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WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, Aug. 13: Host Mark Anderson welcomes back John Devine, the former government official and former business owner from Ontario, Canada who for years has written to media and officials across Canada, but has been universally snubbed in his efforts to achieve justice regarding the destruction of his Fisherman’s Cove business to make way for a highway leading to Casino Rama. But that is just one aspect of a huge affair involving human rights abuses said to be taking place at the Casino. Devine and his son Mark were forced to start a newsletter and website to counteract the media and government stonewalling of their concerns. Have they struck a nerve regarding a criminal underworld that involves not only gambling interests but also a pedophile network? Is the Devine’s suppressed groundwater technology a threat to large interests in a world where we’re told that “water is the new oil” and wars will be fought over water? Listen in to learn more about this complex affair in which a man and his son are endeavoring to do what’s right even when few will listen.

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