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Ask Canada’s Defense Minister to Participate in Deomcracy
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Hi: I am John Devine editor of “Worlds Apart”
My son Mark, and myself, have dedicated the rest of our lives, to have a question, asked by Mark’s Grand Father, (Ben Deschambault a proud W.W. 2 veteran) answered by an elected official, from any level of Govt., in Canada?

In a highway widening project, the Ont. Govt. seized, destroyed and forged documents to cover up the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove (a business intended to be for Ben Deschambault’s family).

To understand our story please look at the following surveys, and picture.

[singlepic id=28 w=500 h=400] Click to enlarge

The two top surveys (indie) in the top and bottem left (government survey) correctly shows the buildings as they were on the date of seizure. (Aug. 1991). The government survey (bottem left) shows the amount of land taken, destroying a 2 story house,  the Fisherman’s Cove sign, and rendered the remainder of the business useless.

The bottem right survey, drafted by Andrew Thompson, who was commissioned by the Ont. Govt., in 1997.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1997, (Del vs. Tor. Transit) expropriating authorities must address disturbances and damages, on the date of notification of seizure.
Andrew Thompson, was asked by the Ont. Govt., to address disturbances and damages caused from the amount of land taken at Fisherman’s cove in Aug. of 1991.(Date of seizure)
Thompson’s report states the property was vacant land on the date of notification. The Ont. Govt. knowing this document was incorrect entered the forged document into the courts.

Below is a picture of Fisherman’s Cove taken by the Ont. Govt.


[singlepic id=34 w=400 h=300] Click to enlarge

This photo was taken on Oct. 1993, again correctly showing Fisherman’s Cove.
Please note the quality of the Govt. picture is poor because the Govt. sent us a photo copy.


Ben Deschambault, proud grand father of our 3 sons,  (a W.W. 2 vet) wants the following question answered.

“Why would the Ont. Govt., prior to entering the courts, not have offered a negotiated settlement, to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, so Ben’s family could carry on with advancing the technology of preserving ground water, as well as the day to day operations of Fisherman’s Cove”.

Fisherman’s cove was  intended to be for Ben’s family, a business where a $2.8 venture started to advance the technology of preserving ground water?”

Now if you are short of time, but want to ensure democracy is still functioning, thus supporting our troops, and make your self eligible, to win a $1,000.00 for a charity of your choice, click here, and read the question posted, which you can send (by simply clicking again,)to Canada’ Minister of Defence, Peter Mackay.
If you have a little extra time please read on and you will see the successful results of the $2.8 million venture, which started at Fisherman’s Cove. A venture started in 1986 and completed in 1991.

The following picture, is Cold Water Fisheries (CWF) built in Coldwater Ont.


[singlepic id=11 w=400 h=300] Click to enlarge


Cold Water Fisheries (CWF) was conceived at Fisherman’s Cove, in 1986, shortly after we installed our 1st ground water recycling system, to hold bait fish. Ted White, University of Guelph, is one of the world’s leading experts on recycling ground water to hold, and or rear fish, drafted and designed Fisherman’s Cove recycling system. Ted then went on to write the business plan, and draft the design for CWF.

Ted’s CWF business plan laid out the goals and objectives for CWF, which were as follows.
1.R&D the technology of recycling ground water.
2. R&D the farming of bait fish.
3. Multi crop CWF and bring CWF into farming fish for food consumption.
Several years after construction of CWF, Fisherman’s Cove received bait fish, hatched and reared at CWF.
Fisherman’s Cove is the only retail outlet in North America, who sold bait  fish, hatched, reared, and held in recycled water.
Govt. fish hatcheries, rear game fish to meet the demand of recreational fishermen. Recreational fishermen use bait fish to catch the game fish.
The ever increasing demand for  bait fish has depleted the food chain. Simply put the fewer small fish in a lake will result in fewer game fish.
CWF houses 5 industrial sized ground water recycling systems. Had the Ont. Govt. hatcheries started to recycle the same time Fisherman’s Cove began recycling, the Ont. Tax payer would have saved 45 billion gallons of clean ground water for future generations.

The following is a picture of the grow out facility at Manitoulin Island.


[singlepic id=3 w=400 h=300] Click to enlarge

By 1990 we were operating 3 grow out facilities at Manitoulin Island.
We wanted to advance the technology of removing the fish excretions from the bottom of the cages, and sell for fertilizer. This venture was stopped when it was discovered Eleanor Sheppard, an elderly relative, devout Christian,who financed the Fishermna’s Cove venture, was robbed by her money manager.

The following is a picture of the Manitoulin Island processing plant.


