Edition 19

Dear Worlds Apart Readers:
First of all, it is my hopes, and prayers, that Mr. Buffet will soon authorize one of his media outlets to do a story, on the Tim Horton’s/Casino Rama/Fisherman’s Cove story, and not pass the buck to history, as what appears to have happened to NFL Com. Roger Goodell.
We are just now beginning to see what has been going on under the “Roof of the NFL”, we have yet to see any of the tapes of domestic violence, and human rights violations to Casino Rama employees and customers.
If you haven’t already, I suggest read edition 18, listen to our podcast, titled Beyond Exposure, dated Aug. 12 2013, found in our web site, www.worlds-apart.ca which details how Warren Buffet, unknowingly became involved in the Casino Rama/ Fisherman’s Cove/ Tim Horton’s affair,when Mr. Buffet became involved in the Burger King /Tim Horton’s merger.
The letter below is written to Staff Writer Steve Jordan, from the Omaha World Herald, a paper owned by Mr. Buffet.
Please find below, a letter I wrote to the then, Head of the FBI, Robert Mueller.
Our story now connects with Mr. Mueller, who has now been hired by the NFL, to investigate the “ Casino Tapes Domestic Violence Affair.”
My readers have been asking the question, will Mr. Mueller follow the same path, in the Ray Rice Affair, as Mr. Mueller did when I asked Mr. Mueller to investigate lawlessness under the roof of Casino Rama, in Ont. Canada. Lawlessness which included Domestic violence.
Penn National, the operator of Casino Rama, is a US publicly traded Company, thus falling under the jurisdiction of the FBI and the SEC.
My readers are wondering, if Mr. Mueller cut to the chase, and immediately asked Penn National, to come forward with the tapes, of Penn National’s Middle Management, grabbing our news letter, (Worlds Apart Edition 4) from the hands of our readers, and in doing so, committing an act of theft, as well as blatantly violating the US 1st Amendment.
Now one would think if Penn National refused to come forward with the tapes, a much deeper investigation would have taken place, including a personal visit from the , FBI and or, the United States Security & Exchange Com., to our home.
Please see attached a letter from the SEC, in response to my complaints of Penn National stealing our News Letter (Worlds Apart), and in doing so violated NAFTA, under the provisions of protection of Intellectual Property. (Worlds Apart is registered with the Canadian Govt. as the Intellectual Property of John & Mark Devine)
I have asked Congressman Upton, to obtain an update from the SEC, as to the status of their investigation.
One would think the SEC/FBI, would have no legal loop holes to jump through in obtaining a warrant, to seize the Casino Rama Tapes being a terrorist threat was involved.
Worlds Apart, a business venture was started by my son Mark, and myself, in an attempt to expose a terrorist act, committed by the Ont. Govt., seizing, and physically destroying one building, the front sign, and over half the parking, rendering the Fisherman’s Cove Store, which housed our first closed ground water recycling system, useless. The Ont. Govt. forged documents, saying the property of Eleanor Sheppard, was vacant land on the date of notification, contradicting the photo taken, by the Ont. Govt, 2 years after the seizure, (see picture on the web site www.worlds-apart.ca) thus no compensation was forth coming to Eleanor Sheppard, a 75 year old philanthropist to rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, on the land not expropriated.
Is it legal for Penn National to witness criminal acts, including domestic violence, not report the criminal acts to the Police , and subsequently destroy the tapes??
What has been missing in the Ray Rice domestic violence story, is this happened under the roof of a Casino. One has to ask, was gambling addiction part of the problem, or was it other opiates such as alcohol and, or, drugs. (including performance enhancing drugs)
Question ,what provoked Mrs. Rice to attacked Mr. rice? Was it the opiate of gambling??
What provoked Mr. Rice to react with such force, to protect himself from some one so small?
A Casino Rama Dealer was punched, the cause of which was a gambling addict, intoxicated/impaired on the opiate of gambling, as a result of being allowed to gamble for days. The intoxicated gambler was allowed to continue on gambling, upon complaining to the shift manager, the dealer was told if she went to the Police, she would receive no help from Penn National, causing one to think the tapes would be destroyed.
Our society has been staggered by the introduction of another opiate. (the opiate of gambling) Surely the administration of the gambling opiate, must be held to the same standard as the distribution of the opiate of alcohol, has to up hold.
Cutting the consumer off at the first sign of impairment, and or a eviction & charges if the impaired assaults the waitress /waiter.
Listen to our the podcast, titled Casino Crew down load, which describes in detail my concerns of administering the opiate of gambling to the addicts, for days on end. I asked who is looking after the children when both parents on inside Casino Rama for days on end.
My concern is the loan sharks have connected up with the pedophilia community, and very well could be running their own day care centre.

