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Edition 8

Dear Worlds apart readers.  We have decided to exercise our right to Free speech, and Free Press. To bring you up to speed on our story to tell all about technology to preserve ground water. May I suggest you listen in to my radio broadcasts with Mark Anderson from the, through the republic broadcasting network, found on the web at

After listening to the broadcasts, & If you are still interested, but are short of time, may I suggest  you   click onto edition 6. Look at the surveys, and picture taken of Fisherman’s Cove. Why does on Govt. Survey, and photo show an operating business, yet one of the survey shows the property vacant. Simply put “one of these surveys isn’t like the others”.  We simply want to know why this is so. (Yes like the little children’s game they play on Sesame Street)

Interview Audio Clip #1
Interview Audio Clip #2
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John Devine

Editor of Worlds apart.

Documents of politicans playing blame game below (click to enlarge):




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