Edition 15

Has Sun Media’s thirst for money, from the opiate of Gambling, clouded their ability to keep corruption from spreading to another Sun Customer?????

The Orillia Packet & Times, (owned by Sun Media) refused to disclose my story, about corruption inside the Ont. Ministry of Labour, (MOL) under the roof of Casino Rama. Corruption which I personally witnessed, and was a victim of. (lost my job due to the Corruption inside the MOL)
The Tim Horton’s dog attack incident, can not be properly investigated by the Ont. Min. of Labour, until the conflict between the MOL and myself, is resolved.
Had the Orilia Packet & Times, responded to my calls for help, calls which included my diary, detailing criminal acts I witnessed over the years.
Now one of the Sun’s best customers, Tim Horton’s reputation has been sullied by no fault of their own.
Had their been an unbiased investigation, into one dog, attacking three Tim Horton’s customers, (including this old scribe who broke his wrist) we all could have moved on, and immediately take steps to stop 3 attacks in 12 minutes from one dog ever happening again.
Eg. MOL asking Tim Horton’s to put a bulletin out to all Tim Horton stores, in North America, explaining the Tim Horton’s employee’s legal responsibilities in regards to removing people from the hazard. In doing this, we cold reduce the chances of a child’s face being torn off.
Instead nothing is done, and Tim Horton’s reputation, is now in question.
The way it stands now, all in Canada must believe Tim Horton’s will operate according to the law, being the cloud hanging over the MOL, (Tim Horton’s Casino Rama/ Employees Affair) obstructs the MOL from prosecuting Tim Horton’s, if the need be.
Please refer to my most recent letter to the Premier of Ont., and the Orillia politicians, making sure all have read my information before a vote is taken to renew the current contract with the OPP, or go back to Municipal Policing. (Please read below)
Please find below letter to Orillia Politicians

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds apart news letter


Dear Elected Officials: Before you vote on who will be policing the citizens of Orillia, I suggest you go to our web site www.worlds-apart.ca and read editions 12 13 & 14, and read the letters I received from the Ont. Lottery & Gaming, and the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, as well as a letter to our Premier. I can not help but conclude Mr. Lewis has condoned OIPRD’s position that you, the elected officials of the city of Orillia, all citizens, need not know, that all citizens, and media outlets, are not afforded the protection the law, and the Right to Free Speech and Free Press.
Please click on to my radio broadcast with Mark Anderson, (beyond exposure) and listen to the details of the OPP coming to our house, with threats of reprisal, if we keep writing Govt. officials for help, in exposing corruption inside Casino Rama.
OIPRD knows, all the details of this threat, and responds saying it is best the public not hear about the threat, to our news letter.
The concerns which I wanted expose, included Casino Rama employees not having protection of the law, be it inside Casino Rama in our community.
These concerns became a reality when I witnessed violations under the Ont. Health & Safety act, at Tim Horton’s, where this old scribe, along with two other people, (one of which was another Casino Rama employee) were attacked by a dog over a time frame of approx. 12 minutes, took place.
As stated in the head line save money by cleaning up corruption, inside the police force, who obstructed our news letter from preventing shootings be it inside Casino Rama, or in our community. I have recently received word from one of my sources a gambling addict asked for help, afraid his loan shark was going to do harm to him. Be it a beating or shooting.
The dilemma Penn National has, is report and charge the loan shark, and loose one of Casino Rama’s Bankers, or stay quiet and hope the gambling addict will come up with the money. Yes and the chances are pretty good the addict will have to steal to come up with the money, or offer the services of his family to the pimps, including the pedophilia community. Yes and cause more police expenses, be it in Orillia, or else where.
Edition 15 will be published shortly, in which I will be addressing the media’s addiction to money from the opiate of gambling, and in doing so, compromised the reputation of one of Sun media’s biggest customer, Tim Horton’s.
Please reply confirming you have read this letter, Worlds apart will be recording who voted to keep the OPP, and who wants to go back to Municipal Policing.

Thank you Yours Truly

John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart