Edition 16

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OPIATES: Involving Tor. Mayor Rob Ford, Justin Trudeau,& Paul Godfrey

Tor. Mayor Ford admits taking the Opiates known as Cocaine, and Alcohol. The Mayor apologizes, and wants to move on.

Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau, admits smoking the opiate, know as Pot.

Will Paul Godfrey, former chair of the OLG, admit the OLG has a problem, illegally over dosing gambling addicts, with the opiate known as gambling?

CTV interviews Mr. Cruickshank, Publisher of the Tor. Star. Publisher Cruickshank is appalled, by the behavior of Mayor Ford, and is concerned about Mayor Ford’s “school yard bullying” ,due to drugs & alcohol. Publisher Cruickshank came to this conclusion, after seeing the video tapes, given to the media, by the police.

One would hope CTV, the Tor. Star, Postmedia, and CBC to name a few, are well into their investigation into human rights violations inside Casino Rama, once under the command of OLG Chair Paul Godfrey, President of Postmedia. Surely Paul Godfrey, while occupying the Chair of the OLG, must have requested all surveillance tapes set aside, after reading my diary which dated the human rights violations,(bullying) I witnessed.

Human rights Violations caused by the Opiate of Gambling. Enraged gambling addicts, allowed to consume the opiate of gambling, for days on end, periodically going into rages, and assaulting Casino staff, yes and pissing and shitting themselves.

One example of hundreds of human rights violation, I have recorded, involved a physical assault, on a Casino Rama Employee. The victim,(employee)asked Penn National to call the Police. Penn National refused, and told the employee, if he did decide to go to the police, Casino Rama would not help in the investigation. The addicts was allowed to continue consume the opiate which had already driven him crazy.

Penn National has a legal obligation to have the tape of the alleged assault, filed, and documented in case the employee exercises his right, to have the Police investigate the assault. There is no statute of limitations on criminal acts.

Worlds Apart readers, are concerned about the conflict the media is in with the OLG. Millions, upon millions, of $$$ (laundered money) for advertising space, going to media outlets, such as CTV & the Tor Star, CBC & Paul Godfrey’s Postmedia, from the opiate of gambling.

It appears the media doesn’t seem to think the concerns of association with criminals, involving MP Trudeau consuming the opiate of pot, is of interest to the public. One would think an editorial would simply connect the dots, by asking the question “Did Trudeau, obtain Pot from a dealer, who also sells Cocaine. Did it come from the same drug cartel supplying Mayor Ford?”

The media`s position of “the public would have no interest”, in Justin Trudeau`s opiate, or Paul Godfrey`s Opiate, is identical to what the (OIPRD) Office of the Independent Police Review Director`s position was, when OIPRD replied to our complaints of Worlds Apart being threatened by the Ont. Prov. Police Officer Basset. The OIPRD letter can be found above.

The continued silence from the media, confirms the media has become enablers/collaborators.

My readers are now saying, now the police are in the business of showing tapes of people, before they are charged, and the media broadcasting the tapes, as was done to Mayor Ford, there is no reason why the tapes of assaults, on patrons (including seniors)and staff, by gambling addicts, and loan sharks inside the Casino, should not be made public.

If we are going to show Mayor Ford staggering drunk, going into rages, then let`s show hundreds of assaults, taped inside Casino Rama, including a senior being assaulted. Both Mayor Ford`s Opiate, and Paul Godfrey`s opiate, when taken, or administered in excess, causes this abnormal behavior.

It is understood by all, charges under the criminal code will be forth coming, if a person when drunk, physically, and or verbally assaults a Bar Tender/Waitress. Why would one think this same protection, should apply to those assaulted, when administering the opiate of gambling.

Like many citizens, Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty, apparently a long time friend of Mayor Ford, is concerned about Mayor Ford’s Health.9physical and mental)

Many of my readers are asking, why Finance Minister Flaherty, when occupying the position of Ontario’s Att. General, did not show concern about the mentally disturbed people inside the Ont. Govt., looting a dead Christian/Philanthropist Eleanor Sheppard, to help, Casino Rama, succeed???

Please find attached, a picture of OPP Officer Basset, standing beside MPP Dunlop, and OPP Commissioner Lewis.

Officer Basset, says she will complete her investigation, before deciding if she will inform Com. Lewis.

An investigation, which the Commissioner’s Office, had already requested, OPP Orillia Detachment Commander Goard, to investigate.

Officer Basset says she was acting on her own accord.
Not MPP Dunlop, nor any other Govt. official, asked Officer Basset, to investigate, Worlds Apart.

World Apart reader’s are asking, where is the warrant, to allow Officer Basset, to listen to our phone calls, and access our letters.

Yes OIPRD says it is best the public not hear about this. OIPRD refused my request to come forward with the warrants, required for Officer Basset to tap into our computer and phone.

Worlds Apart Reader’s are perplexed as to why the media, complies with OIPRD’s wishes.

Yours Truly, John Devine editor of Worlds Apart news letter

Banks & Mason’s reaction to their Clients, and,or Lodge Member’s, Human Rights being violated, including bullying seniors, will be discussed in our upcoming editions.