[singlepic id=1 w=400 h=300] Click to enlarge


The Manitoulin processing plant was up and running by 1990, and is now processing 60,000 lbs of fish a week thus saving 60,000 lbs of fish from being netted from the wild each week. CWF now employees 100 people.

It is the legal opinion of Mr. Trudel, of one of Canada’s leading defence lawyers, the Case Law of Fisherman’s Cove,(forged documents) made it impossible for Ont. Att, Generals office, and the O.P.P. to charge, & convict  the Keobel brothers,  with more severe  charges under the Canadian Criminal code.

In the Walkerton scandal, the Keobel brothers were charged with forging documents, to cover up not fixing water treatment equipment, which kills bacteria from the farming community.

The Fisherman’s Cove recycling system R&D, which was destroyed by the Ont. Govt., enabled the water discharged into the environment from the farming community, to be treated before being released. The Ont. Govt. forged documents to cover up the destruction of the Fisherman’s Cove recycling equipment.

With the refusal of the Canadian Media, and politicians (all political parties in Queens Park and Ottawa) to expose  our story of the  Canadian Criminal Code being compromised, we turned to the media and politicians in the U.S.

With the Bush regime becoming aware of our concerns of Canada not being able to protect our sovereign waters due to the cloud of the Fisherman’s Cove affair  becoming common knowledge inside the U.S. establishment, I recently wrote to U.S. Ambassador Hilary Clinton explaining my concerns, of black mail being used to taint any new water agreements, between Canada, and the U.S.

Yes, black mail possibly being used by U.S. corporations, who are currently extracting water from Canadian aquifers. Eg. The Guelph aquifer, where Nestle is currently bottling water. The Canadian Bottled Water Association knows all about the Ont. Govt. forging documents to cover up the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove. I understand Nestle is a member of the Canadian Bottled Water Association.

I have complained to Mary Schapiro chairman of the SEC, about  Nestle’s unfair position.

In dealing with treaty agreements, especially Canada’s  water, there should be no conflicts of Interest, not even a Perceived one.

The Fisherman’s Cove affair is definitely more then a perceived Conflict.

One can only cringe, to think a foreign country can threaten to use the story of the Ont. Govt. looting the dead,(Eleanor Sheppard a devout Christian) and destroying a business where a $2.8 million venture started to advance the technology of preserving ground water. A story which includes Ont. Prov. Police Officers, (O.P.P.)and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.)Officers and their respective leaders joining in the cover up.

Eleanor Sheppard, a 3rd generation philanthropist, was alive on the date of seizure and had passed away before  the Ont. Govt. forged documents to cover up the destruction of one of Eleanor’s last assets.(Fisherman’s Cove)

In 1997 when the Supreme Court of Canada (Del vs. Tor. Transit) ruled disturbances and damages must be addressed on the date of seizure. The Ont. Govt., knew Eleanor had passed on,  knew Eleanor was robbed by her money manager, & knew Eleanor was alive on the date of seizure, proceeded to committed a second criminal offence upon Eleanor Sheppard by hiring Thompson to tell the Ont. Govt., Fisherman’s Cove  was vacant land on the date of seizure, (aug. of 1991) thus obstructing Eleanor‘s last wishes, as stated in her will. Eleanor wanted Ben Deschambaults family to have Fisherman’s Cove, as it was, on the date of her death.

Fisherman’s Cove was an operating business on the date of Eleanor’s  death. (Sept. 1991)

The common person calls this act looting the dead.

To help our Minister of Defence, I suggest you click onto links where you will find some of the groups and individuals we contacted for help. All received the details of what happened, including the forged survey.

I suggest you pick one or several of the links,  and ask to have the answer they received from Premier Mcguinty  forwarded to Mackay. Thus improving  your chance to win $1,000.00 to a charity of your choice. The contest will  end and a winner drawn, as soon as Mackay answers our question.
Our next edition will be focusing on water rights being taken away from the farming community in Australia, due to a drought, caused by Global warming, according to the Australian Govt.
This connects to water rights granted to Govt. fish hatcheries, (the farming community)in North America.  None of the Govt. fish hatcheries in Ont. Recycle.
We will also be talking about Senator Pamela Wallins. (journalist come politician). Pamela is the chancellor to the University of Guelph. Pamela has been aware of the Ont. Govt. destroying intellectual property from the University of Guelph. I have asked her for her comments.

Click here to see more pictures & documentation.

John Devine

House keeping notes: Please accept my apologies for a less then professional presentation of our story. My son Mark and myself are running on a very tight budget. I am still looking for a professional writer. If you know some one who has writing skills, & wants to join in our business venture of publishing “WORLDS APART”, let us know.

If you have any questions please write to

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