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Will Bank of Canada assist in exposing fraudulent land banking scheme, which has crippled and or destroyed Bank’s customers across Canada??

Please find attached my letter to the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mr. Poloz.

Mr. Poloz  now knows CBC’s Peter Mansbridge is not a Charlie. Mansbridge  refuses to expose the violations of our news letter’s “Sovereign Right  to Free Speech, and Free Press”

Threats put upon Worlds Apart by Penn National (managers of Casino Rama)a US Corporation, as well as threats from the Ont. Prov. police, should be tabled on the floor of the House of Commons, & the Legislature in Ont. for debate, and disclosure.

All Political parties, in Ottawa and Ontario’s Queens Park know about, Mansbridge abdicating his ideology of a Charlie.

How long does this silence have to continue, before all Political parties can be accused of abandoning their Charlie ideologies???

Question is what will the Governor of the Bank of Canada do about it. Mr. Poloz do about it???



John Devine

20 Lewis Dr. Orillia Ont.

L3V 7S3

To Governor of Bank of Canada

Mr. Poloz

Bank of Canada
234 Laurier Avenue West                      Feb 9 2015
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0G9


Dear Mr. Poloz   “ To be a Charlie or not to be a Charlie, that is the question??”

We have recently gained knowledge of a Court decision which ruled the legal premise the Bank of Canada  was operating under, since 1974, was deemed illegal. (banks refusing to lend interest free money to the Govt.)  The Court ruling sends us back in time, identical to  the Supreme Court of Canada ruling Del vs Tor transit. The courts ruled (1997) in favour of the land owner, stating disturbances and damages must be addressed on the date of notification.

In the expropriation of Fisherman’s Cove, the date of notification was  Aug.1991.

Eleanor Sheppard an elderly relative who put up $2.8 million, in the Fisherman’s Cove / Cold Water Fisheries venture, which created one hundred jobs, and saved billions of gallons of clean ground water.

As  Govts. Spiralled into debt, the land banking scheme grew, taking more and more assets out of the free market. The   assets seized across our Nation (land and buildings)were being  used in the banking formula to  establishing credit ratings with the Bank’s customers.

I  learned when approaching the banks about rebuilding Fisherman’s Cove, (on the property not taken) the banks refuse to do business until the land seized  is secured by the Govt. The Govt. had a policy of the right to change their mind as to how much land  they will be taking, from the date of notification to the date of taking. It took the govt. 3 years and 3 months to decide how much land was required from Eleanor Sheppard, destroying our credit rating in the process, forcing us to liquidate the remaining land to pay for debts accumulated during the time of seizure, or face bankruptcy.

The Bank of Montreal  (BMO)lost a customer, (Eleanor Sheppard|) in good standing, and says nothing.

The BMO handled approx. 3 Million $ in Fisherman’s Cove’s in accounts receivables and payables, over the 9 years Fisherman’s Cove operated.(Govts received hundreds of thousands sin tax revenues)

This was the second time assets in Eleanor Sheppard’s portfolio, were removed. The first extraction of Eleanor Sheppard’s money came when her money manager was removing funds from Eleanor Sheppard’s portfolio, an act which cost the money manger (Don Haldenby) six months in jail.

Yes and every year the land owners were refused payment for their seized  land, the Govt. gave all civil servants a raise.

As you will find enclosed, details of our right to free speech and free press being obstructed by a US Corporation, and subsequently the OPP. (Penn National managers of Casino Rama) A right we were using to disclose this land banking scheme to all land owners who were raped by the Govts., of Canada.

As you will read, abuse upon Banker’s customer’s runs deeper then the land banking scheme.

You will find enclosed, hideous human rights, violations being put upon the banker’s customers under the roof of Casino Rama. Be it the gambling addict, or the employees who are assaulted by the gambling addict.

Enclosed you will find letters to CBCs anchor Peter Mansbridge, as well as letters to all party leaders in the Ont. Legislature as well as our Federal Govt.

It appears Mr. Mansbridge is not a Charlie, refusing to disclose a WW 2 vet’s family’s sovereign right to free speech and free press, being violated.

Obstructed was our right to inform all Canadian citizens the Govt. can change their last will and testimony,( as they did to Eleanor Sheppard’s will) along with other constitutional and criminal acts I witnessed, found in my diary in tab 1, as well as our web site www.world-apart.ca

It would be impossible for me to believe (after working under the roof of Casino Rama for 16 years) that there is not a connection between the loan sharks, gambling addicts with children, and the pedophilia community.

What is even more troubling the breach in the constitution, may obstruct police from prosecuting the deviants. Again details are in the web site.

One would have thought some one in position of authority would have relieved us of these concerns by now.


For one to think the thousands who have clicked onto our web site, there are no deviants, would be a very foolish.  Be it money managers, to the pedophilia community and all between, including the judicial system, yes and let’s not forget the media themselves, you will find deviants.

As you will read at tab 4 a letter from OPP Detachment Commander Goard.  Commander  Goard’s instructed us what to what to do about the human rights violations under the roof of Casino Rama. (Jurisdiction belongs to the MIn. of Labour)

One wonders prior to Officer Goard placing the Fisherman’s Cove part of our allegations, in his file, (as Officer Goard indicated in his letter, tab 4) did Officer Goard decide if the Ont. Conservative party committed fraud against the third generation, of a  faithful Conservative Party’s  family?

Eleanor Sheppard, as did Eleanor’s  Father & Mother, and Eleanor’s  Grandfather and Grandmother (Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Sheppard) donated tens of thousands of dollars over most of the last century to the Conservative Party. (Prov. & federal)

Un less there was a law already in place, stating it would be illegal for the Ont. Progressive Conservative Govt. lead by Premeir Harris, to offer a negotiated settlement, that being the funds  to demolish and rebuild Eleanor Sheppard’s Fisherman’s Cove, one can only conclude the PC committed and act of fraud.

I have asked for this law to be brought forward. The years of silence causes me to believe there is no such law, and the  Conservtaive’s violated their own Conservative Constitution, and in doing so committed the act of fraud against the Sheppard family.

I would find it hard the Sheppard’s would have donated a penny to the PCs had they know the PC would refuse to abide by their PC  Constitution.

Ironically W.J Sheppard my Great Grandfather sat on the board of the Royal Bank, now known as RBC.

Does the Bank of Canada owe the tax payer the  money spent on interest to the  the Bank of Canada, since 1974, when  there appears to be no need to pay interest.

If what  I have written above in regards to the interest paid on Govt. loans since 1974, is incorrect please  clarify ?

Is it the legal responsibility of the Bank of Canada to help reinstate the protection of the law to a Chartered Bank’s customer, a WW 2 vet’s family??

Yours Truly John Devine


Editor of Worlds Apart news letter


CC” to all  Charlies in the world”