Edition 13

DOES TIM HORTON HAVE A DOG POLICY? , 4 weeks and no reply.

Tim Horton’s refuses to tell me what they have taken, to prevent further dog attacks, including children. I was recently contacted by Jeff Mason from Tim Horton’s. I asked Mr. Mason what dog policy Tim Horton has in place. Mr. Mason did not know. I asked Mr. Mason to immediately contact his boss, & asked the boss to contact me immediately. The staff at Tim Horton’s where I was attacked, say they do not have a dog policy.
Prior to Mr. Mason calling us, I asked Tim Horton’s (via e mail Tim Horton`s customer services) to ensure Tim Horton’s CEO is notified and have him reply directly to me. (still no reply)
What I find extremely troubling, the same thing could happen again, only a child’s face could be torn off, and an innocent citizen being shot due to negligence of Tim Horton`s & the OPP for not removing people from the hazard.
To think none of Tim Horton`s customers will not create another hazard, as Tim Horton`s customer did(owner of the dog), which caused me to break my wrist,(tie a dog to a post immediately beside the entrance) is completely preposterous.
Tim Horton`s knows they are the last stop in preventing, the unthinkable from happening, (child bitten, and or innocent bystanders shot).
Tim Horton`s knows about the corruption inside the Ont. Minister of Labour, and the Ont. Prov. Police are involved in in regards to protecting Casino Rama staff.
Please go to the Ont. Premiers file and read my most recent letter, to Premier Wynne, detailing my concerns of Casino Rama Employees, being displaced from doing their part, in participating in the judicial system, (being a witness to help convict a criminal), as well as no longer having protection of the law. The dog attack put upon my fellow Casino Rama employee, and myself at Tim Horton`s in Orillia proves these concerns, to be right.
I want to ensure all understand, Tim Horton`s had no part in creating the corruption, inside the MOL and the OPP, which has removed some of Tim Horton`s customers (Casino Rama employees) from protection of the law.
Unfortunately Tim Horton`s is the only line of defence when it comes to preventing further dog attacks dog attacks.
Now lets hope Tim Horton`s does not establish a policy, the same as Penn National the operators of Casino Rama wrote. Penn Management states, it will be Penn National`s decision when the police will reply to an employees call for help. Yes Penn National, part of the US Corporate World, will decide when the police will be called. At least if Tim Horton`s enacts the same policy it, will be a Canadian Corp. who will decide the employees fate.
The day after I watched Dalton Mcguinty`s Govt., advertisement about calling the Police, if you witness, or are suspicious, about senior citizen abuse.
The next day, while dealing cards in the Opiate Den known as Casino Rama, I witness a Senior Citizen being assaulted. I immediately told my supervisor to call the police. The floor supervisor immediately called the Pit Boss. To this day, no one will tell me why the police were not called.
Now if the same occurrence happened (3 attacks by one dog over a 12 to 15 minute time frame) at a little Independent Coffee Shop, and the victims were not from Casino Rama, and the owner did not know about the corruption, inside the MOL, and the OPP, you can bet the house, charges of failing to remove the people from the hazard would be placed upon the owners of the little business.
This bullying by Big Govt. is the norm in our community. One doesn`t have to look any farther then the little business operator was forced to spend $20,000 to repair a supposed hazard where accidents have yet to occur. The same MOL enforcement Officers condone hazards inside Casino Rama, which, which injure, or threaten staff daily. Details can be found in the letter to Premier Wynne recently posted.

Yours Truly John Devine Editor of Wolrds Apart news letter, & former business associate of Tim Horton`s