Edition 20

IS THE NEW CEO of CASINO RAMA, “ A CHARLIE”??? January 15 2015.

Please find below, my letter to Mr. Frank Quigley, the new CEO of Casino Rama.
For Mr. Quigley to be a Charlie, he must reply to my allegations of the former CEO Harry Oshanski, condoning his immediate subordinates, who violated the US 1st Amendment, under the roof of Casino Rama.
Our web site www.worlds-apart.ca and attached letter leaves no doubt former Casino Rama Employees, Harry Oshanski, Debra Pratt, Chris Harry, & Norm Rondeau, “Are Not “Charlies”. Out side the Casino my list of people who are not Charlies, include former SEC Chairs, Cox & Schapiro, and because of Congressman Upton, not replying to my recent requests to ascertain the status of the promised SEC investigation, I can only conclude “Congressman Upton, is not a Charlie”.
Canada’s Media outlets, would be financially destroyed if the tax payer cuts off the money flowing into the Media’s Banks accounts, for advertising an opiate, know as Gambling. The Opiate of gambling is owned entirely by the Govts. of Canada, and no one else, thus causing one to conclude they are monopolies.
One wonders if the tax payers, through the democratic process, would stop advertising the monopoly, and use it in a more intelligent manner. Some may say try it for a year and see what the bottom line would be. Yes there might be a surplus which the OLG could use to bring back horse racing, with a new wrinkle, “turn the slots off” from a half hour before race time, to the end of the last race. Most gamblers will gamble no matter what the game is. Come race time, make horse racing the only monopoly.
I would also suggest a proper financial assessment be made, by following the OLG’s money forwarded to the horsemen, identifying all the beneficiaries of the revenues received from the horsemen. eg. Vets, equipment, food etc.
The threat of financial ruin from the Canadian Govts., has caused heads of media outlets such as Paul Godfrey’s Postmedia to abandon the “I am Charlie ideology”. The same Paul Godfrey, while occupying the Chair of the OLG, (the same time he was President of POSTMEDIA) along with the media, “voted the horsemen off the island”.
Then the OLG hires on BCE, as a “New Provider” to collect money for on line gambling. From what I understand BCE owns CTV and the Globe &Mail, both of whom receive large amounts of money, for advertising the monopoly of gambling.
The trouble is, share holders of these publicly traded Companies don’t know they have hired people who are not Charlies.
The same applies for the share holders of the CBC, and TVO in Ont.. The share holders being all Canadian Tax Payers.
In a letter dated Oct. 30 2013, from CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, responding to my complaints of the OPP coming to our house, and threatened our media outlet “Worlds Apart”, Peter Mansbridge says Quote: Mr. Devine “I will share your information with Senior Producers for their perusal.”
One can only conclude the “Senior Producers of CBC are not Charlies”.
As far as Peter Mansbridge and TVO’s Steve Pakin are concerned, I suggest we let the public decide, if they are Charlies, or not Charlies.
The one thing for sure, is both are associated with people who “are not Charlies”.
We will keep you informed as to what the new CEO of Rama intentions will be.

Please read the following letter to Frank Quigley CEO of Casino Rama.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.