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart

From: John Devine
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 5:27 PM
To: letters@macleans.ca
Subject: Fw: Will Warren Buffet, ask Mr. Mueller what he knows about Casino tapes, showing assaults on Casino staff???

From: John Devine
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 11:02 AM
To: steve jordon
Cc: John Weare ; Mark Anderson ; midge NNN
Subject: Will Warren Buffet, ask Mr. Mueller what he knows about Casino tapes, showing assaults on Casino staff???

To Steve Jordan: Staff Writer Omaha World Herald, (a media outlet owned by Warren Buffet)

Dear Steve:

Please find below, one of numerous letters I wrote to the Head of the FBI, Robert S Mueller. As you have already heard in my Podcast with Mark Anderson, titled Casino Crew Podcast, (found in our web site www.worlds-apart.ca) in which I mentioned contacting the FBI.
Please find attached, one of my letters sent to Mr. Mueller.
Mr. Mueller asks for the help of all citizens, to report suspected terrorists, and or terrorist threats.
You will note, in the attached letter, I reported a terrorist threat under the roof of Casino Rama, along with my concern of Penn National being chosen to operate the Maryland Casino.
According to CNN, Mr. Mueller now retired from the FBI, has been hired to investigate the Ray Rice incident.
Could it be possible Mr. Mueller’s subordinates did not inform Mr. Mueller about the Casino Rama Corruption, the same phenomena, that may have happened to NFL Com. Roger Goodell.
Now the question is, has Mr. Mueller knowingly, or unknowingly placed himself in a conflict, being the Ray Rice incident occurred under roof of a Casino, all recorded on surveillance cameras. Surveillance tapes which Casino Rama should have.
Did Mr. Mueller, or one of Mr. Mueller’s Officers look at the Casino Rama Surveillance tapes.
Did Mr. Mueller ask for surveillance tapes, from Penn National, in regards to Penn National stealing our news letter from the hands of our readers, and numerous other incident s such as the sexual assault on a Casino staff.
Yours Truly John Devine 705 238 2636

CC all in the world who want to stop human rights violations.

Robert S. Mueller
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J.Edgar Hoover Building May 31, 2011
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington D.C. 20535-0001

Dear Mr. Mueller: Please find attached, my letter to Benny Hinn.

I have explained to Benny Hinn about the corruption inside Maryland’s Hollywood Casino,& Casino Rama, in Ont. Canada, involving the operator, Penn National.

In our correspondence to Benny Hinn, I enclosed one of the numerous letters I have sent, to you, detailing my allegations of Penn National’s criminal activities in Casino Rama, located in Ontario Canada, which includes Penn National violating the U.S. 1st Amendment.(stealing our news letter from the hands of our readers)

Please accept this letter, as a formal request for you to expand your investigation, to include Penn National obstructing me from reporting a terrorist threat. A patron at Casino Rama, threatened to bludgeon me with a sledge hammer, and blow Casino Rama up.

The incident occurred April 6 2011.

As you know, Penn National has already threatened my son Mark and myself, if I write anything more about corruption inside Casino Rama, thus obstructing us from participating the judicial process, a process which includes my rights to report suspected terrorists.

It is my understanding, no one, absolutely no one, is allowed to obstruct us from trying to report a terrorist threat.

Threatening to bludgeon an employee with a sledge hammer, and blow up the building, which the employee works in, along with hundreds of fellow employees, and thousands of innocent members of the public, is a terrorist threat.

