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There has been a recent Press relief about Federal Govt., money going to help victims of crime. My question is, will it finally get into the hands of a victim who knows what is going on, and where it needs to be spent, vs. the going to the hands of lawyers, who seem to have a bigger interest in their bank accounts, then their clients well being.

My family has been victimized by crime numerous times. The one thing remained constant in my family`s journey into the black hole, known as the Canadian Judicial system, (Covered up by the media)we the victim did not have enough money, to go the distance. In 1997 when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled disturbances & damages, must be addressed on the date of notification, in expropriation issues. This caused me to publicly raise the question about a Constitutional Challenge being in order. The date of seizure (date of notification) was Aug. of 1991.

At the time of the Supreme Court of Canada`s ruling, (1997)the Canadian Govt. had a Courts Challenges Program, which I made application to. Shortly after my application was filed the Federal Govt. cancelled the Courts Challenges program. I felt honest land owners should have the same protection criminals have, when it comes to the amount of time allowed, to be heard in front of the courts.

Now the Ontario and Federal Govts. knowing my intentions of trying to expose a land banking scheme, (which may involve thousands of land owners) gave them the incentive to keep money from us.

Thus Premier Harris`s Govt. went out and hired a former Govt. employee, come appraiser, to tell the Govt. there was no disturbance and damages at Fisherman`s Cove because there was because there was nothing on the property, in Aug. of 1991, contradicting a picture taken by the Ont. Govt. in 1993, shown in edition 6.

By the year of 2000 we lost all of our savings, except for $8,000.00 which we used for a down payment on our current place of residence 20 Lewis Dr..

We finally received a settlement in 2001. After everything was paid for, not including replacement of our life savings, we had $40,000.00 to take to Eleanor Sheppard. Eleanor Sheppard was alive on the date of notification, and I was one of 2 executors to Eleanor`s estate on the date of notification.

Eleanor had invested $800,000.00 into Fisherman`s Cove, I could only pay her back the $40,000.00.

I have been following other victims of crime, who have been victimized by the Canadian Establishment as we were.

Walkerton, and victims of pedophilia. The same thing happened to most of these victims as happened to us. Keep the victims poor, and we the establishment can keep them under control. Word on the street has it one of the Walkerton victim`s, was a former OPP who knew the goings on behind the scenes in Govt. and was awarded approx. 1,000,000.00. 9(out of court settlement) The Walkerton compensation is just finishing up with $25,000,000 of tax payers money gone to the lawyers, and very little if any to the victims. Numerous victims have succumbed to their illness,(dying) many are living in conditions a lot less favourable then what they were living in before, and no money left for retirement, after they drank the tainted water. Dr. Overgaard and his family were completely destroyed financially, all by a criminal act of 2 Govt. employees.

What the Walkerton victims don`t know is the Walkerton case maybe facing a retrial. The Att. General, the OPP, the lawyer defending the Keobel brothers,(Trudel) and the judge (Durno) all were informed about the criminal destruction of Fisherman`s Cove. It was discharge from the farming community that caused the tragedy in Walkerton. It was at Fisherman`s Cove where we started, a $2.8 million venture to reduce the discharge from the farming community. (fish farming is part of the farming community)

The Keobel brothers were found guilty of committing criminal acts, one of which was forging documents to cover up not fixing water treatment equipment. Premier Harris`s Govt., seized destroyed, and forged documents to cover up the destruction of water treatment equipment, critical to reducing pollutants from the farming community, in the Fisherman`s Cove venture. The problem is the second criminal offence put upon the victims of crime (including the beneficiaries of the estate of Eleanor Sheppard) is not exposed up by Canada`s media outlets.

Paul Godfrey President of POSTMEDIA, and Chair of the Ont. Lottery & Gaming, condones his Casino Rama operator Penn National`s criminal act of obstructing us from taking the Fisherman`s Cover story to the public, the real court, the court of public opinion. Yes the President of POSTMEDIA condones the U.S. Corporate world violating our rights to Free Speech and Free Press. Mr. Godfrey certainly shows no appreciation for what Ben Deschambault and his comrades sacrificed in W.W. 2 to protect Mr. Godfrey`s Right to Free Speech and Free Press.

Several months back we came across Dave Mantin, Director of SNAP Atlantic ( and upon listening to his story, and the story Dave is witnessing from victims of pedophilia, who are only now coming forward, the flow of money seems to be going to the hands of the lawyers and a lot less going to the victims. Victims who have lived with a lot less for years, some even on the streets, because of the trauma they experienced when they were children. Many of the victims kill themselves or die of poor health, which of course would include mental as well as physical.

Whether it be the victims of pedophilia, the Walkerton victims, or the victims in Eleanor Shepard`s estate, we have all been abandoned by the media and the judiciary. All of us become lepers in the eyes of most in our society, & being banned from the tribe, in the process. In Walkerton the buzz word is, don`t talk about it, its bad for business.

The good new is, Dave Mantin Director of SNAP Atlantic, will be receiving funding, some of which he can use to clean up corruption inside the Canadian establishment, which impedes the prosecution. Without a cleansing of corruption inside the Canadian establishment, it will be hard to convince victims to come forward.

I urge all to encourage Dave on his new venture. The safety and security of our children and our children`s assets (water) hang in the balance.

I urge all to read the Macintosh case found at Dave`s web site Macintosh walked away from the courts a free man because of the time it took to bring Macintosh to the courts.(approx. 3 years) The Ont. Govt had Fisherman`s Cove under seizure and did not bring the case to the courts until 8 years later.

Had the Ont. Gave paid Eleanor Sheppard the amount of money it would take to demolish and rebuild Fisherman`s Cove, as a settlement, I could have used some of this money to mount a constitutional challenge, which would give the same protection to honest law abiding property owners, as what the courts afforded Mr. Macintosh, (who is now currently being sought by the Indian Police force on allegations of molesting Indian children.

Six months ago I walked off the job at Casino Rama exercising my rights to refuse to work in hazardous and harassing conditions. I was immediately removed from the payroll removing us from accessing money to mount a legal challenge. Again no money no justice. All of which is condoned by Ontario Minister of Labour Linda Jeffery, who refuses to investigate my 24 page diary detailing violations under the Health & Safety act, which includes human rights violations put upon Casino staff.

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