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How many millions  millions does the Bank of Canada owe the Govt. (tax payer)???? How many millions  does the Govt.  owe the  land owners????

You will find a podcast from Bill Still, an economic analyst, informing the public of a recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling. The supreme Court of Canada  ruled the banks monetary policy enacted in 1974 is illegal. Banks should not be  charging  interest on Govt. loans.

This ruling, is so similar to the Supreme  Court of Canada’s ruling, in the Del vs. Tor. Transit ruling in 1997.

The similarities of these ruling start with the media refusing to expose the repercussions of the rulings. With Canada’s media not covering the rulings,  allows all political parties  abdicated their democratic responsibilities, &  not  bring the the issue onto the floor of the Canadian House of Commons, for debate, and clarification.

In the Dell Holdings case  the Supreme Court of Canada ruled  disturbances and damages when Govts. seize land (expropriate) must be addressed on the date of notification.

This of course caused Govts. to go back in time and address disturbances and damages, similar to the Michael J Fox movie “Back to the future”.

Ignoring the concerns of changing the past, and the ramifications there of, (as described in the movie) the Ont. Govt. belligerently went back to Aug. of 1991, and said the property of Fisherman’s Cove was vacant land, contradicting the Govts. own picture (taken in 1993) which clearly show the existence of buildings on the property, still operating. (details, including picture and surveys  can be found in the front of our web site)

The question is how many other Canadian land owners have been destroyed in the Govts’. seize now and pay later policy.

It is said by all who study the Universe, “ you can not change the past”.

The Ont. Conservative Govt. lead Premier Harris,  believing they are above the Laws of the Universe, decided to change the past, knowing they are protected by the media thus passing the buck to the future.

Canada’s Chartered Banks, RBC,  BMO, Scotia Bank, TD, CIBC,, the Meridian Bank know about this land banking scheme and the forged documents, which according to one of Canada’s best Defence lawyers, has affected the Canadian Criminal Code.

How may customers of the banks credit ratings were changed when the Govt seized assets (land & buildings) from bank’s customer’s portfolios, with out compensation.

Thanks to Bill Still for trying to tell all, including exposing  the indifference of Canada’s media.

Here is Bill Still’s podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Jz0LPQAQY

Yours Truly John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter