Edition 14

Ontario Independent Police Review Director, (OIPRD)states the public need not know about  corruption inside MOL, (Ministry of Labour) which compromises safety and security, of Casino Rama Employees.

Please click on to “OLG”,  dated Feb. 22 2012. In summation, I can only interpret the letter  from the OLG as  “ We the OLG, including Paul Godfrey, former Chair of the OLG, are not responsible for what goes on under the roof of Casino Rama”

If any one wants to take a crack at giving a different interpretation, please do, and send it to me. If you want, we will publish it.

Subsequently, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, (OIPRD)writes to me, stating in a letter dated April 26, 2013. My interpretation is   “the public need not know about the OLG denying they have any control over Penn National, the mangers of Casino Rama”, and the Corruption inside the Ministry of Labour. OIPRD refuses to ensure Worlds Apart there would be no future threats placed upon us by the OPP. OIPRD has read my 23 page diary which details the Corruption inside Casino Rama.

Please click on “OPP Report”, and read OIPRD’s letters.

I think you will find it as strange as I do, that OPRID solicited us to complain, 4 days after receiving our complaint  OIPRD replies, and saying it is better the public not know about lawlessness inside Casino Rama, and the MOL.

If you click on to “letters to the Premier”, you will find details of the troubles Worlds Apart   experienced, trying to expose this lawlessness, inside Casino Rama, starting with middle management of Penn National, stealing Worlds apart news letter, edition 4, from the hands of our readers. Violating our rights to Free Speech, and Free Press. Four years later the OPP come to our house with more threats against Worlds Apart if we keep trying to expose corruption inside Casino Rama. Yes a second violation of our Rights to Free Speech and Free Press.

I CAUTION ALL CASINO RAMA EMPLOYEES TO BE CAUTIOUS WHOM YOU CALL FOR HELP, EG. ORILLIA PACKET & TIMES, who have received all documents referred to above. To much money going to the media, including Paul Godfrey’s Postmedia, is the motive behind the media cover up.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Worlds Apart