Will your ability to investigate Benny Hinn,(if the occasion arises, or has arisen) be clouded by Benny Hinn gaining knowledge of the length of time it has taken you to investigate the Fisherman’s Cove /Casino Rama affair?

In Canada, the Canadian Constitution states, the law must be applied equally and fairly to all.

I assume the United States Constitution, has the same statement, or one very similar.

If you have asked for an investigation into the Casino Rama / Fisherman’s Cove Affair, please confirm immediately.

If you haven’t, I am concerned you have compromised your ability to investigate people in the United States, who have gained knowledge of the Casino Rama/ Fisherman’s Cove affair, thus leaving you and your organization vulnerable, to not being able enforce the law, identical to the situation Sergeant Baskey, an Officer in the Ont. Prov. Police Force, is in.

By Sergeant Baskey not investigating the Casino Rama / Fisherman’s Cove affair, Sergeant Baskey has left a cloud over his ability to prosecute pedophiles.

My conclusion about Sergeant Baskey, being impeded in prosecuting pedophiles must be correct, due to Sergeant Baskey’s refusal to reply, and assure me my concerns are not correct.

Please give me an update, as to when your investigation into the Casino Rama/ Fisherman’s Cove affair will be completed, and a clarification into my interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
(applying the law equally and fairly to all)

I have forwarded information to you, detailing Penn National knowingly, filling our their application to Operate the Maryland’s Casino Holly wood incorrectly.

A specific section of the State of Maryland’s Casino Hollywood operator’s application, asks the question to all applicants, “ Are you associated with crime, or have participated in crime.”

If Penn National answered no to these questions, they have committed another criminal offence.

Please inform me as to the status of your investigation, into the North American Gaming Regulators Association,(NAGRA) the International Gaming Regulators Association,(IGRA)(both being associated with crime; the criminal being the Ont. Gaming Com. a member of NAGRA & IGRA, the National Rifle Association,(false advertising) and the status of the United States Federal Communications Commission’s investigation, into the National Rifle Association.

Is it a criminal act for a representative of the Movie Producers Association of the U.S.,(Mr. Glickman) to gain knowledge of the U.S. Movie Producer’s intellectual property being stolen by Police and Penn National employees inside Casino Rama, and join in the cover up?

Again I can only conclude Mr. Glickamn has joined in the cover up, due his refusal to reply to me and give me an update, as to what he did with my allegations.

One would think Mr. Glickamn has a fiduciary, as well as a legal responsibility to protect his employer’s intellectual property.

Officers inside the Rama Police Services, were involved in the movie pirating scam inside casino Rama.

In participating in the movie pirating scam, the Rama Police Services have put themselves in a conflict with Penn National, which impedes the Rama Police from investigating, and prosecuting Penn National, who, over the years, have allowed hundreds of human rights violations, to occur against Penn employees.

The Rama in house Police, (the O.P.P.) have also impeded their ability to protect the assets of the share holders of Penn National, the Ont. Govt. the First Nations people of Rama & the patrons of Casino Rama, by covering up the Movie Pirating scam, as well as the Casino Rama/ Fisherman’s Cove affair.

The actions of the Ont. Govt., in the Fisherman’s Cove affair, is identical to the actions of the terrorists, in 911. Both physically destroyed business which they did not own.

The amount of money, and number of lives lost in the Fisherman’s Cove affair will some day dwarf the money, and lives lost in the 911 attack.

The technology which was being advanced in preserving ground water, at Fisherman’s Cove, once implemented in fish hatcheries around the world, will save trillions of gallons of clean ground water, thus saving millions, (some day billions) of lives.

Penn National obstructed us from exercising our rights to Free Speech and Free Press, thus obstructing us from telling the world, about the Fisherman’s Cove, water preservation technology.

The head of the U.N. says the preservation of the worlds remaining clean water, is paramount to the preservation of man kind.

It has been said by terrorists experts, water is not targeted by terrorists. The Ont. Govt. is probably the first to violate this sacred belief.

Lets hope the terrorists do not follow suit.

Yours truly

John Devine
Editor of “Worlds Apart”