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Edition 9

Dear Worlds Apart Readers:

First of all, I would like to thank Dave Mantin, Director of SNAP, Eastern Canada, for helping bring our story to the attention of all Canadians, and for that matter all citizens, in the civilized world. Our story connects directly to the safety, and security of our children, which is the same concern SNAP has. Yes, a safe environment for our children to grow up in, free from pedophiles, and good health for our children, by preserving our remaining clean ground water, for our children to consume.

Yesterday, I sent out a mass e mail to all elected members, in our Canadian Federal Govt., all elected members in the Ont. Legislature, and all elected members in Orillia’s Municipal Govt.. I asked all to read edition 6, 7 ,& 8, our first on the web, and listen to the three radio broadcasts, I did with Mark Anderson, from the American Free Press, through Republic Broadcasting. (the broadcasts can be found at edition 8)

In the summer of 2010, I was approached by OPP Officer Sergeant Baskey, to help in his investigation, into an already convicted pedophile. A Canadian Soldier, courageously came forward, after the said pedophile was found guilty, with further complaints of the now convicted pedophile, of sexual abuse against other minors. I told Sergeant Baskey I would help in any way I could, and replied in writing, saying so. In my letter, I also informed Sergeant Baskey I was doing my own criminal investigation, into the criminal destruction of Fisherman’s Cove, and asked him to help. At the time of the criminal seizure of Fisherman’s Cove, I was one of the two Executors of the Estate of Eleanor Sheppard. I have a legal responsibility to bring the obstruction of the execution of the estate of Eleanor Sheppard, in front of a criminal court judge. The other executor, was Eleanor Sheppard’s money manager, who was convicted of stealing from the Eleanor Sheppard’s Estate.

In my letter to Sergeant Baskey, I also voiced my concerns of Sergeant Baskey, joining his fellow OPP officers, and RCMP officers, & their respective leaders, in refusing to investigate my allegations, of criminal wrong doings, by the Ont. Govt. in the destruction of Fisherman’s Cove. I asked Sergeant Baskey to assure me, if he took this position, the same as his fellow officers took, & join in the cover up, it would not impede his ability to keep the convicted pedophile in jail, and cloud his ability to investigate further pedophilia cases. Sergeant Baskey refused to reply, and address these concerns, thus leaving me with the same concerns Canada’s Soldier has, about the convicted pedophile being released, and continue his deviant behaviour, upon our children. Apparently the convicted pedophile showed no signs of remorse,when he was in jail, serving time for his first offences. I do not know if the pedophile has finished serving his time, and is back out on the streets, or was convicted on the most recent allegations by the Canadian Soldier, and is still in jail.

Years prior to meeting Sergeant Baskey, I wrote to Canada’s Minister of Defense, Mr. Oconnor, & his successor, Peter Mackay, asking them to step in, and remove the corruption inside the OPP, and the RCMP. Corruption which compromises the said police, and their leaders, from prosecuting alleged criminals, including pedophiles. Mackay’s staff, Louise Goneau, replied, in a letter dated March 18, 2008. Quote: “I must advise you that further correspondence from you on this subject, will not be acknowledged by this department.” This reply came after I wrote, to the Defense Minister, voicing my concerns of Canada’s sovereignty, being breached.

You will also hear, in more detail, in my 3 radio broadcasts, the trouble our News Letter has encountered, in trying to get our story out, and some, of the many organizations whom we asked for help, in Canada, and the U.S. As you will hear in my radio interviews,Penn National, (a U.S. Corporation) the Managers of Casino Rama, in Ont. Canada, violated our Sovereign Rights to Free Speech, and Free Press, a Right we were exercising to expose enablers inside Canada’s Police Forces. Listen to Casino down load found at edition 8. Penn National’s criminal act, of violating the U.S. lst Amendment in a foreign country, was condoned by Premier Mcguinty, and SEC Chair Mary Schapiro, Ontario Labour Minister Jeffery, RCMP Director Paulson, along with the head of the FBI, Mr. Mueller

If the above mentioned convicted pedophile was convicted again, while still serving time on his first convictions, then there is a real possibility, he is still removed from causing our children, more harm. The question is, will the convicted pedophile be kept in prison, once he gains knowledge of Sergeant Baskey refusing to investigate, and prosecute, the Ont. Govt., for looting a dead, devout Christian, Philanthropist, & Conservative Party Faithfull, (Eleanor Sheppard) in the Fisherman’s Cove Affair.

