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Edition 7

Senator Pamela Wallin, Chancellor to the University of Guelph, condones the criminal destruction of University of Guelph’s intellectual property.

Worlds Apart, Edition #6, describes in detail how the Ont. Govt. criminally destroyed, a business,(Fisherman’s Cove) which was helping to advance the University of Guelph’s intellectual property, of preserving, and conserving  ground water.

(click here to read edition 6, and see the forged documents entered into the courts by the Ont. Govt., as well as accomplishments, of advancing University of Guelph‘s water preservation technology)

Find out how you can become eligible to win a $1,000.00 for a charity of your choice, by simply asking for Canada‘s Defence Minister, to participate in democracy.

The advancement of the technology of preserving ground water, and cleaning up the discharge,  in the process of hatching and rearing fish, in Govt. fish hatcheries, around the world (hopefully some day all fish hatcheries) is necessary, to be able to meet the demands of Govts. wanting to  reduce water rights, currently allocated to the farming community.

U.S. Public Broadcasting, recently did a story on the Australian Govt. buying back water rights, from the farming community.

The Australian Govt., has officially taken the position, their current drought is caused by Global Warming, concluding the current water crisis, is not a cyclical one.

One would assume, all countries in the world, concerned about preserving & conserving water, will be reviewing their current allocations of water rights, be it the farming community, or industries at large.

Many of our modern day prophets, (including some  politicians) are now saying wars will be fought over water.

To avoid this insanity, man kind  must address two fundamental concerns.

1.CONSERVE: Using water more wisely. (eg. recycling)

2.PRESERVE: Removing the contaminates humans put in the water,  before we discharge the water back into the environment.

Fortunately the University of Guelph  entered into the  research of preserving ground water, well over two decades ago.

At the same time Eleanor Sheppard, a 3rd generation philanthropist, also had the fore site to use the University of Guelph’s recycling  technology, and  finance the creation of Cold Water Fisheries, using the recycling technology developed at the University of Guelph.

Many Philanthropists believe in supporting the education system, by funding facilities such as the University of Guelph, believing it will make the world a better place. The results of this support was the advancement of intellectual property at the University of Guelph, of preserving, and conserving ground water, which Philanthropist Eleanor Sheppard then acquired, and placed into a free market economy.

Yes, a $2.8 million journey, which started at Fisherman’s Cove.

It was from this introduction at Fisherman’s Cove, into recycling, Cold Water Fisheries was conceived, and built.(located 15 miles from Fisherman’s cove) Cold Water Fisheries has grown to become the largest fish farm in Ont., surviving in a free market economy, creating 100 jobs, and when comparing one Ont. Govt. fish hatchery, operating the same length of time, has saved well over 10 billion gallons of clean ground water, for future generations, and dramatically reducing the pollutants being released from the hatchery, into the environment.

(Note: I was President of Cold Water Fisheries,  (1986 to 1991)from its conception, to vertically integrating it into the free market.(hatchery grow out facility to processing plant)

Now, one would think all Govts., operating  fish hatcheries in the world,  which are using the old flow through system, (water in, untreated water out) would be on their water rights reduction list.

The good news is the citizens don’t have to buy back the water rights, for Gcvt. Hatcheries.  We the citizens, already own these water rights.

This of course takes us to our journey to have our  story told. A story about the Ont. Govt., seizing , destroying, and forging documents to cover up the destruction, of a business (Fisherman’s Cove)where Eleanor Sheppard’s $2.8. Million venture started.

Pamela Wallin, leaving the CBC, a tax payer funded media outlet, who refused to tell our story, about Fisherman’s Cove advancing the technology of preserving clean ground water, is appointed to the Senate, a none elected  Institution, which justifies itself, by saying it is the safety net for democracy.

Now Senator Wallin, fresh in her Senate position, receives information about all party leaders, both Federal, and the Prov. of Ont., abdicating their responsibilities, by refusing to answer our question. A question brought forward by a W.W. 2 vet. A W.W. 2 vet who was promised by all in the free world, W.W. 2 was the war, to end to all wars.

Yes a W.W. 2 vet’s family joins in the effort, to save water, and in doing so, help in  preventing  another war.

