 year old client, a cousin of Eleanor Sheppard. It was a former employee of the Scotia Bank who was found guilty of misappropriating money from Eleanor Sheppard, a Progressive Conservative Party faithful.
One has to ask, can the former employee of the Bank of Nova Scotia, who was convicted, and jailed, mount a Constitutional Challenge, arguing discrimination of applying the law.
Eleanor Sheppard, her Parents, and Grand parents donated tens of thousands of Dollars to the Conservative Parties, over most of the last Century. Then the Conservative Govt. of Ont., under the leadership of Premier Harris, enacted a law which violated the Conservative Constitution, committing fraud in the process. The only way this can not be deemed fraud, if there is a law which states it is illegal for the Ont. Govt. to offer a negotiated settlement, to Eleanor Sheppard, to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove.
Our concerns of the Conservative Party defrauding the Sheppard family, by not upholding the PC Constitution, surely has enough evidence to justify approaching the courts.
Again, before this argument can be heard by the courts, the courts have to hear our efforts being obstructed in approaching the courts, by Penn National and the OPP.
I have asked the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mr. Poloz, to reply to my concerns of the Scotia Private Client Group’s responsibility of reinstating their client’s right to protection of the law, as granted under the Canadian Constitution, to all other Canadian Citizens.
Still waiting g for a reply from Bank of Canada’s Gov. Poloz.
We are concerned there may be a second scoundrel working for Scotia Private Client Group, or for that matter any of the other Chartered Banks, who have gained knowledge about the Constitutional Breaches, and his pilfering clients of the said Banks as we write this story, knowing a conviction can not be obtained due to the breach in the Constitution.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.

Worlds Apart News Letter
20 Lewis Dr. Orillia Ont. L3V 7S3

Carole Taylor C/O Bell Canada Feb. 19 2015
Corporate Secretary’s Office
1 Carrefour Alexander Graham Bell
A-7 Verdon QC H3E 3B3