After our Sovereign Rights to Free Speech, and Free Press were violated, by a U.S. Corporation, (Penn National) we again reached out to Canada’s media outlets, only to have all whom we approached in Canada, to turn their backs on us, and in doing so, showing no appreciation, for the sacrifices Ben Deschambamt, a Great Old W.W. 2 Vet., proud Grandfather of our 3 sons, and Ben’s comrades gave, to allow these same media outlets, to exercise their Sovereign Rights to Free Speech, and Free Press. My son Mark received a verbal, and subsequently written threat of legal action, from one of the Canadian Corporate media outlets (SUN Corp.) if he continued to bother them. POSTMEDIA’s President Paul Godfrey, refuses to ask his media outlet to do the story. The same Paul Godfrey, whom I sent our story to, is also the Chair of the Ontario Lottery & Gaming. Mr. Godfrey condones his Casino Operator’s (Penn National) act, of obstructing Worlds Apart’s Sovereign Right, to Free Speech, and Free Press.

Thus we went to the net, to see if we could find an organization, some where in the world, who would help in expose our story about our Media outlet’s Sovereign Rights to Free Speech, and Free Press being violated, by a U.S. Corporation. I came across The Freedom of the Press Group, headed up by Joey Dauben, located in Texas. I sent Mr. Dauben a package, which included our concerns of the corruption inside Canada’s Police Forces, which now impedes the prosecution of pedophiles. I sent this information to Mr. Dauben, not knowing Mr. Dauben, is up on charges of pedophilia. We now have to wait and see, if the courts find Mr. Dauben guilty of these charges. My concern is, if Mr. Dauben is found guilty, of being a pedophile, he could be connected to a larger pedophilia ring, whom he has already passed the story of corruption inside Canada’s Police forces, onto. This hideous information could possibly be moving through the World’s electronic media as I write this Edition.

I urge all to go to Dave Mantin’s web site, and read the story about bungling, and, or corruption, which allowed a suspected Canadian pedophile, Mr. Macintosh, to leave Canada, even though a “do not issue a passport” was issued by Canadian authorities, thus obstructing the courts from hearing the allegations against Mr. Macintosh, in the time allotted under the Canadian Constitution. The Police in the country which Mr. Macintosh went to, (India) are now investigating allegations from children, in India, about Mr. Macintosh molesting them.

The bungling by the Canadian Establishment, will cause many to wonder, if it was bungling, or if leverage was used(on the streets, it is called black mail) on some one higher up, in the Canadian establishment, to obtain passport, and if the need be passports , which the courts from time to time ordered, not to be issued. Again, many are asking, what leverage,and or influence could alleged pedophiles use? Is it fellow pedophiles, higher up in the Canadian Establishment, was it a victim of pedophile, occupying a higher position, who is still under the influence of a pedophile, or was information gained about the Fisherman’s Cove Affair, (the Ont. Govt. looting the dead) or some other hideous act, committed by the Canadian Establishment, and, or authorities there in??????

We still have not received an answer to our question, asked to Canada’s Defense Minister Peter Mackay. The question is, “Why would the Ont. Govt., prior to entering the courts, not have offered a negotiated settlement, to demolish and rebuild Fisherman’s Cove, so Eleanor Sheppard could continue on with her R&D of preserving ground water, and the culturing of bait fish?” A business intended to be for a W.W. 2 veteran’s family.

As you will note, in edition 6, I am still offering a $1,000.00 prize, to someone who enters the contest, by simply asking our Defense Minister to answer our question. As soon as we receive an answer, to the above question, the winner will be determined by a draw.

Yours Truly: John Devine, Editor of Worlds Apart news letter.

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