(go to links, and see the list of party leaders who consciously abandoned their democratic responsibilities)

Another reward Senator Wallin received, was the appointment to the position of Chancellor  to the University of Guelph..

It has been eleven months, since Senator/ Chancellor  Wallin started receiving our letters, and documents, detailing the criminal destruction of the University of Guelph’s intellectual property, housed inside Fisherman’s Cove. My most recent letter to Senator  Wallins, offered her space in edition 7, to reply to my letters and allegations, thus giving her a chance to explain herself, and protect the reputation of the Senate & the  University of Guelph. (I received confirmation, from Senator Wallins, confirming she read my offer.)


I ask any one who has contacts inside the University of Guelph, be it Faculty, the Student Council, or Student News Paper, who has gained knowledge, about Senator/Chancellor Wallin’s position of condoning the criminal destruction of the intellectual property, from the University of Guelph, to spread the word, and help preserve the reputation of the University of Guelp.

For Senator/Chancellor Wallin to remain quiet, for such a long period of time, causes one to believe Chancellor Wallin has chosen to live in the “status quo.”

The following is a quote from Colonel Teddy Roosevelt, later to become the 26th President of the U.S.

Teddy Roosevelt, called the “Rough Rider“, believed in solid principles to live by. Apparently he always led the troops, rode to the front rather than stay in the rear.

Roosevelt said.

“Far better is to dare things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who. . . Live in the twilight that knows neither victory or defeat.

Here in the affluent, self-absorbed West, there exists a near obsession with maintaining the status quo, an unwillingness to confront tyranny, injustice, and evil beyond a certain point.

When ultimate triumphs are marred by checkered, temporary failures, we here the cry to settle for the existing state of affairs.

But the cold fact is, there is not, nor there ever will be , a “good enough”.

The “Status Quo”, although deceptively attractive, is the Never Never Land of people trying to preserve a fantasy.

For our enemies there is no status quo.”

The old Rough Rider understood the issues.

“Some where along the line there is a choice to be made.

Do we camp with those poor spirits who “live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory or defeat?

Or do we have the courage and tenacity to take the high road, and ride to the front of the column and lead rather than follow.”

I ask all readers of Worlds Apart, as well as all listed in our links section to ask themselves, have they decided to live in the status quo?

I ask all  to  step up and be a rough rider,& help save our planet.

This time the enemy is not other countries, cultures, and religions. The enemy is humanity itself, (the haves being more guilty, then the have not’s) taking from the planet, and not giving back, in one form or another.

I ask you to look at the slide show (click here) about the world’s water, which is currently being circulated on the web.

I am sure some will argue the facts as stated. My observation is, it sure is a good starting point, to cause all to reflect on the worlds water supply.

I was taught to error on the side of caution.

John Devine

Editor of “worlds Apart”

House keeping: A error in edition 6. Senator Wallins is not the Exchequer of the University of Guelph, she is the Chancellor of the University of Guelph.

Question by a reader. Who is eligible for our cash prize.

Answer: Any one on planet earth who asks Canada’s Defence Minister to participate in democracy, through our web site is eligible. Yes even the Taliban, who have been asked by Canada’s Defense Minister, to try democracy, is eligible.

I can’t think of a better way to show the Taliban, how corruption inside a  democratic country, can be eliminated by its Defence Minister, stepping up, and participating in democracy.

Question. When did I step down as President of Cold Water Fisheries.(CWF)

Answer: Shortly after Eleanor Sheppard’s death (1991) it was discovered there was a short fall of money due to criminal wrong doings of Eleanor’s money manager.

To help make up for the short fall in Eleanor’s estate, we waived our rights to %30 shares of CWF, willed to us by Eleanor, resigned  as President, with the understanding Fisherman’s Cove would be ours, which was also willed to us.

Both of Eleanor’s last wishes directed to my wife and myself, never took place, due to the corruption inside Canada’s financial institution, and the Ont. Govt. who seized and destroyed Fisherman’s Cove while Eleanor was still alive.

This caused 40 beneficiaries to be victimized by crime a second time, a crime still not investigated. A crime the Police refuse to investigate.

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