Dear Carole: BCE Share Holders needs your help to protect BCE share values.
My name is John Devine, who along with my wife are share holders of Bell Canada Enterprises. We recently became Powers of Att. for Rosemary Sheppard, who has slipped into dementia. Listed in Rosemary Sheppard’s portfolio are BCE shares.
To prove our position, please contact the Scotia Private Client Group, Barrie Ont. Managers of Aunt Rosemary’s portfolio.
Last week, UNIFOR ( the Union who represents other BCE employees) became representatives, for Casino Rama Employees.
UNIFOR now has a legal obligation to clean up corruption, which was allowed to fester due to Canada’s media outlets refusing to tell our story. It is our understanding the Globe & Mail as well as CTV are under the umbrella of BCE.
The last time I reached out for help, with CTV, was approx. a year ago, when I presented the manager at CTV Barrie Ont. with the Letter from the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, (OIPRD) found at tab 10.
OIPRD replied to our complaint about the OPP coming to our house threatening our news letter.
OIPRD stated it is best the public not hear about the the OPP and Penn National violating our right to Free Speech and Free Press. CTV complied to the OIPRD request.
For BCE to refuse to assist in exposing a WW 2 vet’s family’s right to Free Speech and Free Press, being violated, not only by the OPP, but also a US Corporation, (Penn National) causes our readers to believe CTV is “Not a Charlie.”
You will also read my diary, detailing human rights violations I witnessed while working as a dealer at Casino Rama.
I find it ironic BCE is doing such a great job of addressing mental illness with the “Let’s Talk” program, yet receiving millions upon millions of $$$ for advertising Provincial Lottery Corporations. All Lottery Corporations being Monopolies, who contribute to the increase mental illness across Canada, by selling the opiate of gambling.
Subsequently the media, and the OLG, voted the Ont. Horsemen off the island, and BCE stepped in to replace the Ont Gamming industry’s original provider, (the horsemen)by providing the highway for on line gambling.
My documented incidents of human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama, causes one to conclude the radical behaviour of gambling addicts causes mental and physical stress on those administering the opiate of gambling, thus leading to increased cost to our Health Care system.
If Penn Nation did the right thing and stop this bullying then one would not conclude Penn National has been radicalized.
Believing I would receive help, in cleaning up this hideous corruption, I exercised my right to refuse to work in hazardous conditions, and wrote directly to the Min. of Labour Linda Jeffery, and Paul Godfrey the Chair of the OLG and President of Post Media. Upon Linda Jeffery gaining knowledge of corruption inside her own MOL Enforcement division, she refused to help, and allowed Penn National to cut us from the payroll. Costing us half of our life savings and no protection from the Police, due to the conflict the OPP put us in with their threats upon our news letter.
I subsequently turned to the Head of the Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital, my Doctor, the Doctor who set my broken wrist from the Tim Horton’s scandal, and then the President of the Surgeon General Association,(Dr. Vinden) asking for help in removing hazards which will continue place a greater burden on our already financially strapped health care system.
None replied, causing me to believe they too are “Not Charlies”
Head trauma continues to occur. Details are explained in the bound binder.
Let’s hope UNIFOR will move immediately, to request Penn National to remove the hazards causing the head trauma. If Penn National refuses to respond to UNIFOR’s request, I would hope UNIFOR would receive help from BCE media outlets.
Upon the hazards being removed I expect UNIFOR to have Penn National put me back on the payroll.
Future costs which will be placed upon our health care system, and loss of loved ones due to receiving head trauma, (blood clots) will happen for years to come.
For anyone to say the hundreds, upon hundreds of employees who received head trauma, from the hazards, none will suffer health problems, goes against all what our Health Care System is saying about prevention.
If anyone has experienced hitting their head on cupboard doors, they would agree it is extremely painful & dangerous.
Penn National is operating in Ontario under the laws of NAFTA. NAFTA has laid out specific provision of protecting intellectual property. Penn National violated this provision when Middle Management lead by Norm Rondeau stormed into the dealers lounge and grabbed our Intellectual property (editon 4) from the hands of our readers. Details can be found in our web site www.worlds-apart.ca . click onto beyond exposure with Mark Anderson, dated Aug. 12 2013
This act of theft has yet to be investigated, causing one to wonder if Penn National has lost their right to operate Casino Rama from the date our news letter was stolen from the hands of our readers to the present, thus bringing into question Penn National’s right to fire employees after the date of the theft.
The Law states any one found stealing will have their OLG license revoked immediately. I witnessed this several times when dealers were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
As you already know,( in our previous correspondence to you) regarding the intellectual property at Fisherman’s Cove, (water preservation technology) went to the land fill site, in the same fashion as Worlds Apart, edition 4 did. Water preservation technology acquired from Ontario’s University of Guelph.
As with our concerns of reducing the financial strain on our health care system, due to the hideous human rights violations, under the roof of Casino Rama we were trying to do the same with our water preservation R&D.

Our effort to do our apart in water preservation, is important in preventing further wars over water. Wars which, and will burden our health care system for generations to come. One only has to see the cost of previous wars in assisting our wounded veterans.

To say our water preservation technology, by itself, will prevent wars is far reaching. What is required is the sum of the parts, ours being just one of many parts required, in the sector of water preservation, around the world.

Please read the enclosed letters to the Gov. Of the Bank of Canada. I ask BCE to join us in bringing a debate to the public over placing a value on our ground water, thus justify the retooling of fish hatcheries, creating thousands of jobs for graduate students in the process.
You will Note in my letter to the Governor of the Bank of Canada, (Mr. Poloz) I am asking all to help in organizing, a forum to take the debate to the public about valuing our remaining clean ground water.
One couldn’t think of more helpful groups then BCE, who is concerned about the Health of our society, RBC & their Blue Water Program, and all the other Canadian Chartered Banks. ( no water no economy)
Yours Truly
John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart

P.S I will keep you posted as to what will transpire in removing the hazards which caused me to exercise my right to refuse to work in hazardous and harassing conditions. Hopefully UNIFOR are what they say they are and ask BCE media to expose our story, which includes the Corruption inside the Min. Of Labour which has caused our Constitution to be breached.
Once the signs are raised to a safe height, or simply removed, I expect to be able to be allowed to return to work.